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eHealthPath Takes on the Finer Details of Healthy Cooking and Healthy Living with Launch of New Blog

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

eHealthPath.com, a premier website dedicated to promoting healthy living habits through online cooking courses and nutritional guidance, is launching a health-centric blog focusing on affordable meal planning and behavioral choices that help readers transition to more balanced lifestyle habits.

Frantz Corneille, eHealthPath co-founder and CEO says the blog will utilize experts in the fields of culinary arts, nutrition and medicine to present invaluable information and techniques for learning how to live a longer, healthier life.

“The goal of our blog is to help our members establish healthy eating habits without undermining the importance of enjoying every meal,” Corneille says.

The blog will provide twice-monthly updates on the latest trends in nutrition, healthful and delicious cooking, enjoyable lifestyle-based activities and much more. Through the eHealthPath.com blog, readers will have immediate access to timely and engaging articles on subjects like healthy meal planning, adapting recipes to special dietary needs, learning to maximize the grocery budget without sacrificing meal quality and other beneficial lifestyle news.

By augmenting the eHealthPath website’s structured online cooking courses with solid nutritional information and other relevant news through its blog, Corneille plans to bring the joys and benefits of embracing healthy lifestyle choices to anyone who decides they’re ready for change.

eHealthPath.com teaches members at all skill levels—from beginners who never learned to cook to those who would like to broaden their culinary skills—how to select the freshest ingredients, combine flavors to create a wide variety of meal options, create entirely new meals from leftovers and much more.

eHealthPath.com also works with insurers and employers to provide an incentive program that rewards policyholders and employees who make the effort to establish a healthier lifestyle—a proactive approach that can help lower medical payouts and reduce employer insurance premiums.

“Good nutrition offers a level of preventative medicine that represents the present and future goals of health care in America,” Corneille says.

To find out more about the eHealthPath online cooking courses, nutrition courses and blog, visit the website at http://www.ehealthpath.com, call 612-396-3674, or email fcorneille(at)ehealthpath(dot)com.

About eHealthPath.com:

eHealthPath.com online cooking and nutrition courses are designed to address the obstacles many people face when it comes to preparing healthy, nutritious meals, beginning with a general lack of cooking skills that has become a norm in today’s fast-paced world.

The eHealthPath philosophy is both simple and sobering: cooking is not just one of the most important skills a person can learn, but a tool everyone needs in order to live a healthy lifestyle that they can pass on to their children. By providing fact-based material to shed light on the sea of conflicting information regarding food sources and nutrition, eHealthPath hopes to instill confidence in its members’ ability to become their own cooking and nutrition experts.

The real work will be done only when people change the way they think about the foods they eat. eHealthPath has produced a structured cooking curriculum that espouses education and personal responsibility, and enhances the potential for success by making the courses easily accessible at the viewer’s convenience.



Corporate Relationship-Building Experts, How To Who, Inc., Launch New Website

(PRWEB) February 10, 2014

Leading business consultancy How To Who, Inc. today announced the redesign of its website http://www.howtowho.com. The new site features improved usability, helpful resources for clients and detailed information on the company’s corporate workshops, coaching, speaking and consulting services.

On the new website, visitors can now easily navigate offerings including complementary downloads, helpful articles, tips and the How To Who blog. Visitors can also sign up for a free basic membership that includes membership in How to Who’s industry LinkedIn group and a monthly newsletter.

The website redesign project was led by Service Internet Solutions, LLC, a company that works with small businesses and nonprofits to develop dynamic websites, optimize visibility online and develop web-based marketing plans. Company President Matthew Service has helped more than 500 small and medium size businesses develop an internet presence and strategy.

How To Who, Inc.’s Ken Cook and Candis Stevenson Cook have more than 30 years’ experience coaching businesses of all sizes—from Fortune 500 companies to early-stage and start-up businesses—in marketing and sales, leadership development, team-building, client-facing, bridging silos and implementation. Their customized How To WHO workshops are tailored to address individual business’ specific needs and identifies areas where improved relationships will yield better business results and return.

The book, “How To Who: Selling Personified” explores the dynamics at play in all relationships, offers practical tips and tools for effective interactions and explains exactly how business leaders and sales teams can build relationships that will ultimately drive business.

“How To Who: Selling Personified” is available now on Amazon.com.

For more information on How To Who, Inc. business workshops, coaching or speaking engagements, visit http://www.howtowho.com or contact kcook(at)howtowho.com or 617-512-1838.

About How to Who:

How To WHO is literally about how to build effective relationships and how to build business through relationships. Straightforward skills, tools and methods help relationships work, including a process for relationship-based business planning.

We provide custom workshops, coaching and speaking.

Look around HowToWho.com and explore, discover, and download some of our free material. Then decide for yourself if building effective relationships will improve your business.