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Seattle Sewer Repair Pros at Gene Johnson Home Services Announce New Discount on Trenchless Sewer Replacement for $300 Off

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) August 23, 2014

Seattle sewer repair service by Gene Johnson Home Services will come with sewer repair discounts this season because they are offering $ 300 off of trenchless sewer replacement. The service includes completely replacing the old sewer pipe with a brand new one. Gene Johnson Home Services understands that the current economic conditions warrant the best savings possible when it comes to sewer replacement and they are here to help. “We are offering this deal as a way to help people get their sewer pipes replaced for the best price,” said Dennis of Gene Johnson Home Services in Seattle. “We are hoping a lot of people take advantage of this sewer repair service coupon while it lasts.”

Seattle sewer repair service performed by Gene Johnson Home Services is handled by experienced and licensed sewer repair professionals who will perform your job efficiently for a fair price while treating your home or business as they would their own. Gene Johnson Home Services has many sewer service trucks and they perform all repairs at your location. “Our trucks are well stocked with parts and most of the time we can make a repair without having to order parts,” says Dennis.

“Gene Johnson Home Services has many years of experience handling Seattle trenchless sewer replacement, and we always treat our customers’ right,” said Dennis. Gene Johnson Home Services has many positive online sewer repair and trenchless sewer replacement reviews from respected consumer review sites such as Google, Yahoo and Yelp. Reaction to the coupon has been very good so far says Dennis, “We just announced this trenchless sewer pipe replacement coupon but already we have had people say this makes us the best price, especially when all aspects of the job are considered.”

Seattle sewer repair can be complicated and finding the parts can be difficult according to Dennis, “Many people get frustrated when their sewer breaks. Some people try to repair the sewer themselves. Some are successful but most are not. We recommend saving your time and letting professional plumber in Seattle get the job done right the first time.”

This time of year is especially busy for Gene Johnson Home Services. “We get a lot of calls for sewer service but we also get a lot of call for people who want drain cleaning in Seattle,” says Dennis. “We recommend the best sewer or plumbing service we can for the situation. Most of the time a sewer can be repaired but sometimes the sewer must be replaced. The plumbing coupons we are offering can really save people money.”

To learn more about Gene Johnson Home Services or their current specials please visit their website. People are also invited to give them a call to schedule an appointment for a no cost estimate for trenchless sewer repair in Seattle.

Gene Johnson Home Services

16009 Dayton Ave N

Shoreline, WA 98133

(206) 319-5096

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WhizOffer Empowers Home Buyers To Leave Agents at The Door And Save Money

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 25, 2014

The advent of online real estate search sources have made searching for and finding a home easier than ever, leaving many buyers and sellers wondering why they need an agent. Now, thanks to WhizOffer (http://www.whizoffer.com), home buyers can take control of the home buying process by utilizing WhizOffer to write and submit offers without a real estate agent and save money while doing it.

Launching first in California with plans to expand throughout the country, WhizOffer is an online resource that aims to be the hub for homebuyers looking to save money by taking control of the buying process. WhizOffer assists buyers in writing offers, counter offers and electronically signing and submitting them to the selling agents or the sellers. WhizOffer will guide buyers through different stages of the buying process including sending calendar action items throughout the transaction, making home buying easier than ever.

“Our philosophy is simple: The buying and selling agents each generally take 3% of the purchase price of a home for a total of roughly 6%. By helping home buyers write and submit their own offers we can help our clients receive a portion of that, which can be up to 3% of the total cost of the home. This is money that would normally be the buying agent’s commission, but can now be credited to the buyer at the end of the transaction. This additional savings can be applied to another down payment, used to purchase new furniture or even buy a new car – whatever the buyer decides,” explained WhizOffer’s Founder, Nadia Naderi. “Savvy buyers have already taken control of the process by searching and selecting the homes of their dreams. WhizOffer lets buyers go one step further by completing the process and saving money in return.”

When signed by both buyer and seller, an offer submitted by WhizOffer is a complete contract containing the price, escrow instructions, real estate commission allocation and all other legal conditions needed for the purchase. However, with WhizOffer, the buyer takes back control of the buying process and retains a portion of the commission allowing the buyer to save money.

WhizOffer is a San Francisco based company that provides homebuyers with the capability to write and submit offers for residential real estate transactions. The company’s mission is to revolutionize the home buying process by giving buyers the ability to complete the buying process. For further information or to contact Whiz Offer, please contact info(at)whizoffer(dot)com or email or visit us at http://www.whizoffer.com.

