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Getting the Hard-To-Employ Back to Work: New solutions From Unique Conference

Richmond, California (PRWEB) June 26, 2014

“It takes more than technical skills and job training to get hard-to-employ workers back on a company’s payroll,” workforce and employee assessment expert, Dr. Ira S. Wolfe, told Saffron Strand’s Fifth Annual Homeless Workforce Conference last week in Richmond, CA, near San Francisco.

Dr. Wolfe delivered the opening keynote address at the unique national forum, speaking to employment services professionals, government agency staff, non-profit directors, veterans groups, and others focused on getting the homeless and those at risk of homelessness back into the workforce for the long term. Wolfe, the president of Success Performance Solutions and author of several books on workforce trends, warned attendees about what he has called the “Perfect Labor Storm,” which is also the title of one of his books (http://www.perfectlaborstorm.com/).

“It’s not just the homeless living out the tragedy of chronic unemployment,” Wolfe said. “The ‘Perfect Labor Storm’ puts every job and every career at risk.”

Wolfe described how disruptive technology, the Internet, globalization, and “demograplypse” – the impact of rapid demographic shifts – are converging to create unprecedented changes in the way business is conducted, workplaces are designed, jobs are defined, and work gets done. He urged his audience not to ignore what he calls the greatest employment killer of all — the accelerating pace of change.

Richmond-based non-profit Saffron Strand, Inc. organized the June 16-17 conference on the theme, “Let’s Get Serious: Skills, Jobs, and Careers as Paths Out of Homelessness and Poverty.”

Yvonne Nair, Saffron Strand founder and executive director, noted that the homeless “members” of her non-profit wanted to get back to work. However, in addition to the challenge of acquiring the necessary technical skills, they often faced other barriers to employment, including a spotty job history, criminal record, mental health or substance abuse issue, and lack of a personal support system. The homeless and others who are hard-to-employ, Nair said, comprised an extremely vulnerable population. To gain and sustain long-term employment, Saffron Strand members formed an “intentional community,” providing a support system for all members.

Judge Katherine Lucero, Superior Court of Santa Clara County, launched the second day of the conference, speaking about challenges at-risk youth faced in the legal system and gaining employment. Judge Lucero, too, emphasized how an intentional community can make be a big help for homeless, runaway, and foster-care youth as they seek education and training to enter the workforce.

In addition to the morning keynotes and plenary sessions, 15 afternoon workshops were presented by experts from business, education, health care, law, foster care, and more.

One of the most popular workshops, Nair noted, was Wolfe’s afternoon presentation about the Quality of Motivation. Wolfe confirmed that technical skills and job training were critical for re-employment, but alerted workshop participants that without basic life skills and self-esteem training, re-employment efforts would probably fail.

According to Wolfe, a certified Quality of Motivation specialist, a lack of understanding about motivation unintentionally sustains chronic unemployment, hindering the homeless, hard-to-employ, and long-term unemployed from getting back to work. Wolfe cited a large safety study that showed how employees, immediately after training, had higher rates of accidents.

“The same thing happens with other training if an individual’s quality of motivation isn’t considered,” Wolfe said. “Motivation isn’t just about high energy, intensity, and inspiration. Some people are highly motivated, yet their counter-productive habits and behaviors just keep them running in circles.”

Wolfe suggested that counter-productive motivation might be hindering re-employment initiatives. He pointed to the anonymous survey results of several Saffron Strand members, comparing them to high-potential job candidates in the workplace.

“These results highlight differences in the quality of motivation between our homeless members and other job applicants,” Nair said. “So Quality of Motivation testing may offer a new approach in helping the homeless get a job, doing work they like to do. It also may help them sustain employment, build or rebuild a career, and eventually climb out of poverty.”

Nair and Wolfe are hoping to pilot a homeless study using the Quality of Motivation program. Each volunteer would complete a 30-day personal formation process to identify and reduce counter-productive habits and prepare him or her for re-entry into the workforce. If possible, results would be shared at next year’s conference. Organizations interested in participating can contact Dr. Wolfe or Ms. Nair.

“This year’s Conference was our best ever,” Nair said. “I feel like our ‘employment-first’ message is gaining traction with those across the country who work with the homeless and other vulnerable populations.”

Building on this year’s event, Nair noted that Saffron Strand’s 2015 Conference is already in the works. “We hope to report how the Quality of Motivation program can be used in an intentional community setting to increase long-term employment.”

For more about Saffron Strand, please visit http://saffronstrand.org or contact Yvonne Nair (tel. 510.275.9594, e-mail yvonne(at)saffronstrand(dot)org).

Work Opportunities in Center East ? Saudi Arabia

A job opportunity in Center East

Saudi Arabia will be the greatest Arabian nation within the Center East. It’s 1 with the richest nations within the globe with several expanding sectors. Oil may be the prominent organic useful resource on this nation. The oil assets are already totally exploited right here which has contributed to its financial system. The other flourishing sectors right here are as follows:







These would be the booming sectors which have developed hundreds of profitable work opportunities for lots of people. Many individuals from Asian nations flock to Center Eastern nations searching for very good careers. Several competent and semi-skilled employees are in wonderful need right here for different technical work opportunities.

Appealing Work opportunities in Center East

Engineers and mechanics are in higher need in Saudi Arabia. There is really a plethora of engineering and mechanical work on this nation. Some of your hottest engineering employment are:

-Electrical Engineer

-Process Engineer

-Communication Engineer

-Electrical Challenge Engineer

-Civil & Structural Undertaking Engineer

-Mechanical Engineer

-Inspection Engineer

-Design Engineer

-IT Engineer

Some with the most appealing mechanical employment are as follows:

-Mechanical Fitter

-Machine Tool Operator

-Forklift Mechanic

-Diesel Mechanic

-Supervisor Mechanic

-Qualifications for work opportunities in Center East

Check out the educational qualifications you will need to bag work inside the hottest sectors of Saudi Arabia.

-Banking – Candidates require to pass a banking exam with successful.

Operate experience of 3 or more years in banking environment is preferable.

-Pharmaceutical – You require a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in Pharmacy or Medical Science.

-Engineering – You will need a bachelor’s or a master’s degree certificate inside the engineering domain you wish to get the job done in.

-Education – You require a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in any subject. You also need to have to be a B.Ed to qualify as a teacher. Previous school teaching experience is preferable.

Position sites in Center East

Are you eager to function in Center East? But you might be clueless where to look for work there, suitable? This is where the Globe Wide Web can come to your help. Check out any with the a job opportunity websites on the internet. Most of these sites offer nation based work search. It is possible to customize your search options to look for careers only in Saudi Arabia. You may also type “Jobs in Saudi Arabia” inside search engine search-box and look for careers inside sites that come up inside the results. It is possible to apply for these careers by registering at these sites. Registration is mostly free. You might need to have to take up a premium membership if you intend to use any extra services.

Task consultancy firms that 1 can consult:

Looking for a quick and safer way to bag work opportunities within the Saudi Arabian nations? You’ll be able to use the services of any of your placement agencies based there. You will have to have to forward your professional and educational particulars to these firms. The agencies will look for correct work opportunities based on your input.

Apart from looking for the proper careers for you, you may also expect other services from these agencies like:

-Resume writing tips

-Career guidance

-Candidate requirement of top companies in Saudi Arabia

-Effective grooming tips

-Guidance about salary expectations

The agencies may perhaps charge you a small annual fee for their yearly services.

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