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San Mateo Backflow Prevention Company Announces New Discount On San Mateo Backflow Preventers and Backflow Repair Service Up to 10% Off

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) August 20, 2014

San Mateo backflow prevention service by GoBackFlow.Com will come with backflow prevention discounts this season because GoBackFlow.Com in San Mateo is offering 10% off any San Mateo backflow prevention installation or repair. GoBackFlow.Com understands that the current economic conditions warrant the best savings possible. GoBackFlow.Com is here to help. “We are offering this deal as a way to help people get their backflow prevention systems fixed in San Mateo for the lowest price,” said Geno of GoBackFlow.Com in San Mateo. “We are hoping a lot of people take advantage of this backflow prevention and plumbers service coupon while it lasts.”

Palo Alto backflow prevention and San Mateo plumbers service performed by GoBackFlow.Com is performed by experienced and licensed San Mateo backflow and plumbers service professionals who will perform your backflow system or plumbing repair efficiently for lowest cost while treating your home or business as they would their own.

GoBackFlow.Com has many backflow and plumber service trucks and they perform all repairs at your location. “Our trucks are well stocked with parts and most of the time we can make a repair without having to order parts,” says Geno.

“GoBackFlow.Com has many years of experience handling Burlingame backflow prevention, San Mateo plumbing service, plumber service and trenchless drain replacement, and we always treat our customers right,” said Geno. GoBackFlow.Com has many positive online backflow prevention and trenchless drain replacement reviews from respected consumer review sites such as Google, Yahoo and Yelp. Reaction to the coupon has been very good so far says Geno, “We just announced this backflow prevention coupon but already we have had people say this makes us the best value.”

Redwood City backflow prevention can be complicated and finding the parts can be difficult according to Geno of GoBackFlow.Com, “Many people get frustrated when their backflow prevention system fails. Some people try to repair the system themselves. Some are successful but most are not. We recommend saving your time and letting professional backflow prevention plumbers get the job done right the first time.”

This season is especially busy for GoBackFlow.Com because of increased backflow problems being experienced by residents of San Mateo and surrounding areas. “We get a lot of calls for backflow system service in this season,” says Geno of GoBackFlow.Com. “We recommend the best service or repair we can for the situation. Most of the time a backflow preventer can be repaired but sometimes the unit must be replaced. The San Mateo backflow prevention coupons we are offering can really save people money.”

To learn more about GoBackFlow.Com or the South San Francisco backflow prevention coupons they are offering please call (650) 376-6980.


(650) 376-6980

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Back-to-School Season Equals a 72 Billion Dollar Chance For Retailers To Ramp Up Customer Service

Lake Oconee, Georgia (PRWEB) July 28, 2014

If the 2014 Back-To-School shopping season proves to be anything like 2013, retailers have a 72 billion dollar opportunity for business according to the National Retail Federation. While retail giants like Walmart, Target, Apple, and L.L. Bean are already offering special discounts and promotions, international customer service expert Chip Bell says in today’s marketplace, gaining and retaining customers requires more than new items in stock or deep discounts.

Long-term strategy requires innovative customer service practices. “Customers will remember how you made them feel long after they have forgotten how you met their need. So make that feeling one of surprise and delight,” says Bell.

The author of the best-seller, “The 9 1/2 Principles of Innovative Service” advises that innovative service is not about addition or value-added; it is about a unique and unexpected creation. Bell says retailers can learn from the children returning to school on how to

exceed expectations of today’s customers. Below he shares three short strategies with a “back-to-school” theme on getting ahead of the curve and being able to surprise today’s customer.

1. The Lunch Box Strategy: On the first day of school, most parents put an unexpected surprise in their kid’s lunch box—a candy bar or cookie. Just like the “free prize inside” made Cracker Jack a megahit, look for simple, unexpected ways to surprise your customers.

Bell shares of a recent personal example, “When I had a pair of pants pressed at a hotel, the housekeeper brought my pants to my guest room, and with them a package of logoed stays for my shirt collars!”

2. The “Everything Shiny” Strategy: Back-to-school includes a lot of colorful new things—new crayons, new books, new clothes. It is a sensory delight that ramps up the excitement with the fun of seeing old friends and making new ones. It is time to ramp up the sensory world of your customers by adding compelling eye-ear-nose candy. Bell says to consider this: “If Disneyworld or Cirque du Soleil were in charge of your customer’s experience, how would it change?”

3. The Monogrammed Strategy: Bell says that first thing you probably did with new books was put your name in the inside. It was also on your lunch box, your notebooks, and your locker. Young kids were eager to show off their ability to write their name. He finishes by saying that customers enjoy a personalized service too. “Find ways to use your customer’s name, and build their experience around what is most important to them,” he concludes.

