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The mindset of an entrepreneur

What exactly is the mindset or a entrepreneur? An entrepreneur thinks about business and expanding all the time. There is nothing that they would not do in order for them to get to the next level, whatever that may be. People like this are not just focused on money like most people may think, they are focused on power and sell fulfillment. Here are the 4 things that make the mindset of an entrepreneur different from that of an average person.

Think big and long term

Most average people don’t think long term but they do think big. This is a recipe for disaster because thinking big requires that you think long term. What successful people understand is that building an empire doesn’t happen overnight, you have to work at it, and perfect every aspect of the business. Just remember that thinking big and long term means you understand the work needed to be done.

24/7 advancing

What is 24/7 advancing? Well it is when you are thinking about what you can do to help advance your life or your business all day every day. For most people this would be an exhausting task, but for an entrepreneur it is part of what makes them who they are and gives them the ideas to move forward.

Micro gains

Everybody knows selling a cooking for .01 profit is a waste of time, right? Well not always, successful people understand the importance of a micro gain and how it will affect them down the line. People think that making a .01 profit is just a waste of time, but is it? Entrepreneurs know that a .01 profit is just the start, but they think about instead of pumping up the price to pump out more cookies which will bring in more profit.


When it comes to success you can’t be 100% sure you will be successful, but you can make sure you are pretty close every time, right? Planning is the key to any success story, and those who don’t plan fail more than 50% of the time. Did you know that 98% of all successful people have a day planner of some kind that they carry around? The reason they carry around a day planner is because they know that in order to be successful they have to use every minute of every day wisely. It doesn’t matter if you are planning for a big company or just planning out your day, it needs to be done and done right.

These are the 4 things that successful entrepreneurs have in common with each other and that most average people lack. If you would like to become an entrepreneur someday then check out these ideas to make money.

Adam Snyder is also the creator and designer or many small coffee tables.

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Weight Loss Will Require Positive Mindset

Everyone realizes eliminating weight tends to be tricky. Many people have to try a number times before losing pounds long term. Additionally, a number of individuals aim to eliminate unwanted pounds but fail. Individuals which do well discover an effective easy way to lose weight that suits their lifestyle. Therefore, when decreasing body weight in the past has not worked try not to quit now.

Maybe in the past weight loss systems which claim instant fat loss did not succeed. Such dieting plans maybe did not succeed for several reasons. Among these reasons possibly are limiting dieting plans and wrong mindset.

Fat loss systems that exclude foods generally fall short. A human body needs vitamins, carbs, fats and minerals to function effectively. In the event any of those items are not acquired the human body will desire more food. Therefore individuals might eat more in order to curb that hunger sensation. A secret to reducing pounds happens to be eating food products having adequate quantities of nutriments.

Fat loss systems that omit food products generally fail for the reason they do not allow a person to enjoy desired foods. At some point a person may indulge on whatever food products those programs would not allow. At that point, almost certainly a person may think he or she has had no success and then stop this fat loss program. Instead weight loss systems should show people how to incorporate desired foods into munchies and meals to reduce weight.

An additional explanation why fat loss plans might not have worked in the past is people may have had incorrect attitudes. Whenever starting a task this tough people will need to be mentally ready. In the event a person is not willing to incorporate changes, then no fat loss system is going to be successful.

Individuals must have faith dropping excess weight can be possible. Thus if around pessimism, then an initial step is locating a support group. A proper easy way to lose weight is depending upon other individuals who can help with any dilemmas. Whenever eliminating pounds, obstacles are certain to crop up. Thus, depending upon people for support to help with these complications results in individuals being not as inclined to quit the weight loss system.

In addition, a person will have to make changes to eliminate weight permanently. Quick dieting plans require an individual to temporarily alter food products eaten. Eventually people go back to old routines that added weight to begin with. In order to remove body fat permanently a proper weight loss program ought to explain whatever adjustments will need to be made which a person could simply include in everyday routines. These changes should be simple that everyone can live with.

People’s end desired outcome is eliminating weight as well as not regaining it. Although that end desired outcome can be difficult, an individual can reduce body weight. Everybody must find an easy way to lose weight which works for them to be successful.

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset and How to Achieve It

When it comes to running a business, there’s a lot more to be done then just offering a product or service and waiting for people to hand you money for it. Many people think that they can just do things this way so that they can make a quick dollar online. In reality, it doesn’t work that way. People who run businesses and are successful at it in the long term have an entrepreneurial mindset. Some people think that they are born with that asset – and they might be – but you can learn it if you don’t have it already, and it can help you achieve a lot more business success.

The entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily more intelligent than anyone else or that you have more education. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there don’t have more than a high school education, so don’t let your perceived lack of abilities or opportunities turn you away from your chance at owning and running a successful business. You can have business success despite almost any obstacle if you think like an entrepreneur. People who have an entrepreneurial mindset don’t let things get them down. They see every problem as an opportunity and they don’t worry about setbacks. They just see them as a setup for a better comeback toward business success. That’s what keeps an entrepreneur going, because they have such a high degree of determination.

If you want to be an entrepreneur and have a successful business, that entrepreneurial mindset is very important. It doesn’t solve anything if you give up on what you plan to do just because it’s difficult or others don’t believe in you. The belief system of an entrepreneur comes from within and from dedication and hard work and perseverance, which are all things that are needed to achieve business success. This is especially true in today’s busy society where it can be hard to get something started in the business world and even more difficult to keep those things going. Those without the entrepreneurial spirit fail at having a successful business more easily than those who are entrepreneurs at heart.

Bonnie Murray is a business coach and mentor that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams. Bonnie and her team have assisted hundreds of people in generating profits that exceed 0K or more in their first year. For more information and to contact Bonnie, visit: http://bonniebeemurray.com/

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Creating Wealth Online With the Right Mindset

We are all capable of achieving more, Mathematicians and Statisticians have even put a number to it ie: 3%. That is 3% of people fulfill their potential. Is that all! But don’t not forget 3% of the world’s population correlates to 198 million people. Now that’s quite a lot of successful people.

Do YOU want to be one of these 198 million?

Do YOU think it’s time you succeeded?

Or do YOU want to stay with the other 97%?

Ok we have established that you are going to succeed. There is one thing I want you to think about and take on board. The way we look at our life is essentially a measure of our expectations. Because of what we have been taught we are worthy of having, and capable of achieving. We have been taught mainly by the influences of family, our upbringing, our local community, but nowadays we are more and more influenced by TV and the World Wide Web.

Far too many people put restrictions on their thought processes due to the accumulation of all these negative influences. For example what do you really think about “Making Money Online”? Do you think it will be difficult, but possible, or are you thinking it won’t work for me? I would hesitate to say, most people would be thinking it won’t work for them, again because of our expectations due those outside influences.

“The best thing ever accomplished is yet to be accomplished”

It is necessary to look at the business of making money online, in the same way as you would making money traditionally ie: butcher, carpenter, or builder etc. It’s a skill that can be learned just like any other skill. I know what you are thinking, it must be difficult with it involving computers, and the internet. Well that’s Absolutely NOT the case.

Once you put aside all those negative thoughts, the if’s and but’s and perhaps and such, and think positively you CAN be successful at making money online! You must start your online journey with a positive mindset, and maintain that throughout that journey, even though just like anything else worth achieving there will hurdles, fences, and roadblocks to negotiate all along the way.

Do not concentrate on how difficult it will be to reach your goal, but at least believe it is possible.

If you cannot at least believe that it is possible to achieve your goal then it will be doomed to failure before it’s begun. Believe me I know of many, many now successful online business owners, who struggled for a long time, because of negative thoughts. A large percentage of them did not have the right mindset at the outset, they thought “I’ll try making money online, but it may not be for me”. Failure was the only outcome until they adopted the right mindset, and that was the main reason they then went on to success.

Envision your goals with a positive mind, and choose to control your thoughts and not let them control you.

Some useful websites about positive thinking that will help are: mindtools.com, selfgrowth.com, and positivethinking-online.com.

But it’s NOT the doubts and problems themselves you should be concerned about – it’s how you REACT and RESPOND to these doubts and problems – that will determine if you succeed or fail. You need to maintain your positive mindset, and react in the right way to these doubts and problems treating them as a minor obstacle that everybody has to overcome, and not feel that you are the only one in this position.

“YOU already Have Everything you Need to Succeed Online…Inside of You…All that is Missing is a Nudge in the Right Direction”

Your focus must remain on EXACTLY what you want to achieve, and it will help this focus if you write it down. And let me tell you – seeing what you want written down – is very empowering! Try it! It suddenly makes everything ‘real’!

Always remember the principles of an internet based business are the same as any other business. You will need to establish and nurture a client base – that will buy from you and support you over time. The web is not some magic wand that you can wave to make cash. It is however a powerful tool that if used correctly can greatly speed up the process to generate a handsome income.

