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Vemma: Tools For Your Success

I came across the Vemma juice opportunity and started to investigate the stability of this company, the product, and their compensation plan. I am not a part of the Vemma company but I am interested in sharing the research I have done on making your Vemma business a success. If you are reading this you are either looking into becoming a part of the Vemma business or are already are a distributor in the company and are looking for better ways of marketing your business.

Vemma has their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona and is under the leadership of BK Boreyko who has network marketing experience and has lead a very successsful business for years. When looking into a mlm company always look into the leadership and their background, running a mlm business is a world apart from any other type of business so look to find the top of the company has the networking experience to back their company.

The Vemma nutritional drinks have a key ingredient of mangosteen and are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Vemma offers several products for the consumers to choose from, origanal Vemma a nutritional drink, Vemma PM to help rest, restore, and refresh you, Verve an energy drink, Thirst a nutritional substitute for the sugary sports drinks, Vemma NEXT specially formulated for kids 2 to 12 years old. I like to see that there is a product designed for kids who have different needs than adults do. These nutritional drinks have been tested and studied by an independant company for their potency and effectiveness.

To tie up the basics the Vemma company offers the distributor a binary compensation plan in which you need 2 seperate legs and as you have new distributors join the company there is spill over under you and the others that you have recruited which is great insentive to others when they see their business grow because of the spill over under them.

Building a strong home based business starts with a company that is solid and has a great product which in my opinion after much research the Vemma company is such a company.

Now is the thought just how are you going to build this company? The Vemma company does give you a great education on their products but how about marketing what are their options on marketing your business. Most of the mlm businesses and your upline tell you to make a list of who you know and start to call them. This is a great start but will this simple idea product the amount of people that you need to build a successful Vemma business. Remember that just because you are interested in becoming a home based business owner now everyone that you think is going to be interested in this will be. You need to start to make the connections of people who are interested in having their own home based business and build the friendships and trust needed.
Establishing yourself as a leader and the person who can help others is what you need to learn. I have secrets to share with you on how to be the leader that other home based business owners are looking for. Click the link below to learn how you to can become a success with you mlm business.

Lori Giffey is an marketing coach and mlm business owner who is looking forward to sharing the tools for you business success. Click the link VEMMA SUCCESS to learn the secrets to build your business today.

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