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6 Figure Funnel Formula Review Reveals Todd Brown and His New Sales Funnel System

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 19, 2014

6 Figure Funnel Formula has just been released by email and marketing expert Todd Brown which was created to effectively give anyone the right tools and knowledge to create their very own marketing and sales funnel complete with all the right products to promote, when to promote and the best way to promote that brings in the most revenue for any business.

After a quick 6 Figure Funnel Formula review, marketing expert Shane Michaels agrees that the product is extremely effective and useful for anyone who wants to make more sales and increase revenue online. “I’ve known Todd since the launch of his autoresponder madness program. He’s one of those guys that never puts his name behind anything unless it’s truly incredible and beneficial for anyone’s business. This product is no different.”

Any good marketer knows how important it is to create a sales letter that converts. The better it converts, the more marketing dollars can be spent to generate more leads. It also comes down to making sure the sales funnel is set up properly to cover the marketing costs and leave some left over for profits. So the key to making everything work is the sales funnel. This is where the profits are made. A great offer with a poor sales funnel just won’t last very long and is why most offers fail very quickly because they can’t get the traction they need to be profitable. This is why Todd has introduced his new funnel system that allows anyone to create a 6 figure funnel quickly and easily.

Learn more about the funnel system and get 4 free training videos from Todd here.

The funnel creation program consists of 12 different training modules. The first module is all about the foundational elements to a successful funnel. It’s about positioning the product for maximum response which generates the most profit. The second module is about creating a compelling product that customers want and turn them into life-long raving fans. The third module is about creating the perfect page that captures leads and turns them into sales. Module 4 is about building the perfect offer for the funnel. The fifth module is all about the checkout process and how to keep customers from abandoning the cart. Module 6 is about creating the perfect upsell offers that convert the highest. Module 7 are the autoresponder sequences. Module 8-10 is the fulfillment process and tracking conversions. Module 11 is optimizing the funnel so it makes even more money. Module 12 is all about promoting other offers to buyers to bring in even more revenue.

Also included in the program are cheatsheets, a member-only Facebook group, is a 90-min presentation on creating informational products, marketing masters interviews, and traffic masters roundtable. Plus watch Todd create a funnel from scratch using everything he’s laid out in the system.

“This is perfect for anyone who wants a step-by-step, broken down, easy to follow system for setting up a 6-figure marketing funnel,” says Shane.

Those who want to learn more or order Todd Brown’s Six Figure Funnel Formula can, click here for more details.

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How to Be a Successful Sales Advisor

Are you a sales advisor looking for a bit of advice on how to become successful in your position? Maybe you’re just starting out on the exciting and rewarding road of sales. Whatever your circumstances, if you’re in the field of sales, it’s always good to know how to become a success at what you’re doing.


First of all, what does a Sales Advisor actually do? Well, in short they are the backbone of a business. Sales Advisors are the driving force behind any business, making sure the company is turning a profit by negotiating deals with prospective clients. There are different levels of Sales Advisors, with the most senior looking after teams of Advisors by setting targets for them to meet.


The best Sales Advisors within a company are usually head hunted by other companies or promoted internally to help drive their existing company forward. Whenever this happens, a Sales Advisor’s salary is improved accordingly. Furthermore, for most sales roles, an Advisor’s salary is dramatically enhanced as they make more sales – they are usually based on commission.


In this respect, it certainly pays to become a successful Sales Advisor. For example, an Advisor may have a basic salary of £15K, however adding commission through sales; this can rise significantly to approximately £30K.


So, being a successful Sales Advisor can be financially rewarding as well as ensuring you improve the company’s profit margins – something that will help with your own sales career. Most Sales Advisors will want to be a success, it would be strange if someone in Sales didn’t actually want to make themselves a success – but how do you sort the best Sales Advisors from the average ones? Well here’s a guide to becoming a successful Sales Advisor:




First of all, the most successful Advisors are those that have the determination, drive and desire to be the best at what they do. Take the time to learn all aspects of the company and the industry by fully immersing yourself with knowledge to give to prospective clients. This means learning a product or service back to front, you need to know exactly yourself what you are selling so you can explain and describe to customers. The more informative the Sales Advisor, the better quality of information they can give to clients. This will ultimately improve their chances of making a sale.




