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Clipix Partners With One of Japans Largest Credit Card Issuers, Credit Saison

Fort Lee, NJ (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

Clipix, a leading online curation and organizational utility platform announces today the integration of its technology with one of Japan’s leading credit card issuers, Credit Saison Co., and with its wholly-owned shopping loyalty/reward platform Eikyufumetsu (http://www.a-q-f.com). From today, Eikyufumetsu’s 25+ million members will have a simple and user-friendly way to store and organize all the items that they may want to purchase in the future on to Clipix’s clipboards system by “clipping” items from Eikyufumetsu’s vast network of participating retailers. This partnership will enable Eikyufumetsu members to take advantage of earning points through the Eikyufumetsu widely used loyalty point system even if the items are purchased through a member’s Clipix account.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with such a major player in the Japanese ecommerce space. Credit Saison is a Japanese household name, and their popular loyalty site is rich with consumer benefits and exciting features“ said Clipix Founder and CEO, Oded Berkowitz. “Japan is an amazing market, and this is our first of many future partnerships abroad. Wanting to save money and be more organized is a universal concept and our platform can work everywhere, while benefiting many industries”.

By integrating Clipix into their services, Credit Saison is streamlining the purchase process for their members who may see something that they want to buy through a participating partner retailer, but are not ready to purchase it at this time. Members are now able to login to Clipix or create a new account on Clipix by simply entering their Credit Saison’s “Net Answer” or “At You Net!” IDs. Clipix will assist Credit Saison members to organize anything from planning an event, planning a vacation or simply shopping for everyday life necessities. Clipix, a tool that lets you privately save and organize anything you see online into one central place will eliminate the need for customers to keep searching for the same products and log back into the Eikyufumetsu system in order to make purchases.

A key feature of Clipix is the patent-pending Price Drop Alert system, which notifies customers when an item they have selected and clipped into their account reaches their desired price. This feature suits the business goals of Credit Saison and Eikyufumetsu as customer convenience and services are at the crux of their corporate growth strategy. Eikyufumetsu members can easily link their Eikyufumetsu and Clipix accounts upon signup and feel confident that their purchases through their Clipix clipboards will result in Eikyufumetsu loyalty points. The Price Drop Alert system will help Japanese consumers become more easily aware of sales and discounts, thus expanding the sales volume for Credit Saison through its Eikyufumetsu platform.

Clipix is currently available and fully operative in 12 different languages, and has active users in 148 different countries around the globe.

“We are pleased to launch our first partnership in Japan, specifically with such an important entity like Credit Saison” said Toshirou Sasaki, CEO of Raysus co, and Ryohei Kimura, Clipix’s representatives in Japan. “Clipix, as a personal and private organizational utility is perfect for the Japanese market. We are looking forward to expand Clipix’s business in Japan and assist Credit Saison and Eikyufumetsu grow their ecommerce transaction volume by enhancing their customer’s planning and purchasing experience”.

About Clipix:

Clipix is your one place to save what’s important, online and offline. Clip anything you care about to private clipboards or share your clips with the world. Clip websites, articles, shopping items, videos, documents, emails and just about anything you want easy access to ¬– from anywhere. Organize your clipboards into multiboards and collaborate with friends and family using our Syncboards. Available in 12 different languages, Clipix is an incredibly useful tool that is changing the way we organize our lives. Launched in 2012, Clipix is based in Fort Lee, NJ.

Media Contact US:

Allen Cohen

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Media Contact Japan:

Ryohei Kimura




Wellframe Partners With South Shore Hospital to Increase Patient Engagement and Access to Life Saving Cardiac Rehab Programs

Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

Wellframe, a Boston-based company that combines mobile devices and artificial intelligence to amplify caring relationships by engaging patients in personalized care plans, today announced that the Wellframe Mobile Platform for Care Management and Patient Engagement has been integrated into the cardiac rehabilitation program at South Shore Hospital. The platform is being utilized by clinicians to extend services to cardiac rehab patients in between rehab visits. The Wellframe’s mobile platform integrates mobile technologies with artificial intelligence to allow clinicians real-time interaction with patients on such topics as daily exercise completed and planned attendance at cardiac rehab. This improves patients’ adherence to the care plan, and fosters mutual communication and transparency between clinician and patient.

