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Helix House Reports Record Demand For Marketing Services That Take Advantage Of Social Media

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) August 27, 2014

Helix House, an Internet marketing firm that is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable Internet marketers reports record demand for marketing services that take advantage of social media. With a growing number of businesses across the country and throughout Arizona looking for innovative and new ways to leverage the Internet they are increasingly turning to experienced Internet marketing firms like Helix House. With years of experience under its belt, Helix House features a dedicated and organized team of Internet marketers that strive to deliver highly personalized Internet marketing and advertising services to businesses interested in gaining greater market share through increased Internet exposure. The company has received countless awards, accolades and reviews over the years lending testament to its effectiveness when it comes to Internet marketing.

Gaining top ranking with the search engines is easy to achieve when working with the right Internet marketing firm. Helix House produces real and measurable results for clients resulting in its favorable rankings as compared to other Internet marketing agencies. When it comes to effective search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, email marketing, text marketing and even video production as well as web development, few other Internet marketing firms can compare. Most importantly, clients of Helix House enjoy a dedicated account representative that ensures constant communication with regard to any Internet marketing or advertising campaign. This fact in itself makes it clear to see that Helix House is dedicated to the highest levels of customer service and customer satisfaction. Clients from across Arizona and around the country have come to rely and depend upon the Helix House Internet marketing brand.

With more people than ever before searching online for services, products and information, there is a growing trend towards advertising on the Internet as a primary advertising channel. Newspaper, television and radio simply cannot compare in today’s modern world when it comes to effective advertising and marketing. In fact, the steady trend over the years has been consistently moving towards Internet marketing and advertising and away from newspaper, television and radio. Businesses are picking up on this trend and shifting their marketing and advertising dollars into Internet marketing campaigns. The key to getting the most out of any Internet marketing or advertising campaign is in harnessing the knowledge and experience of a dedicated Internet marketing firm. Helix House is clearly the company of choice in this regard.

Helix House specializes in search engine marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click and many of the newer social media strategies. Marketing that takes full advantage of social media enjoys greater dollar for dollar value in terms of money spent on Internet marketing and advertisin g. This is largely due to the fact that social media is organic in nature. This simply means that as individuals in social media share thoughts, ideas products and services of companies, they are in essence providing free advertising for businesses. Helix House seizes the opportunity in this regard and helps businesses to capitalize on this concept. This recent announcement with regard to record demand for marketing services that take advantage of social media is clear evidence that Helix House can make a difference for businesses regardless of their advertising budget.

Helix House is a highly innovative forward-looking Internet marketing agency located in sunny Arizona and beautiful New Mexico. The company has consistently exceeded industry expectations to routinely rank highest among some the best Internet marketing companies in the country. Recognized as an industry leader, this Internet marketing firm has helped hundreds of businesses across the country to gain better online ranking, online exposure and overall recognition. Helix House outpaces the competition year after year by leveraging the latest Internet technology, ideas and concepts to deliver extraordinary results for businesses large and small.

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Reputation Marketing Now Offered by JFT Web Marketing – Business Reputation Protection

Indianapolis, Indiana (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

How important is a reputation for today’s business owners?

With today’s technology, a business with no reviews or bad reviews is losing prospective clients to their competitors, and JFT Web Marketing has integrated a new way to help any type of business build a 5 star review.

This brand new proprietary system and marketing strategy that JFT Web Marketing offers helps locally owned businesses achieve rock star status in their industry and position their company as the market leader.

Every day, people look online for all types of products and services.

In the small city of West Palm Beach, 2,400 people typed in the words dentist West Palm Beach; Denver appliance repair, 2,900; pediatrician in Philadelphia, 1,900. The numbers are astounding. The problem is, who should they do business with? They’re looking for the most reputable company to give their money to. How are their reviews?

It is obvious that one would not buy a product or service from a business that has bad ratings and reviews? No one wants to actually have that exact same experience when they buy a product or service. They go online and they’re looking to find the most reputable company to do business with. And only one bad review can send the customer to someone else.

Our reputation is everything. More importantly, the online marketing game has changed and the competition doesn’t even know about it.