I will always maintain the importance of the correct mindset, as I personally, not long ago, was a fully paid up member of the 97% club with doubts, and negative thoughts just like yourself.

So, take a leaf out my book, tell yourself you CAN do it, Envision your goals, and stop procrastinating, and achieve everything you want and more.

Finally, a great help to me was found in forums, where similar minded people aired their views, and seeked help with their online business problems. It certainly helped to know that there were many more people experiencing problems, and this made mine seem much less significant. There are many forum’s for newcomers on the net and can be found easily with a Google search.

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you”.– Mary Kay Ash

To Your Success

Ken Renfrey

My name is Kenneth Alan Renfrey and i live in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom.
I am married with two grown up children. I have had my Internet Business only a matter of months, but thanks to Chris Farrell whom you may have heard of, with whom I have recently been working I have a very profitable Online Business…..

Website: http://www.FastWaystoProfit.com

Ebook – “Shattering the Myth” – http://bit.ly/ddAI9f

Mindset Over Matter

Anyone who is in business for themselves starts every day with a list of problems to be solved. If it’s not problems, it’s projects that need to get done on the task list that never ends. Sometimes it’s easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated by a seemingly endless list of things that demand your personal and immediate attention. When overwhelm takes place, it’s easy to think about maybe just giving up – throwing in the towel and calling it quits. Unfortunately, some small business people actually take that drastic step. They shut the doors, shutter the windows and walk away, back to their corporate cubicle that they don’t really like anyway.

The truth is that this endless list of things that needs to be accomplished is really your freedom. Nobody makes the self-employed entrepreneur do anything. One of the joys of being your own boss is the ability to control your own schedule, and to determine how your most precious resource-time freedom-will be spent. Instead of shirking away from the list and complaining about its length and complexity, the self-employed entrepreneur should embrace it, as the template for personal freedom.

This is where the topic of mindset comes into play. Mindset is simply how we tend to think about things. And think is the operative word there. Nobody forces your mindset on you. You can change your mindset of your own free will, turn it from negative to positive in an instant. It’s purely a matter of focus, and perspective.

The key is to continually reaffirm to yourself the reasons you do what you do, and why you do it. By focusing your mindset on the positive aspects your life, it will improve automatically. The difference between having a miserable day and having an outstanding day is simply a matter of mindset-of conscious thought and free will.

The lesson here is not to be overwhelmed. The lesson is also not to get frustrated to the point where you feel as though you are a prisoner of your own creation. The matters that you address on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis are the very things that enable you to be free. By the way, if you work for another company, maybe it’s time to think about an alternative. Because if you are an employee, your daily task list is not your own. You’re at the mercy of someone else.

Remember-it’s mindset over matter. You are whoever you want to be.

David Allinson is the president and owner of Allinson Master Marketing Inc. David is an online business and lifestyle coach. He specializes in both online and offline marketing for the MLM, direct sales, and network marketing industries. He actively promotes and teaches others the value and benefit of Attraction Marketing – which simply put, means – be the “wizard”, and give without want while being the leader people are seeking and they will ultimately flock to you and your opportunity!

Employee Mindset Versus Entrepreneur Mindset

The decision to become an entrepreneur is a tough one, what will people think of you, how are you going to cope? What does it mean you need to do? What are the main reasons you are going to choose to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee? What are the actual benefits to the entrepreneur, and their mindset?

Firstly, I chose to become an entrepreneur, not for the money, the money is a secondary benefit, I chose to become an entrepreneur because of the lifestyle! Being able to work from home, not having to worry about the how much the next bill is going to cost, I wanted to be able to know I can pay off my loans for a car before I even had them.

Many people choose to become entrepreneurs for the freedom, but what does that actually entail for you? Flying first class whenever you want, having a new Beamer in your garage, at your awesome house? Does it mean staying at all of those 5 star resorts when you aren’t at home? Skip trying to climb the corporate ladder and college, and you will be able to retire earlier, avoiding the rat race.

As opposed to being an employee, working constantly, trading time for money, having no money saved in the bank for them to retire on. Having to retire later than an entrepreneur and having to work harder, not smarter for everything, and struggle in the rat race.

Entrepreneurs are known to be the ones who do whatever it takes to get something done, they don’t give up, and employees are just worker bees, serving a ‘greater’ cause, unaware how ineffective trading time for money is.

What choice are you going to make, to have the benefits of an entrepreneur, or be caught in the rat race, as an employee. I sure know what choice I am going to choose.

