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New Blog Post by Pinnacle Strategies Shares the Negative Side of Multitasking in Projects

Plano, TX (PRWEB) February 14, 2014

Mark Woeppel, president and CEO of Pinnacle Strategies, wrote a new blog post discussing the negative impact of multitasking. Every time an engineer, a designer, an operator – or anybody – has to switch from one task to another, valuable time is lost. When the former task is resumed, more time is absorbed coming back to speed or reconstructing the necessary tooling. On either end, the focus that makes work both efficient and rewarding is lost.

“We find that, in general, most project organizations have at least 50% more capacity than they actually need. But their capacity is lost primarily through the stopping and starting, the working out of sequence, the waiting, the set-up times – all of that comes out of not seeing where we are,” stated Woeppel.

Woeppel then explores full kit, a simple solution to help prevent employees from multitasking. This solution is made even easier to implement when using visual project management.

Read the entire blog post here: http://pinnacle-strategies.com/blog/2014/02/visualizing-projects-bring-work-in-progress-under-control/

Read more about visual project management in Pinnacle Strategies’ new ebook, “Visualizing Projects” here http://pinnacle-strategies.com/visualizing-projects-lp01.html. This publication reveals how to use a visual project board to successfully manage resources and execute projects.

About Pinnacle Strategies

Pinnacle Strategies is an international management consulting firm focused on operations management excellence. We work with organizations to increase shareholder value by developing high-performance business processes that significantly enhance productivity, reduce costs and time to market, improving profitability and accelerating sustainable growth. Pinnacle Strategies offers results-driven consulting solutions in the areas of performance management, project management, operations management, and supply chain.

For more information, contact Pinnacle Strategies at info(at)pinnacle-strategies(dot)com, or +1 972-492-7951.

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InsuranceFishing.com Shares Three Tips on How to Pick the Correct Home Insurance

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

InsuranceFishing.com, a company that specializes in helping consumers connect with local insurance agents, wants to help shoppers compare insurance quotes and help them get the most out of their homeowners insurance. To do this, they would like to offer the following three tips on how to pick the correct home insurance.

Take Your Time

Just because you can find rates quickly and easily doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your time doing it. This is your home and you need to make sure you have the best protection possible for the best price.

“Think of it this way,” says Chans Weber, a representative of InsuranceFishing.com. “Quick and easy doesn’t mean you should spend no time on this – what it means is that you can research more efficiently. Instead of finding one rate really quickly, research multiple rates in the amount of time you might normally take. It can save you money and get you the coverage that best fits your needs.”

Stay On Budget

You will be presented with a variety of choices and many will be very appealing, but don’t get outside of your price range. The point of online quote tools is to help you find exactly what you need for exactly the right budget.

“Online insurance quote generators can help you find the right balance of policy and affordability as well as keeping the right balance in your bank account,” says Weber.

Be Savvy

If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the fine print and if in doubt, stick with an insurance company with a good reputation. When it comes to ensuring your home don’t make risky decisions.

InsuranceFishing.com is one of the premier insurance rate quote comparison sites in the Midwest. Visit the website for all of your Kansas City auto insurance, Kansas City car insurance, Kansas City renters insurance and Kansas City homeowner’s insurance needs.

For more information, visit insurancefishing.com.

About InsuranceFishing.com

InsuranceFishing.com is a one-stop website that quickly and easily connects consumers with live local insurance agents, so they can get the best possible rates and coverage on all of their car, rental and homeowners insurance needs. There is no cost to access the website and no registration is required.