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KidHire Launches Online Portal for Entrepreneurial Teens

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 20, 2014

With today’s launch of http://www.kidhire.com, entrepreneurial children will have a safe, user-friendly resource to help them earn their own money. The first site of its kind, KidHire provides motivated young people unique tools to create, market and manage their own businesses with just a few simple clicks.

“When my teen aged son was thinking about starting a summer car washing business, we were amazed to find virtually no online resources that could help him,” said KidHire founder Erica Ghorban. “I also realized he needed better options to market his service. Having your kid’s phone number posted on the community center wall is kind of scary for a parent.”

KidHire is designed to provide targeted resources in a safe online environment. Kids can choose from up to eight web templates for a variety of businesses, such as car washing/detailing, dog walking, babysitting, tutoring, snow shoveling and others. Using these tools, they can create their own websites, with custom URLs, as well as ready-made flyers. They can integrate social media into their site and securely connect with potential clients.

Most importantly, KidHire is designed to protect children. Parents must approve initial websites and all subsequent changes. In addition, kids cannot include personal photos, email addresses or phone numbers on their business pages. All client contacts go through the KidHire custom URL. Parents can monitor these communications and even block access by an untrusted client.

“I started KidHire to help my son create a business, but I wanted to make sure I could manage his interactions with clients,” said Ghorban. “Before KidHire, there were no sites designed to support a teen business and no way for me as a parent to protect him. Now we have a solution.”

About KidHire

KidHire provides business website templates for teens, while providing a secure way for parents to monitor their children’s activities and protect them from outside threats. For more information, visit http://www.kidhire.com. Follow KidHire on Twitter @KidHire.

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Automotix Launches New Website to Save Customers Money and Time When It Comes Shipping Autobody Parts

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) May 14, 2014

Automotix, a leader in the autoparts industry, has launched a new, user friendly website to enhance customer service, lower prices, that includes local pick-up options for same day service. This website and customer service launch maintain Automotix’s excellence in the automotive parts industry and launches IAPB as a way to solidify their commitment to customer service and great value.

Automotix is continuously improving efforts to serve customers better and has launched IABP with the largest local inventory across the nation so suppliers can serve their customers better. IABP has a daily inventory of over 12 million domestic and import car parts waiting in warehouses across the country.

IAPB is committed to having the essential parts on hand when customers drop off their car for returns. Gone are the days of week-long waits for essential car parts. Save customers time and money on car rental fees by using the same day pick up service of IAPB. This same-day pick-up can save money that one can pass on to customers. Shipping and delivery costs can be up to 30 to 100% of the costs of parts. IAPB has no charge for same day pick up and IAPB has a state of the art inventory control system to make picking up car parts easy and seamless.

Drivers want to get back in their cars and get on with their day said, Gavin Heathcock, Director of Business Development and Sales for online car parts retailer Automotix and IABP. “Customers want same day and next day service because they need to get to work and take kids to school,” Heathcock says. “It’s now easy to give busy customers quality parts quickly with our new pick up services.”

IAPB has more coverage than any other autoparts service. IAPB has a network of over 180 warehouses across the country and holds over 12 million parts in its daily inventory. The daily inventory consist of quality, insurance grade aftermarket parts. All IAPB parts have a limited lifetime warranty and with all warehouses located within an hours drive of over 80% of the US population, individuals can always choose same day pick up.

Automotix has been a leader in the auto parts industry for over 40 years. With the launch of IAPB Automotix sustains it commitment to excellent customer service and now offers a new way to serve customers and get them back on the road.

Start saving today at http://www.iautobodyparts.com/.

About Automotix

The Automotix team combines extensive experience in the automotive arena as well as online technologies, allowing sellers and buyers to procure cars, trucks and auto parts. Since the inception of the Wide World Web, we have been working closely with car dealers, classic car traders, car brokers, rebuilders, auto pools, auctions houses, insurance and fleet companies, trucking companies, auto parts suppliers, aftermarket car part distributors, salvage yards, car repair shops, mechanics, do-it-yourselfers and catalog providers. Learn more at http://www.automotix.net.


Lloyd Irvin Launches No-Cost Online Coaching to Help People Get Started in Internet Marketing

Camp Springs, MD (PRWEB) March 12, 2014

Lloyd Irvin, the leading internet marketing expert, has this week launched a no-cost email coaching program to help people interested in starting an online business or growing an existing one.

His “30 Days to Master Internet Marketing” course shares specific tips and actions that allow anyone to get started in in internet marketing in just 30 days.

He says there are many reasons why now is the ideal time for people to learn about internet marketing. The reasons include:

    It has very low startup costs.
    The income potential is almost unlimited.
    You have the chance to make money doing what you love.
    It can be profitable quickly.
However, he points out that most people don’t know what steps to take to get started in internet marketing and there is a lot of misleading information being published about it online.

Lloyd comments:

“When I got started in internet marketing, I was a complete novice. I thought it would be a source of a bit of extra cash but it’s totally transformed my life.

I was only able to succeed because others with more experience shared the right steps to follow.

