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The Cost of Caretaking: ACCC Survey Finds Nearly 6 Out of 10 Consumers Financially Support Their Parents Or Young Adult Child

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 13, 2014

According to a recent survey by national financial education nonprofit American Consumer Credit Counseling, nearly sixty percent of Americans are providing some form of financial support to either their elder parents or young adult children by means of housing, living expenses, and transportation.

These results come on the heels of a recent report detailing a three-fold increase in the number of adults taking care of aging parents over the past 15 years; a similar online poll by ForbesWoman and the National Endowment for Financial Education shows that 59 percent of parents provide support to their adult children who are no longer in school.

“In today’s economy, many middle-aged consumers are getting hit twice as hard when it comes to financially supporting family members,” said Steven Trumble, President and CEO of American Consumer Credit Counseling. “Amid rising college tuition costs and the sharp increase in elder care services, some consumers are forced to make tough financial decisions and delay their own financial goals.”

For the 56 percent of consumers indicating they play a financially supportive role in their loved one’s life, nearly 20 percent stated they are unable to pay off their debts or are accruing more debt because of it and 12 percent have delayed retirement.

“Whether it’s an aging parent or a child returning from college, the expenses can hit hard and have a long-term effect on your own financial situation,” said Trumble. “By working together to determine a financial plan that works for everyone, consumers can help prevent future financial damage while also providing their loved ones with the short-term support they need.”

The results from the ACCC survey supports a poll released by Caregiver Action Network that shows the average family caregiver for someone 50 years or older spends $ 5,531 per year on out-of-pocket caregiving expenses. On average, $ 303,880 is lost in lifetime wages and retirement benefits should a child opt to serve in the caregiving role.

According to the ACCC survey, 81 percent of those supporting aging parents and 59 percent of those assisting adult children indicated they help financially with living expenses and bills, while very few cited support for paying credit card debt.

When it comes to student loans, nearly 25 percent of parents are financially contributing to their child’s college debt. However, according to one recent poll by Sallie Mae, 85 percent of parents plan to offer their children monetary aid after graduation and a third of parents plan to provide their grad with financial assistance for up to six months, while 50 percent of parents plan to foot the bill anywhere from six months to more than five years.

“With the average college graduate taking on nearly $ 30,000 in student debt, it’s no wonder they are returning home to save on expenses,” said Trumble. “Although they may not be able to contribute financially, there are other ways that these young adults can help out mom and dad such as assisting in household chores or even preparing dinner.”

The caregiver survey is the most recent in a series of online polls asking consumers about timely topics related to money management, budgeting, identity theft, and spending habits. For the full results and access to an infographic detailing the highlights of the survey please visit: http://www.consumercredit.com/financial-education/infographics/the-cost-of-supporting-adult-children-or-elders.aspx    

ACCC is a 501(c)3 organization that provides free credit counseling, bankruptcy counseling, and housing counseling to consumers nationwide in need of financial literacy education and money management. For more information, contact ACCC:

    For credit counseling, call 800-769-3571
    For bankruptcy counseling. call 866-826-6924
    For housing counseling, call 866-826-7180
    Or visit us online at ConsumerCredit.com

About American Consumer Credit Counseling

American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit credit counseling 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to empowering consumers to achieve financial management and debt relief through education, credit counseling, and debt management solutions. Each month, ACCC invites consumers to participate in a poll focused on personal finance issues. The results are conveyed in the form of infographics that act as tools to educate the community on everyday personal finance issues and problems. By learning more about financial management topics such as credit and debt management, consumers are empowered to make the best possible financial decisions to reach debt relief. As one of the nation’s leading providers of personal finance education and credit counseling services, ACCC’s certified credit advisors work with consumers to help determine the best possible debt solutions for them. ACCC holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a member of the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies. To participate in this month’s poll, visit ConsumerCredit.com and for more financial management resources visit TalkingCentsBlog.com.


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Comparenow.com Presents Their Top Four Best Commuter Cars Under $10,000

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) July 29, 2014

The average American spends 25.4 minutes commuting to work each day, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Weather, traffic and bad drivers can all conspire to make that commute longer, but there’s one sure way to make it seem shorter: driving a car you love. Here are the top picks from comparenow.com of the best cars under $ 10,000 for your daily commute.

Characteristics of the Best Commuter Cars:

    Great gas mileage: Driving a fuel-efficient vehicle will save you money — and in some states, hybrid or electric vehicles can use the HOV express lanes.
    Comfortable interiors: You don’t want to arrive at work feeling stiff and achy from your drive. Look for a cushy interior with enough leg- and headroom.
    Connect with your phone: If you’re someone who likes to get a jump-start on the day’s work, Bluetooth integration with your phone can help you safely make calls while you’re driving.
    Reliable: What’s worse than commuting during rush hour? Getting stuck on the side of the road during rush hour.
    Fun to drive: The best cars under $ 10,000 for commuting can be sporty, too.

