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Best Merchant Cashback Program Gives Merchants Lucrative New Cashback Revenue Stream

Denver, CO (PRWEB) August 17, 2014

The ultimate merchant cashback program has taken Europe by storm over the last decade with over 250,000 local merchants and growing at an astounding pace. This merchant cashback program is now poised to revolutionize the local business community by empowering business owners with a tool that all but guarantees customer loyalty.

“As a local merchant I’ve been in the game for over 10+ years now and never before have I seen a program as exciting and lucrative as this one that just makes sense. I tell my friends it’s like picking money up off the floor.” – Chris White, Merchant Cashback Program Participant

The ultimate merchant cashback program has several impressive and very lucrative benefits for the local merchant.

The merchant gets paid cashback for every purchase one of their customers makes with another participating local merchant anywhere in the world.
The merchant gets paid cashback for every purchase one of their customers makes with another participating merchant online.
The merchant gets access to over $ 5,000 of free advertising every month to help promote their products and services through the network.
The merchant gets exclusivity within the shopping network as one of only 30% of merchants who are given the privilege to participate. This benefit attracts new customers to the merchants as they have unique value to offer not only their customer base but new customers as well.
“We’ve talked to hundreds of merchants already and everyone agrees. This is simply a no-brainer for any merchant. There is not an industry or niche we could think of where this opportunity wouldn’t completely revolutionize the merchants ability to practically manufacture customer loyalty on demand while adding a new source of revenue to the business.” – Joel Trujilo, Merchant Cash Back Program Participant

Customers are raving about this program for benefits that put the control into the shoppers hands.

Shoppers now can carry just one single loyalty program card that works for all participating merchants rather than having to carry dozens of cards. This adds a layer of convenience the shopper has never previously had the benefit of experiencing.
Shoppers always get cashback for every single one of their purchases. Gone are the days of the silly gimmicks where merchants give out rainbows, or stars or whatever the gimmick of the month is to try and make you feel special. The almighty dollar wins in the mind of the shopper 100% of the time and that’s exactly what the shopper gets with this merchant cashback program.
Shoppers get access to the merchant cashback loyalty program for free and they even get access to an online portal that tracks all their purchases in real-time so they know exactly the cashback benefits they are receiving. This offers yet another layer of convenience like no other.

“As this merchant cashback program movement continues to take the United States by storm we are just thrilled as local merchants to have the opportunity to provide such a lucrative and amazing benefit to all of our customers. I just wish I would have thought of this myself ten years ago!” – Chris White, Merchant Cashback Program Business Owner

The ultimate merchant cashback program has changed the game and the landscape of local merchant loyalty programs forever and it’s done so in a very smart way that puts the power in the hands of the shopper while rewarding the merchant with unheard of benefits. Everybody wins with this one-of-a-kind merchant cash back program. With customer loyalty at a premium in this ultra-competitive marketplace all merchants would be wise to jump on this opportunity as fast as possible before all spots inside the program are taken because once they are gone, they are gone for good.

About Ultimate Merchant Cashback Program

The ultimate merchant cashback program is the biggest and only certified loyalty program in the world that pays its merchants. To learn more about the program visit:



Check out the video at the link below:


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Payscape Advisors Announces Exclusive Merchant Processing Partnership with AppointmentPlus

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

Leading payment solutions provider, Payscape Advisors, announced today that it is the exclusive payments partner for AppointmentPlus, a worldwide leader in online and mobile scheduling solutions.

Businesses using the AppointmentPlus platform are now able to accept payments in advance for scheduled services, allowing AppointmentPlus clients to manage payment, sales, and appointment data online and at the point-of-sale through one platform.

“Through this partnership, we are able to provide thousands of appointment-based companies with the opportunity to run their business and manage cash flow within one interface,” said Adam Bloomston, Co-Founder and Co-President of Payscape Advisors. “We are excited to extend our suite of payment services to AppointmentPlus clients looking to save time, get paid quicker, and improve customer satisfaction.”

The AppointmentPlus payment processing function, powered by Payscape Advisors, will be managed internally and offer a seamless experience for existing and future AppointmentPlus customers.

“Clients have been requesting the ability to manage payments within the platform so finding the best way to incorporate this functionality was a priority for us,” said Bob La Loggia, CEO of AppointmentPlus. “We selected Payscape due to its exceptional reputation in the industry and the ability to work within our existing system.”

“Payscape is rapidly growing, and AppointmentPlus is the perfect partner to help in expanding our brand and suite of services to new verticals and customers,” states Bloomston.

Payment processing is now available to all Appointment-Plus customers.

About Payscape Advisors

Payscape Advisors provides small to mid-size business owners with financial technologies that allow them to accept payments, streamline their business, and increase cash flow. Our dedication to payment technology and industry innovation is consistent; our mission is clear: to make it simple for business owners to collect money. Whether you accept credit cards at your retail storefront, process payments on your mobile phone, promote gift cards, operate an online shopping cart, or electronically invoice clients, Payscape offers financial products and services guaranteed to satisfy your cash flow needs. For more information, visit http://www.payscape.com.

About AppointmentPlus

Founded in 2001, AppointmentPlus is the world’s premier online scheduler helping businesses and organizations streamline online appointment scheduling. Since 2001 customers have booked over 150 million appointments, averaging four million appointments booked monthly. Trusted by more than 7,000 organizations in 20 countries, the AppointmentPlus software suite allows users to completely automate the scheduling process. Features include customer self-scheduling, automated appointment reminders, online payment options, email marketing solutions and syncing capabilities with popular software applications. For more information, please visit http://www.AppointmentPlus.com.

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