Let’s talk about one of the game changers which is a customer reviews are a major factor in almost every type of online marketing. That’s because bad reviews show up on website rankings, organic rankings, Google maps, local directories like Yelp and City Search and Bing and Yahoo, in Yellow Pages and more. Reviews are a major factor in almost every type of online marketing.

Which means SEO, social media, Pay Per Click, local marketing, none of it works anymore if you have bad reviews or bad reputation online. Why would a business want to do all this work and spend all this time and spend money getting to the top and doing online marketing, and when people find them all they find are bad reviews.

Step one is to create a five-star reputation first then market the products and services online.

Another game changer is that reviews send pre-qualified, pre-sold customers because buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations, seventy two percent trust. Because three out of four people trust reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

Let’s look at the step-by-step strategies. First start is to actually know what people are saying. JFT Web Marketing has a proprietary system strategy and software that actually shows and reveals anyone within moments what their reputation is online.

Just insert the company phone number and the system will sift and sort through thousands of different data pieces online. It will actually share what others are saying about the company and bring the information back.

Each business will want to create a positive online review and want to manage that reputation. Then the last thing to do is to create a reputation marketing culture, to be proactive inside the business to make sure that every single person in the company is on the same page.

These reviews then can be shared on the company’s website, social media, e-newsletter, used to close sales and give great credibility before a client visits the business.

JFT Web Marketing will also send the company monthly reports to show the changes in the reputation in the different directories, and daily review alerts. The company knows right away if there is a negative or positive review shared that day.

A custom review page is designed to guide clients with 4 or 5 star reviews to share on other directories and guiding those with 3 stars or less to give the company a chance to make the service better.

JFT Web Marketing offers 15-minute phone consultations to help businesses understand the process and find out if it will be beneficial to them in their market. If one is interested in scheduling a 15-minute phone consultation, they can click on this link and select a date and time that is convenient.

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David Roe, AuthX Consulting CEO, to Speak on The Future of Digital Marketing Platforms and the JCR at Annual Hippo Conference

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) May 13, 2014

AuthX Consulting announced today its’ CEO, David Roe, will be speaking at the upcoming Hippo GetTogether 2014 Conference to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 16, 2014. David’s speech will be to an audience of technologists about the future of digital marketing platforms and the Java Content Repository (JCR). He will be addressing the following topics that focus on issues many global companies are currently wrestling with in their efforts to drive higher efficiency and better engagement with their customers in various regions of the world:

How AuthX sees Hippo and the use of Apache Jackrabbit Oak changing the landscape of digital marketing technologies,
How to combine infrastructure technologies for disaster recovery and clustering with the cloud to streamline global marketing,
Understanding the future business and technology practices relevant to implementers to support global brand marketing.

In addition to speaking at the Hippo GetTogether Conference, AuthX Consulting is a sponsor of the annual event on May 16th. The event is held primarily for technologists and is preceded by a 3-day developer training and allows speakers to present on many aspects within the digital marketing arena. This year, the event is being held at Club Trouw in Amsterdam. The venue provides a fun and engaging environment to encourage the exchange of all things Hippo CMS including problem-solving methods, best practices and future needs.

“We are pleased for the opportunity to reciprocate our support of Hippo by sponsoring their marquis event of the year,” says AuthX Managing Partner, J.M. Guthrie. “ Hippo has been a great supporter of our business through our partnership and we have shared in the mutual success of working together to build comprehensive digital engagement solutions for our clients.”

For more information about AuthX Consulting or David Roe, visit our website at http://www.authxconsulting.com

For more information about Hippo or the Hippo GetTogether 2014 event, visit http://www.onehippo.com

About AuthX Consulting

AuthX is a digital engagement company offering technical and marketing services with proven success supporting Fortune 1000 companies. The company is focused on taking modern business and technical strategies such as Customer Experience Management (CXM), test-driven optimization, personalization as well as content management and deploying them through one global system. A strategy we call “Global Brand. Local Marketing.™” By partnering with industry leading CXM technologies, AuthX is able to offer clients a tailored strategy to communicate intimately across channels through enablement of the platforms. AuthX’s corporate philosophy promotes bringing “authenticity” to each engagement including our clients, our partners, our employees and our industry. To assist clients in facing the challenges of an ever-changing digital marketplace, AuthX provides Enterprise Architecture and Strategy, Implementation Services, Optimization Services and Cloud-Based Managed Services.