Here are our favorites:

2005-2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

For these two years, the Jetta TDI was manufactured with a fast and efficient 1.9-liter diesel engine — and then VW stopped making the diesel Jetta until 2009. The reported gas mileage for the ’05 TDI is 28 city/39 highway, but according to AutoTrader’s review, longtime Jetta TDI owners report achieving even higher numbers, up to 50 mpg. Because the Jetta TDI is one of the best cars under $ 10,000 for fuel efficiency and driving fun, these model years can be hard to find.

2006-2009 Honda Civic

It won’t turn heads, but the Civic is still a good-looking sedan with legendary reliability. It gets great gas mileage, too: 25 city/36 highway for the automatic 2008 model. The Si model delivers the best handling, with “nimble handling and a delightfully fizzy engine,” according to Edmunds.

2005-2008 Toyota Prius

With gas mileage that approaches 50 mpg, the Prius is hands-down one of the best commuter cars. While a new Prius starts around $ 25,000, you can find a used model for under $ 10,000 if you look at model years 2005-08. You may even be able to find one with still-impressive tech options, such as voice-activated climate control or a rear-view camera. There are special considerations for buying a used Prius, however: While the brakes typically last longer than in conventional cars, you may need to replace the battery if the car is more than 5 years old or has more than 100,000 miles.

2008-2010 Hyundai Elantra

The Elantra was named U.S. News’ 2010 Best Compact Car for the Money, and today it’s one of the best cars under $ 10,000. While it doesn’t have a lot of fancy features, the Elantra covers all the bases for a solid commuter car: good gas mileage (26 city/34 highway), abundant interior space, and high safety scores.

Before you buy, be sure to read our tips for car buyers and be sure to use comparenow.com to compare car insurance quotes online to find the best rates available.

About Comparenow.com

Comparenow.com is a limited liability corporation headquartered in Richmond, VA. Majority owned by the Admiral Group plc, the UK’s second largest auto insurer and a member of the FTSE 100, comparenow.com offers car insurance comparison services for US consumers.

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Groundbreaking Global Study First to Reveal That Whether a Person Focuses on the Past, Present or Future Is a Leading Predictor of Their Financial Health

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 18, 2014

A groundbreaking new study reveals why some people make poor financial decisions while others make sound ones. Among its compelling findings: a person’s time personality – meaning whether they are stuck in the past, living hedonistically in the present or focused solely on the future – is a better predictor of financial health than their mathematical ability or financial acumen.

This first in-depth psychological study of its kind was undertaken by Philip Zimbardo, professor emeritus of psychology at Stanford University, author of more than 50 books including The Time Paradox and creator of the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI). The six-nation, 3,000-adult study was carried out in partnership with MagnifyMoney (http://www.MagnifyMoney.com), which offers consumers a simple, unbiased way to comparison-shop for financial products.

Concurrent with the study’s release, MagnifyMoney launched a new quiz that helps consumers determine their time personality and offers tools for making more savvy financial decisions.

The study looks at three major time personality categories: past-oriented, present-oriented and future-oriented.


    “Once bitten twice shy“– For example, someone who has lost money in the stock market in the past, may be more conservative – thus limiting their downside — but often misses out on potential gains.
    “Memory Hoarders” — This group of people have fond memories of the past, but tend to get stuck there – meaning they might stay with their bank or credit card out of loyalty and not get the best deal.


    “Hedonists” – This group likes to enjoy life impulsively without thinking about tomorrow and is more likely to be financially sick. They tend to buy now and think later, with no thought of future consequences – or their credit card bill.
    “Powerless”– People who feel stuck in the present are also likely to be financially sick – they tend to believe things that happen in life are out of their control, and don’t feel empowered to change their financial situation and get more out of their banks.


    “Future Trippers” — This group is singularly focused on planning for the future and are likely to make financial decisions – such as buying a house, saving or investing – because they know it’s the right thing to do. However, this group doesn’t always achieve a higher degree of financial health because they seek out advice that might not always be prudent.

“Time personality, or perspective, drives decision making in many realms – from deciding what to eat to choosing who to marry. With this study, we show clearly that it can have a profound effect on a person’s overall financial health,” says Philip Zimbardo. “The study is informative – even surprising – but what makes it truly useful to consumers are the online tools MagnifyMoney has developed to help people assess their time personality and, ultimately, make better financial choices.”

Other intriguing study findings include:

    Millennials are much less likely to rate themselves as financially literate, when compared to baby-boomers. However, more millennials have demonstrated financial health than baby-boomers.
    Of the six countries studied, the UK ranked as the most financially healthy. Meanwhile, Brazil and Italy had the highest level of present-hedonism and lower financial literacy.
    The study did not find a significant difference between males and females.