Get to know the industry, find out about conferences, seminars or even networking events. For example, a local Chamber of Commerce event or an industry related conference – anywhere that will have a large pool of people where you can network. Some companies will have their own leads and as a Sales Advisor you can work off that list, but it doesn’t hurt being more proactive seeking out your own clients yourself. This way, you may be able to secure larger contracts, so it pays to think outside the box and do things a little differently to your colleagues.


Play the Long Game


Lay down the foundations with a large pool of potential clients. Every company has a sales technique, and during the first couple of weeks you will become accustomed to a number of steps to make. These steps can include welcome, strike up a rapport, talk about their needs, match needs to products and services, negotiate and close the sale.


Whilst these steps are imperative, for a customer, deciding upon a product or service can take a while. Be patient with the customer and give them time to decide, this will enhance trust. By laying down the foundations across a large pool of potential customers, you can then follow up with sales pitches to those clients who are interested. Remember, the more people you speak to, the better the chance of making a sale.

Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For Sales Jobs in Poole, he recommends Castle Cover.


Fraudulent Hot Tub Sales Leaving Consumers Washed Up!

(PRWEB UK) 3 July 2014

There’s nothing better than shopping online, it can save time and money, if you ensure you have the right safeguards in place.

When purchasing high ticket items, such as a hot tub, its always advisable to protect yourself against possible online fraud.

BISHTA, The British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association, advises consumers that when purchasing a hot tub, they should look for an established supplier who operates from premises you can visit and one that keeps stock of both hot tubs and spares in the UK. BISHTA is a Trade Association established by the industry to ensure Safe Spa Water, to develop industry standards and to ensure that customers are given the best possible advice. BISHTA is recognised by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and Public Health England and contributed to the HSE/HPA (now Public Health England) publication Management of Spa Pools published in 2006.

BISHTA recommends that consumers should ideally always ask to see the products that they are intending to purchase. If this is genuinely not possible, they should talk directly with other customers who have bought these products, for a recommendation. It can be tempting to purchase a hot tub online, with some prices seeming, too good to be true. BISHTA advises that they usually are! Sadly, there are occasions when customers have bought products from companies that are not BISHTA members, especially on the internet, thinking they are getting a great bargain, only to be totally let down by poor quality products, or shoddy after sales service. In the longer term, this can end up costing even more money as a result of not asking the right questions from the outset.

Buying from a BISHTA member, either from their show room, on their internet site, or from an exhibition, helps ensure that the end user gets the best advice and can find the item that they wish to purchase that suits their needs and budget requirements. BISHTA members are suitably trained and experienced to provide knowledge about the products and most importantly the water treatment regime that is needed to safely maintain the spa or hot tub. BISHTA members are expected to work to industry standards and to abide by a Code of Ethics, to give consumers peace of mind.

To assist customers make informed choices about buying a spa or hot tub, BISHTA offers the following tips:

1.    Make sure you know what you want the spa or hot tub for as this may influence the equipment that you need. For instance, is it for fun, medical reasons or relaxation?

2.    Confirm what water treatment is required, so that you can be sure that you know how to maintain the water chemistry for the safest way to relax and enjoy yourself. Anyone that does not offer you this advice should be avoided at all costs, as they may be putting you and your family at risk.

3.    Clarify what features you will be getting in terms of number of seats, number and style of jets, entertainment systems available.

4.    All hot tubs will need a qualified Electrician to install an RCD for the power supply. Some Spas can then be plugged into a special socket with a special 3 pin plug and may only require a 13 amp power supply, depending on the heater and pump size. Always check this Power supply requirement very carefully with the retailer/supplier. Other hot tubs need to be hard wired into the mains, via the RCD and so you will need to ensure a qualified electrician is on hand to connect your spa or hot tub to the mains supply so that the new Hot Tub can be commissioned upon delivery.

5.    Clarify how the company will undertake some form of site survey, otherwise how do they know that your home can accommodate their product?

Hot tubs are good for health as well as relaxation and a good quality hot tub will give years of pleasure.

For further advice and guidance and more information about BISHTA, including details of its members, please visit http://www.bishta.co.uk and follow BISHTA for the latest news and advice on: http://www.facebook.com/PoolsHotTubs.