Make Lots Of Money From Home – 5 Best Ways to Make Lots of Money Online

Make Lots Of Money From Home

Hardly is there anybody on the earth who does not wish to be rich. Everybody wants to have lots of money in their vaults. Those who have money have made it using opportunities that come their way. Making a lot of money does not require a lot of hard work. Instead, following few simple rules and tips can accomplish this task. All you need is to be dedicated in any work you do and have your foresight clean. If your visions are prominent enough and substantial, you will definitely be able to achieve them provided you chose the right path. Here are best 5 options for you on how to make a lot of money:

Sell your products or ideas to people. Share your success secrets and give them hints on how they can prosper in their relative fields. Internet provides you best platform to promote your new endeavors. Build a website and promote your own products on it. you can promote affiliate programs you are involved with, provide links for freelance work that you do, and even charge for the advertisement space you provide on it. Make Lots Of Money From Home
In case you do not have anything of your own to sell, then you can sell or advertise others products and get paid for promoting their products. This option has helped many of the people to make a lot of money and this may help you too.
Freelancing, basically, means doing work for others from your home. Write articles, blogs, or advertisements for people. Internet marketers are always in search for people who can write fresh articles that can be put on their websites and submitted to article directories. You can make a lot of money from this. Since this is freelancing, you can do some other work also at the same time and double your income.
Many people have been using eBay to make money online for years. Even today, it is the most popular way to make quick bucks. eBay is home for many shoppers as it offers unique things and good prices. You can sell your items that you have collected for years through this site. You can also hunt for things at estate sales to resell. You can even build websites or take photographs and sell those on eBay. Some people business only through eBay and earn a handsome amount.
Become a blogger and write about your favorite topics in such a way that it catches everybody’s attention. This, too, has helped many people in making fat money and you can make use of it too. Put advertisements also on your page and charge for providing them space. Make Lots Of Money From Home

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Rate State: Home Refinancing Opportunities Are Just Around the Corner

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 11, 2014

Inspired by a report from CNN Money, Rate State has taken the initiative to inform homeowners of recent improvements to the home refinancing industry. The consumer has greatly benefited from the steady decline of mortgage rates, leading many professionals to believe that the months ahead will lend ideal refinancing opportunities. Rate State describes these changes in a clear, reader-friendly article.

The blog post begins with the raw numbers, stating that “…mortgage rates have sunk each week in 2014. 30-year, fixed-rate home loans are experiencing 4.23% interest rates, that, in comparison to 4.53% at the beginning of the year, are allowing for more home refinancing options. In fact, applications for refinances are up 3% from last week.”

In the remainder of the article, Rate State explains these numbers is a concise, informative manner. Homeowners are given detailed descriptions of the cost difference between 4.23% and 4.53%, as well as additional resources to read and appreciate. As rates continue to fluctuate in favor of the homeowner, Rate State remains dedicated to presenting the most affordable, informed, and efficient refinancing options.

About Rate State:

Rate State helps consumers compare today’s mortgage rates through their online comparison tool.. They provide consumers with access to the information they need in order to make a decision potentially saving thousands of dollars over the term of their next home loan. To learn more or compare mortgage rates now, visit http://www.ratestate.com/

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InsuranceFishing.com Shares Three Tips on How to Pick the Correct Home Insurance

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

InsuranceFishing.com, a company that specializes in helping consumers connect with local insurance agents, wants to help shoppers compare insurance quotes and help them get the most out of their homeowners insurance. To do this, they would like to offer the following three tips on how to pick the correct home insurance.

Take Your Time

Just because you can find rates quickly and easily doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your time doing it. This is your home and you need to make sure you have the best protection possible for the best price.

“Think of it this way,” says Chans Weber, a representative of InsuranceFishing.com. “Quick and easy doesn’t mean you should spend no time on this – what it means is that you can research more efficiently. Instead of finding one rate really quickly, research multiple rates in the amount of time you might normally take. It can save you money and get you the coverage that best fits your needs.”

Stay On Budget

You will be presented with a variety of choices and many will be very appealing, but don’t get outside of your price range. The point of online quote tools is to help you find exactly what you need for exactly the right budget.

“Online insurance quote generators can help you find the right balance of policy and affordability as well as keeping the right balance in your bank account,” says Weber.

Be Savvy

If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the fine print and if in doubt, stick with an insurance company with a good reputation. When it comes to ensuring your home don’t make risky decisions.

InsuranceFishing.com is one of the premier insurance rate quote comparison sites in the Midwest. Visit the website for all of your Kansas City auto insurance, Kansas City car insurance, Kansas City renters insurance and Kansas City homeowner’s insurance needs.

For more information, visit insurancefishing.com.

About InsuranceFishing.com

InsuranceFishing.com is a one-stop website that quickly and easily connects consumers with live local insurance agents, so they can get the best possible rates and coverage on all of their car, rental and homeowners insurance needs. There is no cost to access the website and no registration is required.