NOTE: For more information on the study results, visit http://www.magnifymoney.com.

Traditionally, the focus has been on teaching financial literacy and math skills in order to improve financial health. We believe that financial literacy is important. However, our study results show that understanding one’s time perspective is an important new factor and should be integral to literacy training,” according to Nick Clements, co-founder of MagnifyMoney. “With our time perspective quiz, we are now able to help consumers make better financial decisions that can save them thousands of dollars.”

About Professor Philip Zimbardo

Born March 23, 1933, Professor Zimbardo is a psychologist and professor emeritus at Stanford University. He is best known for his controversial Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971 that highlighted the ease with which ordinary intelligent college students were able to cross the line between good and evil when caught up in the matrix of situational and systemic forces. He has authored introductory psychology books, textbooks for college students, and other notable works, including The Lucifer Effect, The Time Paradox and the The Time Cure. He developed the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI) – integral to this latest study as well as Zimbardo’s past work.

About MagnifyMoney

MagnifyMoney was founded in 2014 by Nick Clements and Brian Karimzad, who have a combined nearly 30 years experience working in banking, including Barclaycard and Citigroup. MagnifyMoney is a powerful free resource because its personalized side-by-side comparisons of banking and credit union products are free, unbiased and easy to navigate. With the proprietary Magnify Transparency Score, banking and credit card products are rated on their simplicity, making it easy for consumers to quickly evaluate which products have the least amount of fine print. MagnifyMoney is headquartered in New York, NY.

For more media information, contact:

Lisa Hendrickson, Commstrat



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Firefly Global Returns to AudiologyNow! with their Wireless Video Otoscope

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 26, 2014

Returning for another year at AudiologyNOW!, Firefly brings its award winning Wireless Video Otoscope back to Orlando. The Boston based company, which has been selling its cameras to some of the most prestigious organizations around the globe for over 2 years, is thrilled to once again show the Audiology community why so many clinics and hearing aid centers have already brought the Firefly system on board.

The Firefly Wireless Video Otoscope is the best tool available for audiologists and anyone placing hearing aids to educate patients on why they need to move forward with various, get them to understand the importance of recommended care, and demonstrating the effectiveness of treatments by reviewing before and after pictures. While the Wireless Video Otoscope was designed with the patient in mind, it was also created to increase acceptance rates, which in turn brings more money into the clinic. A quote from Firefly Global’s CEO, Kapriel Karagozyan, illustrates the company’s mindset when developing their devices –

“We take great care in developing devices and systems that are not only intuitive to use, but also benefit individuals on both sides of the camera. If we create value for the patient and the physician it becomes an easy decision for practices to enlist our services.”

Firefly Global is in the business of making high quality, affordable, video otoscopes and digital dermatoscopes for organizations worldwide. Firefly wireless and wired cameras are small, easy to use and standards-based, making integration with video conferencing solutions quick and easy. Already popular in Ear-Nose-Throat, Primary Care, Telemedicine and Dermatology, the number of Audiologists using Firefly are multiplying rapidly. The Wireless Video Otoscope can be found at AudiologyNow! from March 26th to the 28th.

Visit http://www.fireflyglobal.com to learn more.

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From Wide Receiver to Life Reformer: Helping People to Achieve Their Dreams

Denver (PRWEB) March 17, 2014

Humans are creatures of habit. They find a system that works and prefer to stick to it regardless of circumstances. Breaking free of these routines however, can reveal the benefit and prosperity of change.

In his book, “Success, Wealth, and Happiness,” former NFL player Gary Henson teaches readers to harness the power of change and utilize it to achieve life goals of any kind.

The book coaches readers through examining their life, assessing where it needs improvement and focusing on making those changes. The book serves not only as an inspirational tool, but also a functional one as it asks readers to complete specific tasks related to their personal goals.

Henson understands the predicaments of many Americans today—they want to provide security for their families, achieve success and simply be happy with themselves and their achievements.

“I want to help those people who seek to better their lives,” Henson said. “By building confidence and a positive attitude, I believe anyone can achieve the success, wealth and happiness they desire. Most people need encouragement and motivation.”

Henson seeks to instill confidence and self-assurance in each of his readers through tactics such as SAS, the Self-Assurance System. The book offers a step-by-step guide to achieving one’s goals as well support and guidance in building determination, a positive attitude and persistence.

Henson hopes that readers will develop a sense of control over their lives as well as pride in reaching their goals. He asserts that through positive thinking and a bit of planning, all readers can have the life that they desire if they are committed to their goals.

“Success, Wealth, and Happiness”

By: Gary Henson

ISBN: 9781481760317

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and AuthorHouse online stores.