I recently realized that now almost nobody is sharing good quality information about how to succeed online with beginners. I created this free course because I want as many people as possible to have the opportunity of seeing the potential of internet marketing and of learning exactly what they need to do to succeed quickly.”

The key elements covered in the “30 Days to Master Internet Marketing” course include:

    Millionaire Mindset: Learning the thoughts and habits you need to create success
    Accurate Targeting: Finding the precise market that is best for you
    Suitable Offers: Identifying the products and services your market wants and will pay for
    Tons of Traffic: Reaching the maximum number of prospective customers
    Effective Conversion: Turning as many prospects as possible into customers
    Relationship Building: Encouraging customers to stay longer and buy more
Lloyd adds:

“If you are interested in getting started in internet marketing – or you have been trying it without achieving the success you want so far – some of what I cover in this free 30-day coaching program may challenge your thinking. Some of the steps I cover also require a bit of work.

I can’t promise you any specific results because I don’t know how hard you are willing to work. However, if you apply even just a few of these ideas, I’m confident your life can be transformed just as mine was.”

Anyone interested in creating additional income from an online business – or getting better results from an existing one – can sign up for the free course at http://www.lloydirvin.net.

Lloyd Irvin is one of the few entrepreneurs who have built multimillion dollar businesses both offline and online. He was among the first in the world to use internet marketing to grow his martial arts school.

The success of that led him to see internet marketing as a way of possibly adding a few thousand dollars a month to the income from his school. However, he has since built multimillion-dollar businesses in many different markets including running several million-dollar online product launches.

For more information, visit http://www.lloydirvin.net.


Phillip Securities Launches POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge 2014

(PRWEB) February 11, 2014

Singapore’s first online stocks trading platform – POEMS (Phillip’s Online Electronic Mart System) is Phillip Securities’ flagship trading platform and this year sees the introduction of POEMS 2.0 which is the improved version with advanced features and tools. To allow more investors to experience this new platform, Phillip Securities is proud to bring the POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge to the masses, which was previously only open to tertiary students in Singapore for over 7 years.

Open to the general public in Asia and the region, the POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge will appeal to savvy investors as well as those new to trading because participants can choose to take part through either a virtual account or through their ‘live’ Phillip Margin accounts. Phillip Securities is also partnering with Macquarie Securities in Singapore for the ‘Warrant Challenge’ category.

The POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge was officially launched on 11th January during the POEMS 1Q14 Market Outlook Seminar, held in Singapore, by Mr Luke Lim, Head of Corporate Development, Phillip Securities who declared this year’s Stock Challenge to be “bigger, better and more exciting!” and encouraged the 300-strong audience to register on the day itself.

The competition period for the POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge is from 3rd March until 30th May, with total prizes worth over S$ 130,000. Each participant gets a starter kit worth over S$ 200 upon successful registration with trading tools sponsored by ShareInvestor, Shares Investment, ChartNexus, iBillionaire, Recognia and Your Trading Edge magazine to help kick start their trading and investment journey. As a way to educate young investors, Phillip Securities and selected Community Sponsors will run a series of educational seminars that participants can attend for free.

The Phillip-Macquarie Warrant Challenge which offers $ 30,000 in regular cash prizes over the course of the 3 months gives participants the additional option to play the challenge via the mobile phone app TradeHero. The app will have features to help participants with the warrant selection process and also receive instant notifications of the trades that warrant experts are making on the Challenge.

To further encourage more interaction from the professionals, there are 4 appointed spokespeople for the POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge – Joshua Tan, Head of Phillip Securities Research; Kenneth Koh, Markets & Equities Analyst, Phillip Securities Research; Collin Seow and Robin Ho, both who are Top Tier Traders and Remisiers with Phillip Securities. Participants and traders in general are encouraged to join in the discussion with these spokespeople using the hashtag #poems2 via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Making the competition more exciting is the PhillipCapital Grand Lucky Draw, which is running concurrently with the POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge. By joining the POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge, participants get a chance to win the Grand Lucky Draw Prize* of a brand new Mazda 6 worth S$ 90,000*.

For more information on the POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge and the PhillipCapital Grand Lucky Draw, please visit http://www.poems.com.sg/stockchallenge.

*Terms and conditions apply.

About PhillipCapital

Established in 1975, PhillipCapital is an integrated financial institution which offers a full range of quality and innovative financial services to retail, corporate and institutional customers. Our comprehensive suite of financial services include fund management, unit trusts, insurance planning, investment research and broking in bonds, securities, futures, contacts for difference, foreign exchange, precious metals and commodities. Institutions can also benefit from our corporate finance and advisory services as well as information technology solutions.

With more than 3500 employees globally, our assets under management worldwide totals more than USD 18 Billion with shareholders’ funds in excess of USD 1 Billion.

Today, we operate in the financial hubs of 16 countries, with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Australia and USA. Our companies include Phillip Securities, Phillip Securities Research, Phillip Futures, Phillip Financial, Phillip Capital Management, Phillip Japan Fund Management, CyberQuote, Phillip Private Equity, Phillip Trading, IFS Capital Limited and ECICS Limited.

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