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Help Patients Lose Weight Not Opportunity

Rock Hill, SC (PRWEB) February 18, 2014

When a physician took the oath to practice medicine, they likely had grand visions of helping sick people and making them well. They likely imagined having overweight patients come into the office and, with their help, turning themselves into thin, vibrant individuals who were no longer plagued with excess weight and the health issues that usually come with it. But, that isn’t generally how it turns out, is it?

Sure, a physician does a number of wonderful things and are able to help a great deal of people restore their health and deal with the symptoms that ail them. However, weight loss is a completely different issue. One that typically gets pushed to the sidelines.

It is the Patient Who Loses

No matter how much a physician wants to help their patients lose weight and reduce their risk of serious, sometimes fatal conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, the reality is that a physician can only do so much. The time to sit and go over each and every one of their behaviors that are either helping or hurting their weight is extensively. Physicians lack the hours necessary to research the large number of diet plans out there to see which one is the best for them.

While this is certainly understandable, it is the patient who loses most. They are left confused which direction to go, so they generally stand still. They don’t know exactly what to do, so they do nothing. It is a sad reality, but it no longer has to be like that.

How to Help Patients Lose Weight Without Giving Up Time or Money

There is a doctor created weight loss solution called SlimPlate System and the co-founders, Dr. Myo Nwe (a board certified obesity specialist) and Dr. Sandeep Grewal (a board certified internist), are offering it to fellow physicians free of charge. There are two options for a physican to consider.

First, if a physician does not offer weight loss services to your practice, they can refer patients to register free online at http://www.slimplatesystem.com/register and the patient will get the help they need to deal with their weight issue once and for all.

The other option is if a physician is interested in adding their own weight management services, they can contact SlimPlate System to find out how easily they can establish this new service in less than one week with no cost and no time. In fact, once a physician start offering the weight loss service at a facility, they will enjoy 100 % payer-independent extra income.

“This program teaches participants not only correct portion sizes, but also how many servings of each food group are necessary to reach and maintain a healthy weight.” says Dr. Nwe, “All the individuals have to do is use the scientifically designed SlimPlate plates and bowls and the weight comes off intuitively and effortlessly.”

The SlimPlate System was presented to physicians at the American Society of Bariatric Physicians in 2012 and the response was overwhelming. After all, 85% of bariatric surgery patients return to their pre-surgery weight, meaning that they need just as much help learning how to live in a way that will help them keep their results long term.

Physicians not wanting to focus on weight loss can now give clients access to this tried and true online weight program absolutely free of charge. The physician also don’t have to worry about taking the time to explain how to lose weight to your patients who are seeking help. All you do is refer them to the online program and they’ll do the rest. Patients can register at http://www.SlimPlateSystem.com/register.

If a physician is interested in helping clients reach their weight loss goals without having to commit to a contract, shell out their own hard earned cash, or schedule longer appointment times, then the SlimPlate Authorized Professional Affiliate Program is for them.

Visit http://www.SlimPlateSystem.org or call (803) 325-1111 to find out more information. It’s time to help patients help themselves using a healthy, effective doctor created weight loss method. They deserve that, don’t they?

The Single Greatest Opportunity Of Your Lifetime!

If you had advanced notice of the Dot Com Crash of Monday, March 13, 2000, and more importantly, “guidance” on how you could fully leverage the event, how different would your life be today compared to just ten years ago?

The largest and most rapid transfers of wealth in the history of the world have always occurred during massive economic change, and we are at the doorway of change unlike anything that has ever been experienced.

This is great news for you, if you have the right information and guidance.

Here’s a video that maps out the single greatest opportunity of your lifetime…

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The Elevation Group – you’ve heard of it through the grapevine, but you’re still not entirely sure what it is. I was exactly the same way until I watched an all too real presentation by Mike Dillard just a few short weeks ago. Mike illustrated through speech, and an online power point presentation what I, and many others like myself had already been thinking.

The Elevation Group, created by Mike Dillard, will provide strategies, used by the rich, in their every day life, to create, protect and multiply their wealth. The Elevation Group will be sharing these strategies with members of this community in the coming months to master wealth creation and security. Many of these strategies have been elusive to the everyday marketer, and investor. Mike found out that once you create a significant level of money, and income, there was no resource to refer to, to invest, secure and multiply this income, and protect it for coming generations. The secrets of the wealthy were just that, secrets that were kept private from the masses.

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Mike Dillard is putting his entire focus on the Elevation Group to make home business owners to have a true residual income.

Mike says: “In fact, the entire reason The Elevation Group was created was to further my own financial education, and yours in the process. Through The Elevation Group, I am simply telling you what I am doing with MY money, so that you may learn from my experiences – both good and bad.”

The Elevation Group, will provide day to day real life experiences to assist investors in the strategies to succeed financially in the current economic climate. As a life jacket, members will be provided information in many different areas such as: Asset Protection, Gold and Silver investment, infinite banking strategies, life insurance, money mindset in the coming years, retirement, taxes, and how they all relate to global wealth cycles.

The Elevation Group will be teaching how to create enormous wealth right now in the current economic crisis. Global Wealth is shifting in the coming years and will be transferred, to those that know how to tap into the wealth cycle and take advantage of all the ques that up to now, were never made public.

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Rob Trader – Forex Expert

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Three Tips to Your Greatest Business Opportunity

It’s not uncommon to run across Internet ads that offer people a business opportunity. However, how are you to know which one is the best for you? Actually, there are three ways you can determine if a business opportunity is true for you.

Tip 1 – You Can Make Money With The Business Opportunity

You always want to go with a business opportunity that is going to make you money. Keep in mind that the majority of start up businesses will fail within five years; usually because of monetary funds or no knowledge of the business, whether it’s because the person isn’t acquainted with running a business or isn’t acquainted about the business type chosen.

It would seem that people would need the knowledge of their business type or running the business especially if they want to succeed and make money. After all, you have to subtract your income from the expenses to come up with your overall profit. If you find your business is not making a profit, you’ll be closing the doors and turning off the lights on it.

Tip 2 – Work In A Field That You Love

It’s always good to find a business that you actually have expertise in and love to do. For instance, you love to write. Maybe you can work as a writer at a newspaper or freelance writer. People fear that someone will take their money and run. This is especially true if you decide to open a car dealership or repair shop.

With the advent of the Internet, anyone can begin a business doing any number of things. For instance, you love to grow flowers and other things. Use the passion you have for gardening in conjunction with Internet marketing so that you can put together a website that will give people tips on how to garden.

Where you reside at in the world can help you localize your information.

What is affiliate marketing? You’re a salesperson for a company who is trying sell their product. Many companies will work with marketers like this. If you do a little research, you can find companies who will compensate you to market their gardening produce. Remember that gardening is only one of the many business opportunities that you can get into.

Tip 3 – Money and Time To Begin Your Business Opportunity

Anytime you have a business opportunity, make sure you’ve got the money and the time to help you out. It’s important that you have both time and money when you’re trying to get a business off the ground.

If you know you don’t have the money to go full-time, work part-time so that you can build up your savings. You can always outsource any projects you have so that you don’t have to do it all alone.

When you have a business opportunity, use the three tips above to make that business venture successful.

Dillon Loh is an internet entrepreneur. He is passionate in his work. His passion is to help others to achieve what they desire. He believes in learning from others by helping them to succeed. Get the free tips of the success in Make Real Money on the Internet Book now!