About the author

Gary formerly played in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos. With over 50 years of experience as a stockbroker, real estate developer and various other sales and management positions, Gary has learned how to approach finances and life goals wisely. He currently works as a part-time consultant for a technology company in Denver and is working on a new book.


Millionaire Dating Site Invites People to Share their Views on a New Topic Related to Money and Its Relevance in Todays Society, Added This Week on the Site

(PRWEB) March 06, 2014

In today’s materialistic society, it could be very challenging for people to find a loving soul-mate. The website MillionaireDate.org, however, focuses on fostering sustainable relationships. Thus, it brings measures that can enable people to overcome compatibility issues and develop long-lasting relationships. The site now adds a new topic of “Is money the measure of success in society today” for people to exchange their opinions on the topic. The discussion will ultimately help people to know each other and can also play a role in developing loving relationships between two people.

The topic is very relevant to today’s materialistic society and it will encourage people to express their views in a candid manner. A person’s stand towards the importance of money as a measure of success will clear his/her mindset. It will make clear what people want to achieve in life and how much they give importance to money and the materialistic happiness. From one’s opinion, it will be more clear how much balanced approach he/she is adopting in life to remain happy and peaceful.

There are many people who give more value for money than anything else. Such people keep running after wealth in a restless manner. “There is no limit to earning money, and this is the reason why people never stop their quest for money. And in their endeavor, they often ignore many things that can bring them the real happiness,” the spokesperson of the millionaire dating website maintains. He invites more and more people to participate in the discussion and which could be a way forward to find a loving and long-lasting partner.

The spokesperson reveals, “Since we are a millionaire match website and we are catering to the millionaires, it is important to make clear that money cannot always buy the real happiness. The objective of starting this discussion is to create a general awareness around topics of money, success and real happiness.”

According to him, people who want to learn the real secrets of establishing a long-lasting and successful relationship would definitely come forward to express their points on the topic. People who want to participate in the discussion can visit the website http://www.millionairedate.org/topic_vote.

About MillionaireDate.org

MillionaireDate.org is the largest and most effective Millionaire dating site for successful singles and admirers. This is a special place to find love and romance with rich, wealthy, affluent, high class or successful singles. The site has a large number of members that include Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, Professionals, Millionaires, Billionaires, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, Athletes, and beautiful Models, College Students, Actresses, Playmates, and the sexy Girls Next Door.

To learn more about this site,please visit http://www.millionairedate.org

Web Design 11 Tools And Resources To Improve Their Design Skills

Today there are a lot of tools and resources are available on the Internet for web designers. Most of the tools and resources are confusing and difficult to use.

Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop is an image editing program developed and published by Adobe. It is useful for web designers to improve their work efficiency. It has some unique features such as layers with masks, color spaces, ICC profiles, transparency, text, alpha channels and spot colors, clipping paths, and duotone settings. You can also apply the contrast of colors and many formats.

Weaver of Dreams – Dream Weaver is a web development tool and HTML editor originally developed by Macromedia and now owned by Adobe. It is ideal for web designers. It is compatible with various web technologies like PHP, ColdFusion, CSS, Java Script and ASP.NET.

Flash – Flash is very popular method used to add animation and advertising pages or websites. Using Flash animation can also appeal your message to layman. It helps improve the visibility of your web page or website.

Illustrator – Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor. It has been developed and marketed by Adobe. That has certain features that are useful for web designers to configure the text as additional sources of bidirectional text flow, dictionary and hyphenation module and import / export options for me the characters.

XHTML – XHTML statistics Hypertext Markup Language extended.

This is the extended version of HTML and also works with HTML and XML syntax. XHTML also provides expanded support for other languages based on XML.

Firebug – Firebug is a Firefox add-in that integrates with Firefox. With the help of Firebug you can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript live in any web page.

CSS Edit – Edit CSS is a powerful style sheet editor. Has a variety of features such as previewing a bit faster.

Fireworks – Fireworks is a tool for editing vector graphics and bitmap. It has some extended functionality such as hierarchical layers, Smart Guides, image optimization, 9 Slice scaling and the U.S..

YSlow for Firebug – YSlow is integrated with the Firefox web development tool Firebug. We analyzed the current statistics of the website according to what it offers suggestions to improve web page performance and also provides performance analysis.

Vaccines Browser – Browser shot is the open source service line that generates images from your web page or website in different browsers. It is useful to test the ability of any browser.

ColorZilla – Firefox add ColorZila is to aid in color analysis website DOM and creates the palette. It also supports different languages such as Indonesia, Korea and Norway.

We hope this article will help you improve the skills of design and efficiency with this web design tools and resources.

Author is an associate editor for Website Design.Get all possible information about Internet Marketing and Web Development. we also provide Web Design,Internet Marketing, Web Development in India, USA, UK and Australia.

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