About Hippo

Hippo is the leading global software vendor in the open source java (Web) Content Management space focusing on allowing organizations to connect with their online audience in today’s multichannel environment, by providing personal customer experiences across all channels: mobile, social and web. Currently serving 250+ customers all over the world out of offices in Amsterdam and Boston. Together with its network of Certified Partners, e.g. Capgemini, DigitasLBi, and Netpioneer, Hippo serves a fast growing number of enterprise customers such as Bell Aliant, Randstad, Ziggo, the Dutch National Police, Crédit Agricole, Autodesk, Weleda, the University of Amsterdam, ThiemeMeulenhoff, 1&1 internet and Dannon.

About Jackrabbit Oak

Jackrabbit Oak is an effort to implement a scalable and performant hierarchical content repository for use as the foundation of modern world-class web sites and other demanding content applications. The Oak effort is a part of the Apache Jackrabbit project. Jackrabbit is a project of the Apache Software Foundation.

© 2014 AuthX Consulting LLC. All rights reserved.

AuthX Sales Inquiries: J.M. Guthrie, 202.870.7046, jmguthrie(at)authxconsulting(dot)com

AuthX Media Inquiries: Kristen Oxley, 585.217.3548, koxley(at)authxconsulting(dot)com

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Lloyd Irvin Launches No-Cost Online Coaching to Help People Get Started in Internet Marketing

Camp Springs, MD (PRWEB) March 12, 2014

Lloyd Irvin, the leading internet marketing expert, has this week launched a no-cost email coaching program to help people interested in starting an online business or growing an existing one.

His “30 Days to Master Internet Marketing” course shares specific tips and actions that allow anyone to get started in in internet marketing in just 30 days.

He says there are many reasons why now is the ideal time for people to learn about internet marketing. The reasons include:

    It has very low startup costs.
    The income potential is almost unlimited.
    You have the chance to make money doing what you love.
    It can be profitable quickly.
However, he points out that most people don’t know what steps to take to get started in internet marketing and there is a lot of misleading information being published about it online.

Lloyd comments:

“When I got started in internet marketing, I was a complete novice. I thought it would be a source of a bit of extra cash but it’s totally transformed my life.

I was only able to succeed because others with more experience shared the right steps to follow.

I recently realized that now almost nobody is sharing good quality information about how to succeed online with beginners. I created this free course because I want as many people as possible to have the opportunity of seeing the potential of internet marketing and of learning exactly what they need to do to succeed quickly.”

The key elements covered in the “30 Days to Master Internet Marketing” course include:

    Millionaire Mindset: Learning the thoughts and habits you need to create success
    Accurate Targeting: Finding the precise market that is best for you
    Suitable Offers: Identifying the products and services your market wants and will pay for
    Tons of Traffic: Reaching the maximum number of prospective customers
    Effective Conversion: Turning as many prospects as possible into customers
    Relationship Building: Encouraging customers to stay longer and buy more
Lloyd adds:

“If you are interested in getting started in internet marketing – or you have been trying it without achieving the success you want so far – some of what I cover in this free 30-day coaching program may challenge your thinking. Some of the steps I cover also require a bit of work.

I can’t promise you any specific results because I don’t know how hard you are willing to work. However, if you apply even just a few of these ideas, I’m confident your life can be transformed just as mine was.”

Anyone interested in creating additional income from an online business – or getting better results from an existing one – can sign up for the free course at http://www.lloydirvin.net.

Lloyd Irvin is one of the few entrepreneurs who have built multimillion dollar businesses both offline and online. He was among the first in the world to use internet marketing to grow his martial arts school.

The success of that led him to see internet marketing as a way of possibly adding a few thousand dollars a month to the income from his school. However, he has since built multimillion-dollar businesses in many different markets including running several million-dollar online product launches.

For more information, visit http://www.lloydirvin.net.


Online Marketing Expert, Susan Lassiter-Lyons Reveals Her $43,587 in 7 Days: The Automated Funnel Formula

Eugene, Oregon (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for ways to bring buyers into their sales funnels. Most systems are so complicated they are virtually impossible to understand, let alone implement.