The three short “back-to-school” themed strategies shared by Chip Bell are applications from his latest book, “The 9 and ½ Principles of Innovative Service,” an instruction manual and inspirational guide to making service an experience that causes customers to swoon, smile, and sing praises. The book, celebrating its one year anniversary, focuses on value-added as a service solution, acknowledging the need to be creative in tough economic times, and shares examples of many service exemplars that take what customers expect, and add a little more. The book’s focus is on creating a value-unique experience that serves as a spark plug to energizing customer experience.

Chip R. Bell is a senior partner with the Chip Bell Group and manages their office near Atlanta. Prior to starting CBG in 1980, he was director of management and organization development for NCNB (now Bank of America). Bell holds graduate degrees from Vanderbilt University and the George Washington University. He was a highly decorated infantry unit commander in Viet Nam with the elite 82nd Airborne. In addition to “Managers as Mentors,” Bell is the author or co-author of several best-selling books including “The 9 ½ Principles of Innovative Service,” “Wired and Dangerous,” “Take Their Breath Away,” “Magnetic Service,” “Service Magic,” “Customers as Partners” and “Managing Knock-Your-Socks-Off Service.” He has appeared live on CNBC, CNN, ABC, Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV and NPR, and his work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, USA Today, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and Business Week. A renowned keynote speaker, Bell has served as consultant or trainer to such organizations as GE, Microsoft, Marriott, Universal Orlando, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, KeyBank, Harley-Davidson, Cadillac, USAA, Verizon Wireless, Lockheed-Martin, Allstate, and Victoria’s Secret. For more information on Bell’s work, visit http://www.chipbell.com.

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Buy Honda Parts for Sale: Used Parts Locator Service Launched Online

Sacramento, OH (PRWEB) June 30, 2014

New ways to locate replacement vehicle parts using virtual tools have been developed at the Auto Pros USA website. American consumers can now buy Honda parts for sale and other models easier when tapping into the virtual parts location service that is free of charge to access at http://autoprosusa.com.

This location system specializes in connecting consumers with inventory that exists in the Auto Pros warehouse for thousands of vehicle models and makes. Honda is one of the represented vehicle brands that is available to review when using the locator service and no part numbers are needed to conduct a search.

“The used vehicle components that our company ships to consumers are certified parts that do feature a customized warranty term as part of our customer commitment,” said an Auto Pros USA source.

One program change that has improved the used car parts locator available is the integration of complete sale pricing. Unlike retail systems that provide manufacturer list prices, the Auto Pros system delivers all revised prices to represent markdowns and one-time incentives for parts in stock.

“The creation of discount policies and other ways used to markdown vehicle parts has helped our company earned its position in the secondary automotive sales business,” the source said.

The Auto Pros USA company is currently working towards expanding the locator service to include more foreign parts. Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Kia and Hyundai are now found in the system and more import or aftermarket versions of parts are expected for consumers to review by the close of this year.

About AutoProsUSA.com

The AutoProsUSA.com company sells complete parts in used condition for a number of automaker brands over the Internet. The vehicle owners who purchase the inventory of components that are marketed nationally save money and receive free shipping with every order. The AutoProsUSA.com company programmed its locator service in 2012 to search every national source to find preowned auto parts and present the direct price markdowns to consumers online.

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Seeking Projects for Minnesota’s Global Youth Service Day

St. Paul, MN (PRWEB) March 06, 2014

Minnesota’s Global Youth Service Day is an effort to build a collective understanding and celebration of youth service statewide. The Minnesota Alliance With Youth has issued a call for Minnesota’s young people to register youth service projects to be recognized at the event on April 12. Long known for its ethic of service, Minnesota stands to again lead the nation in the number of youth-led service initiatives underway. The online registration deadline for all service projects is March 18. Register at http://www.gysd.org/randerson/global_youth_service_day_celebration.

Global Youth Service Day (GYSD), to be held April 12, from 2 to 5 p.m. at Mall of America’s Rotunda, is sponsored by the Minnesota Alliance With Youth and partner Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Activities will include hands-on service projects featuring local and global issues, and diverse youth performances from across the state.

From Aitkin to Zumbro Falls, young people across the state are putting together service projects that are impacting families and communities in need and teaching their younger peers positive habits and choices.

“Youth are integral to identifying and addressing community needs, and we are excited to hear from them about the critical issues they have been hard at work addressing across the state,” said Minnesota Alliance With Youth President and CEO Sarah Dixon.

The Minnesota Alliance With Youth is an organization committed to igniting the spark in young people in Minnesota to become actively engaged, develop strong voices, and acquire the skills needed for success in school, work and life. For more information visit http://www.mnyouth.net or http://www.gysd.org.

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