South Shore Hospital, in conjunction with Brigham Women’s Hospital, conducted a pilot clinical trial using Wellframe’s mobile platform. The clinicians saw a significant increase in patient retention and compliance with cardiac rehab care plans among those patients who utilized Wellframe’s mobile platform. This is important because nationally less than 25% of the 2 million patients that are eligible for cardiac rehab participate, despite evidence indicating that these types of programs have been shown to reduce risk of 5-year all-cause mortality by over 25%.

“We are thrilled with the impact that implementing the Wellframe platform has had on our clinic and the quality of care we are able to provide to our patients,” said Karen LaFond, Nurse Manager at South Shore Hospital and Co-President of the Massachusetts Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. “Wellframe’s mobile care delivery platform has helped us lower the barriers to participation in our cardiac rehab programs. This has enabled our staff to better serve patients who would otherwise not have been able to attend the programs as often in person because of conflicting obligations, such as work or family responsibilities. We see this type of technology as the future of long term care for people with heart disease.”

Following a cardiac event that led to surgery in order to implant stents, Dr. Michael Thomas, DDS was referred to the South Shore Cardiac Rehab program, where he joined the Wellframe pilot clinical trail. “My goal going into the program was to learn what I was able to do and what limitations I might have. They went over eating habits and working with a heart condition, including what to do and what not to do,” Dr. Thomas said. “I found the Wellframe app really helpful. The app kept reminding me of what to do, got me in a routine and got me in the habit of taking my meds.”

The Wellframe Mobile Platform for Care Management and Patient Engagement enables healthcare professionals to reach and engage more patients in a more effective and efficient manner. “By better connecting patients and clinicians, we give clinicians unprecedented insight into what and how patients are doing day-to-day, and help patients feel cared for after they leave the hospital and between visits to the clinic,” said Jacob Sattelmair, CEO Wellframe. “Our aim is to use technology to amplify human care in ways that improve outcomes for patients and reduce costs for healthcare stakeholders bearing risk.”

“After I had my procedure, I followed all of the directions that they gave me at the clinic. I had no goal in mind except to get better- and they told me I would,” said Arthur O’Leary, a patient in the South Shore Cardiac Rehab program. “I had to change my diet to low fat and low salt, and regularly exercise. You have to be vigilant and diligent as far as your diet and exercise. Wellframe is a great reminder and helped me a lot. No question about it that those reminders pushed me. I enjoyed using it and found it easy to use.”

The company has also expanded its clinical program offerings into numerous other clinical conditions including CHF, COPD, hypertension, diabetes, mental illness and others. Wellframe’s mission is to enable clinicians to more effectively manage the moments between a patient’s direct interactions with the healthcare system in order to help patients feel better connected with their care team and to receive clinical support on a daily basis.

“Wellframe is all about connecting people – people wanting to give care and people needing care,” said Trishan Panch, MD, MPH, Wellframe Chief Medical Officer. “In clinical practice we have only been able to connect with people in person, which is not always convenient, or by phone, which is impersonal and often inefficient. The Wellframe platform brings the richness of an in-person clinical encounter right into patients’ pockets. Clinicians and patients develop closer, longer-lasting relationships, leading to significantly improved outcomes.”

For more information on Wellframe, please visit http://wellfra.me/.

About Wellframe

Wellframe is a Boston-based Health Technology company that combines mobile technology, artificial intelligence and human-centered process design to connect people and amplify care. Wellframe’s Harvard and MIT trained team is supported by investors and advisers who are successful leaders in enterprise health and tech. Wellframe has completed successful clinical trials with top-tier academic medical centers and is partnering with leading risk bearing entities.

For more information, visit http://wellfra.me/.

About South Shore Hospital

South Shore Hospital is a 378-bed, not-for-profit, tax-exempt, charitable provider of acute, emergency, outpatient, home health, and hospice care to the people of Southeastern Massachusetts. South Shore Hospital’s home care division includes South Shore Visiting Nurse Association, Hospice of the South Shore, and Home & Health Resources. The hospital’s 900-member medical staff represents all leading medical specialties. South Shore Hospital employs 3,800 people, supported by a team of 700 volunteers. South Shore Hospital is licensed to provide Level II Trauma care and Level III Maternal/Newborn care. South Shore Hospital has been ranked among the top three hospitals in Massachusetts, according to the 2012 U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals report and named a Top Place to Work by The Boston Globe. Please call (781) 624-6673 or visit southshorehospital.org for a referral to a South Shore Hospital physician.