Enter the Automated Funnel Formula created by online marketing expert, Susan Lassister Lyons. Lassiter-Lyon’s system is one that has generated millions of dollars for Susan and her clients.

This is a no-hype webinar where participants will learn the real deal of effective sales funnels.

In this one-hour complimentary webinar participants will learn:

    The “old funnel” vs the “new funnel” and how much money you’re leaving on the table
    The super simple, 5 step process to easily create your online sales funnel fast
    How to create your irresistible offer fast (and the top 10 most profitable)
    A detailed walk through of one of Susan’s real, live automated online funnels
    One secret thing Susan did (that most people think is annoying) that made her an extra $ 11,600 in 7 days from the same website visitors!

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better that the information others charge you thousands for… even though they are free.

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot here: https://lassitermktg.leadpages.net/kathleen-funnel-webinar-march2014/

Susan Lassiter-Lyons, owner of TheProfitInsights.com, is a former Fortune 100 national sales trainer turned entrepreneur. She is an expert in online marketing automation and business growth strategies who has grown three businesses to multiple 6 and 7-figures since 2000. Susan’s favorite quote is from Amelia Earhart, “The best way to do it is to actually do it.” In the Automated Online Money Making Funnel System you are going to learn exactly how to do what needs to be done to make lots of money while doing what you love.

Kathleen Gage is the “no-nonsense, common sense” online marketing strategist, speaker, author, product creation specialist, and owner of “Power Up for Profits.” Kathleen helps entrepreneurs make money online. Her clients are driven by making a difference through their own unique voice.

Internet Marketing Tools For Twitter

Internet marketing is a crucial avenue through which businesses are able to reach millions of potential customers and stay connected with current customers. Social media websites such as Twitter cannot be ignored for that reason. With the right planning, you can launch a successful Internet marketing campaign using various Twitter tools that can springboard your company to success.

Including Twitter in Your Internet Marketing Plan

Twitter has proven to be an excellent business tool over the years. Companies can quickly and easily connect with potential customers, investors, marketing partners, journalists, bloggers and more. Not only does Twitter connect business owners with the right people, but it is an easy way to brand your company. With the help of various Twitter tools, any company can launch a successful Internet marketing plan complete with social media.

You can access your success thus far with Viral Heat, which is a tool that you can use with Twitter and other social media platforms to measure your marketing campaign. The data that you gather from your analysis with this application at the beginning or your campaign can be compared with your results after you follow through with your plans. Viral Heat is a premium service that offers customizable analysis options.

Twitter Tools for Marketing Brick and Mortar Companies

TwitHawk allows you to send automated messages that will be delivered to a select group of people. You can narrow the delivery of the message by geographical location and keyword. TwitHawk will find and target tweets that mention specified keywords and also come from people using Twitter in your region.

Tweet Train offers auto-reply messaging, event scheduling, URL shortening, geographic targeting, and real-time tweet monitoring. You can also perform location or keyword based searches with the professional version.

Twitter Tools for Online Businesses

For companies that operate solely online or brick and mortar companies that have active websites, TwtQpon is a great Twitter tool. With this application, you can create online coupons on Twitter. Your coupon tweet will include the offer, a product image, a coupon code, expiration date (optional) and the URL to your products or services website. Nothing draws new clients in like discounts!

ThingsBuzz Business provides companies with the means to display Twitter and Facebook conversations about their company or website on their website. This tool lets visitors know what people are saying about a particular brand, product or service. It is a great analytics tool and helps to keep visitors on company websites longer, thus boosting site activity and sales.

Twitter Tool: Objective Marketer

Objective Marketer is a one-stop-shop for Internet marketing on Twitter and other social media platforms including LinkedIn and Facebook. Features include URL shortening, management for multiple accounts, tweet/update scheduling, and tracking. The analytic data that Objective Marketer provides includes audience sentiment (positive or negative responses) demographic information, geographic location, and competition.

Twitter is an excellent medium small and large companies alike can use to connect with their target markets. Using these various applications makes it simpler and easier to find the right people to connect with and will help tremendously in launching a well-planned Internet marketing campaign.

Discover the many different Twitter applications available at My Twitter Toolbox and learn more about how to use Twitter for better productivity- visit us today at My Twitter Toolbox.