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New CIR Report States That Sales of Active Optical Cables for Consumer Electronics, Personal Computing and Digital Signage to Reach $1.2 billion (USD) by 2019

Charlottesville, VA (PRWEB) May 21, 2014

The market for active optical cables (AOCs) for non-data center applications will reach US$ 1.2 billion by 2019, according to a new report from industry analyst Communications Industry Researchers, (CIR). Non-data center applications for AOCs include personal computing, digital signage and consumer electronics.

For further details on this report — Active Optical Cable Markets and Opportunities: 2014 To 2024: Volume II – Personal Computing, Consumer Electronics and Digital Signage Markets — see: http://cir-inc.com/reports/active-optical-cable-markets-and-opportunities-2014-to-2024-volume-ii

CIR’s annual report on AOCs in data centers will be published in June 2014. More information of the CIR data center AOC report can be found at http://cir-inc.com/reports/active-optical-cable-markets-and-opportunities-2014-to-2024-volume-i-data-c

About the report:

This report identifies and quantifies opportunities for selling AOCs for the applications listed above. In addition to AOCs with standard data interfaces, the report provides coverage on AOCs supporting HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, Thunderbolt, PCIe and USB 3.0/3.1 environments.

The report provides detailed nine-year forecasts of non-data center AOC markets, with breakouts by end-user application, interface standard, cable lengths, type of cable and wavelength. Forecasts are provided in units shipped and revenue terms.

The report also includes an assessment of leading suppliers active in the non-data center AOC business. Firms discussed include: Ace Plus, Apple, Avago, C2G, Best Buy, Broadcom, Chromis, Comoss, Corning, DeLock, Dell, Electronic Links International, FCI, Finisar, Hitachi Cable, IBM, Intel, Luxtera, Marvell, Mellanox, MiraDeed, Molex, OneStop Systems, PalPilot, Quiktron, Radio Shack, Samsung, SiFotonics, Sony, StarTech Sumitomo, TE Connectivity and Via Labs.

From the report:

AOCs have already found some use as a bandwidth-efficient means of transporting video streams for digital signage. This market will grow as it becomes more common to feed digital signage with multiple content streams and signage is networked over entire cities. Today, the connection between the display and the media server is usually DVI or HDMI. The connection from media player to content server is usually Ethernet connection. Either connection could be implemented with AOCs. By 2019, AOCs sold into the digital signage space will reach just over US $ 350 million.

Revenue from sales of AOCs in the personal computing sector will grow to $ 835 million by 2019. These would support high-speed connections to peripherals/storage, but also LANs-on-Motherboards (LOMs) and board-to-board connectivity. AOCs aren’t necessary for such applications until higher speeds are reached, but at 25 Gbps AOCs have better costs than copper over three meters – and the Thunderbolt interface common on Apple computers already operates at 20 Gbps.

In fact, Thunderbolt may be the best example of how AOC’s fortunes could evolve in the personal computing environment. Optical implementations of Thunderbolt continue to emerge. Firms currently offering Thunderbolt AOCs include Corning, DeLock, and Sumitomo. Intel continues to develop optical Thunderbolt. As early as 2011, a Sony Vaio laptop utilized optical Thunderbolt to connect to a graphics card.

For AOCs to really take off in the personal computing market, they will need active support by high-profile OEMs or network interface card (NIC) vendors, making the advantages of AOCs become better known to PC users. For AOCs to be a success in personal computing AOCs must also be sold through mainstream PC channels, the same way as other cabling.

However, CIR is more pessimistic about the consumer electronics sector. It believes that the opportunity for AOCs in consumer electronics will be limited to extenders in home theaters and for personal video editing. For AOCs to generate more than niche revenues, the large consumer electronics retailers will have to be convinced AOCs are worth their while. This may be hard given the arrival of 10 Gbps USB 3.1 in 2013

About CIR:

Communications Industry Researchers has been publishing hype-free industry analysis for the optical networking industry for more than 20 years. We have provided market coverage of Active Optical Cables (AOCs) for six years. Our annual reports on this topic are widely regarded as the most authoritative market forecast and technology assessment in the AOC space.

Visit http://www.cir-inc.com for a full listing of CIR’s reports and other services.

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