At my entrepreneur’s blog you can learn more and read similar content.

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Make Money Online Utilizing This Proven Motivating Mindset

If you are struggling to Make Money Online, then you’re in need of a refreshment course. It’s time to come back down to the base level of internet marketing, and think things through. One thing that most people are when they first come online, and try a method is they are opportunity seekers. Opportunity seekers are always out to find the magic button that’s going to earn them millions overnight. Well there is no magic button, nobody is going to just hand you cash for no reason, it just doesn’t happen. Opportunity seekers don’t take opportunities or think them through, they just seek out potential strategies, and don’t put them to use. So what can you do if you’re an opportunity seeker? Change. Changing yourself from an opportunity seeker to a strategic thinker is one of the best things you will ever do in your lifetime.

Why is a strategic thinker so much better? Well a strategic thinker has a plan, they are organized, they know where they want to be and where they are at present, they know what they’re good at, and what they are doing on each and every day. If you have no plan online, where are you planning to be in a years time? Without a plan, you are a headless chicken, running around with no direction, as you haven’t given yourself any. If you stop, and create a plan of action, you will be able to know what you’re doing each day, know why your doing it, and actually start making progress online. When learning to make money online its not about finding solutions, its about putting things into action, without action how can you learn, how can you see results, and then learn from them to make things better? You can’t it’s impossible.

So, you know you need to plan your days, ask yourself why you’re looking to make money online, and why you want to become successful. Then, ask yourself what you’re good at, can you create software? Are you a technical programmer? Are you an article writer? A product creator? Or do you want to learn about one of these areas, and master it so you can become good at it? When you can answer these questions, you will be getting somewhere, give yourself direction, and plan your life.

Find something you like doing online, master it, then do it until it makes you money, that is how things work. However, you must stay organized, make plans, keep diaries, make to do lists each day, and tick off your tasks as you do them. This way you know your taking action, and you know you’re getting somewhere, as you are monitoring yourself doing them. Always analyse what you’re doing, improve, learn, and get better, this way, everything you do will be a success, and you will be way closer to your goals and targets than you ever were before. Become a strategic thinker, not an opportunity seeker, and you will win this over.




Claim your free Make Money Online product at: http://fileice.net/download.php?file=rl99

Correct Mindset – Starting Online

How do you view the possibility of making money online? Do you believe it will be difficult but can be done? Or do you think you do not have what it takes?

Believe me when I say, making money online IS something that the average Joe can do.  However, developing the correct mindset is vital for success in any business

A few guidelines on creating the correct mindset are listed below:

1.   Belief – What you believe you can achieve

DONT be plagued by negative thoughts. You need to believe that it is possible.  Work on your belief first! Visualise the end result and work towards achieving whatever that is.  You CAN do it!

2. Goals – If you fail to Plan you Plan to fail

Planning and setting goals is important. They must, in your mind, be achievable and it helps to set times frames around your goals. Write them down and put them where you can see them. Restructure your goals to fit in with the times you have set to spend on your business.

3.   Discipline – One step at a time

It goes without saying that discipline is needed to be successful in any business.  Don’t be tempted to stray from the task at hand when it gets challenging or tough.  Finish what you started and see it through. If there is one piece of advice I can give you it is this – see every task you tackle through to completion.  Do not start on the next one until that one is complete!

4.   Assessment

It is important to evaluate your progress. Believe me, if you just carry on regardless and do not stop to take stock of your progress you pick up habits of just plodding along.

Assess what you have done and consider how you can improve the process.  Define actions that have had a positive effect and reset your goals if necessary.

Cultivating the correct mindset will enable you to take comfortable action so that you can springboard from doubt to fearlessly starting and being successful online.

Many people have dreams and intentions of being successful online. However fear and lack of self belief keep us from realizing those dreams.  You know what?  If you do not try you cannot succeed.  So take that first step and the rest will follow.

Now that you have some tools to create the correct mindset, click on the following link to get 26 Free videos which will show you step by step how to start online.