Effective Internet Marketing Tools

Marketing through online/web acts is known as Internet Marketing. What makes this phenomenon very advantageous is that we can distribute information to a wide range of viewers and secondly the lesser promotion cost involved in it. Websites, forums, internet advertising, blogs, articles and emails etc. are generally counted internet marketings methods. It helps the company to market their products or services speedily.

There are variety of internet marketing are available. It depends on the company what better suits to them. Below are some internet marketing tools just to guide you:

Article Marketing: Keeping in mind SEO (Search Engine Marketing) aspects, you can create articles for internet marketing purposes. It is one of the crucial internet marketing tools. Basically article contains back-links to their website. Small and large scale enterprises practice article marketing to get traffic.

Emails: For small scale businesses, email marketing is being effectively used for promotion purpose. It helps establishing professional relationship between service provider and customers. Emails are not just limited to send products or service details but now it is used to send newsletters and other informative contents.

Forums and Blogs: Forums and Blogs are known to be effective marketing tool on the web that offers opportunity to interact with the target customers. It helps creating awareness about products and services. Moreover, forums provide a platform for healthy discussions.

Social Networks: Social networks are popularly utilized in the internet marketing. You can easily increase your brand visibility with the use of social networking websites. You can use e-books, videos and other kind of content that will make alive in the social network.

Pay Per Click (PPC): PPC is considered as one of the modern techniques of promotion. Here advertisers have to pay if a user clicks on the advertisement. The advertisers have to bid on keywords. Google AdWords provides pay-per-click advertising in which advertisers specify the words or phrases that are expected to fetch customers.

You can choose best internet marketing tools for your business. Above mentioned tools are just for the guidance. You can choose from these also. It is what that

SEO1st.in – SEO Company India offers SEO services to India based online businesses. We offer expert SEO Service India . We are also an expert SEO1st.in – SEO India offers SEO services to India based online businesses. We offer expert

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How To Handle Your Internet Marketing Resources


You could easily handle and spend your internet marketing resources if you are tasked to spearhead the online project initiative of your company. Here are some tips for you.


Assuming The Online Marketing Manager Role


If you have been assigned to take care of the online marketing initiative of your business, you should not panic. The tasks could be done smoothly and successfully if you would be more organized. You should pay particular attention to the planning stage. This is because it would be very crucial in laying out the pavement for the other stages of your project. In this regard, you should be more careful and strategic in handling and allocating allotted internet marketing resources.


As a manager, it should always be your goal to obtain efficiency. That means you should aim to minimize the use of internet marketing resources. However, the overall quality of the project should not be compromised. It is like getting the best despite the limited or lean budget you have set. You could be given more than enough budget allocation for the endeavor. However, you could prove your management worth by intending to spend minimally without sacrificing quality and effectiveness.


Strive To Minimize All Possible Costs


One primary aim should be to minimize all possible costs that would be incurred by the initiative. Proper budgeting would take care of this. You need to allocate all internet marketing resources very carefully. Properly plan where specific amounts of budget would go to, instead of spending resources without any systematic process.

Budgeting would be helpful in this endeavor especially when you intend to allocate monetary amounts for specific and identified tasks and expenditures.


There are always options to everything. There are expensive and less costly options. To spend internet marketing resources wisely, make sure you could get what you want and need from less costly options. You could use your practicality and prudence to make this work. Remember that expensive products and services are not always the best. Sometimes, less costly options are equally effective, or much better. All you have to do is to be more resourceful.


Do Practical Comparison Shopping


When you need to hire services and expertise of service providers, do a practical comparison-shopping before getting into any purchase. This is to make sure you would get only the best and the most practical option available. As you aim to make use of internet marketing resources wisely, make sure all services you would get would be cost efficient without sacrificing overall effectiveness.


Get quotes from as many service providers as you possibly could. Compare their prices, fees, and terms. The tallied comparison would easily show you which one is offering the best products and services at the least or most reasonable costs. Always choose the best and the most reasonably costing service or product for your endeavor.



How could a manager possibly spend Internet Marketing Resources wisely and prudentially? There are several practical tips by checking out the link Internet Marketing Help.

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