Making A Purposeful Mindset

A purposeful mindset is achieved by dedicated focus and consistent effort. This method works for each wished and un-wanted results. That is why it is vital to own an optimistic and resolute mindset.
To Illustrate that it’s your desire to become wealthy with nice success in your business. To achieve this you may want to THINK like a successful wealthy business owner and take the action to own your own success.
Be Do Have
Once you have got conditioned your mind to concentrate on your specific goal that’s when you will begin to expertise the flow of abundance and prosperity in your life!
Apprehend what your Mindset is considering
It’s so simple to master your mind and let abundance be half of your everyday lifestyle and a full ton additional fun.
Attempt to be purposeful not reckless, or time tardy with no definite of purpose in your daily routine. If you follow a path of uncontrolled behaviour then your subconscious will do what it will best and give you what it believes you’ve got asked for – totally the alternative of what you really desire. Without realising it you may be pushing away your wealth and business success through unconscious self sabotage, so build an attempt and pull your thoughts around to purposeful thinking followed up with definite action. You’ll be amazed at how your life will change and as if by magic you may achieve your goals one by one.
Get Prepared For Personal Success
Don’t forget to create room in your life for your personal success. You are not alone in this one as the Universe cannot abide an empty space when it may be crammed with wonderful and prosperous abundance. Therefore lose the muddle in your life, do it with total authority, vigour and vim, in different words plan to become purposeful and direct your energies to sorting house for a lot of productive and prosperous new essentials in your life.
Maintaining A Purposeful Mindset
The trick is to constantly see your required goals. Visualise what it’s you desire, do not be back solely you’ll be able to see your dreams and solely you are the master of your destiny.
Visualisation can accelerate the experience your thinking about. Inside your head you may live out your dreams and be in a position to fine tune your daily actions towards goal achievement. Whatever your realistic lifestyle currently is you’ll be in the most effective doable position to remodel your lifestyle by knowing what wants to be changed and you may have first hand knowledge on what actions to take to make your dreams a reality.

Mark Covin has been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in Abundant Prosperity, you can also check out his latest website about:

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Vintage Tubs

The Mindset For Making Putts

Over recent years we have been told of the many merits of adopting a positive mental attitude in our golf and in particular on the greens putting.

However, all too often positive thinking lives dangerously close to the world of negative thinking. For example how many of us have set off down the 1st hole with a positive mantra only to find ourselves trudging off the 2nd green having missed yet another short putt?! In just a few holes we have gone from a positive to a negative mindset and an attitude of I definitely can to one of I definitely can’t.

So if we are going to dispel the power of positive thinking, what is the optimum mindset for putting, and what are the ingredients to achieve it?

First and foremost great putting performances take place in the present moment; a positive mindset of I can hole this putt firmly plants the mind in the future, thinking about an event yet to happen which is exactly where all the recognized mental experts of the game tell us we don’t want to be! On the flip side, the negative attitude of I can’t hole this putt sits firmly in the past dwelling on previous failures and misses.

Let’s consider the positive mindset in action, if you have a 10 foot putt and you convince yourself you are going to hole it; you can see the line, you feel confident and you hit the perfect putt on the perfect line at the perfect pace; does the putt DEFINITELY drop in the hole? The answer I’m afraid is that it definitely DOES NOT go in!

On the reverse side, lets look at a negative mindset in action, if you have the same 10 foot putt and by now you have convinced yourself that there is no chance in the world you could ever hole it, you can’t see the line and you don’t trust your stroke, does the ball DEFINITELY miss? The answer again is that it definitely DOES NOT miss!

The key then to keeping in the present moment on the greens is to adopt what I believe is the most powerful mindset; the mindset of POSSIBLE.

Possible deals with reality which is critical if we are going to achieve our best putting performances. Possible is not overly positive nor is it negative, it sits somewhere between these two in a neutral position.

Faced with the very same 10 foot putt and regardless of how good or bad your putting performance is on the day, is it possible that you could hole this putt? The answer has to be an unequivocal YES…it is POSSIBLE!

Importantly possible is the truth and it deals with reality! The result of this neutral mindset will be a far quieter and uncluttered mind which in turn will lead to your peak performance state.

If you miss from 10 feet on the first 7 greens is it possible that you could hole out from a similar distance on the 8th green? YES it is possible!

Even worse, if you play 17 holes without a one putt on any green, is it POSSIBLE that you could single putt the 18th? YES it is possible!

So if you can keep the door of possible open during your next round you can be sure that you will putt to your very best of your ability on that day without the usual mix of up and down emotions that a positive mindset brings. Like any new concept in your game there will be no instant results BUT with work and perseverance the neutral world of possible has the potential transform your putting performances.

This article has been produced by Mike Yorke, Director of the Mike Yorke Golf Academy Ltd, who has been a PGA Professional for over 20 years; for further information about Mike’s putting programs please visit http://www.puttingtips.co.uk

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