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eHealthPath Takes on the Finer Details of Healthy Cooking and Healthy Living with Launch of New Blog

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

eHealthPath.com, a premier website dedicated to promoting healthy living habits through online cooking courses and nutritional guidance, is launching a health-centric blog focusing on affordable meal planning and behavioral choices that help readers transition to more balanced lifestyle habits.

Frantz Corneille, eHealthPath co-founder and CEO says the blog will utilize experts in the fields of culinary arts, nutrition and medicine to present invaluable information and techniques for learning how to live a longer, healthier life.

“The goal of our blog is to help our members establish healthy eating habits without undermining the importance of enjoying every meal,” Corneille says.

The blog will provide twice-monthly updates on the latest trends in nutrition, healthful and delicious cooking, enjoyable lifestyle-based activities and much more. Through the eHealthPath.com blog, readers will have immediate access to timely and engaging articles on subjects like healthy meal planning, adapting recipes to special dietary needs, learning to maximize the grocery budget without sacrificing meal quality and other beneficial lifestyle news.

By augmenting the eHealthPath website’s structured online cooking courses with solid nutritional information and other relevant news through its blog, Corneille plans to bring the joys and benefits of embracing healthy lifestyle choices to anyone who decides they’re ready for change.

eHealthPath.com teaches members at all skill levels—from beginners who never learned to cook to those who would like to broaden their culinary skills—how to select the freshest ingredients, combine flavors to create a wide variety of meal options, create entirely new meals from leftovers and much more.

eHealthPath.com also works with insurers and employers to provide an incentive program that rewards policyholders and employees who make the effort to establish a healthier lifestyle—a proactive approach that can help lower medical payouts and reduce employer insurance premiums.

“Good nutrition offers a level of preventative medicine that represents the present and future goals of health care in America,” Corneille says.

To find out more about the eHealthPath online cooking courses, nutrition courses and blog, visit the website at http://www.ehealthpath.com, call 612-396-3674, or email fcorneille(at)ehealthpath(dot)com.

About eHealthPath.com:

eHealthPath.com online cooking and nutrition courses are designed to address the obstacles many people face when it comes to preparing healthy, nutritious meals, beginning with a general lack of cooking skills that has become a norm in today’s fast-paced world.

The eHealthPath philosophy is both simple and sobering: cooking is not just one of the most important skills a person can learn, but a tool everyone needs in order to live a healthy lifestyle that they can pass on to their children. By providing fact-based material to shed light on the sea of conflicting information regarding food sources and nutrition, eHealthPath hopes to instill confidence in its members’ ability to become their own cooking and nutrition experts.

The real work will be done only when people change the way they think about the foods they eat. eHealthPath has produced a structured cooking curriculum that espouses education and personal responsibility, and enhances the potential for success by making the courses easily accessible at the viewer’s convenience.


5 Healthy Food Habits for Weight Loss

For those seeking to lose weight, keeping their caloric intake in control is an important aspect. According to weight loss clinic Vancouver health experts, making small changes in food habits can have a major effect on how successfully you achieve your goal of losing weight. Here are a few tips they recommend to help you keep those additional calories at bay.

Restrict Eating Outside Food

Food that is served in restaurants and fast food units is more likely to be cooked using ingredients and processes that speed up the cooking process and enhance the taste. However, in many cases, this does not necessarily translate into healthy, low-calorie food. Besides, when you have to stick to a standard meal size, you are more likely to end up consuming larger portions. No wonder then that dietitians believe that rising obesity levels are related to the proportion of people eating out rather than at home. When you cook at home, it is easier to use healthy ingredients and methods that keep the calories under control and more importantly, you can choose the amount you consume.

Get Your Meal Size Right

Determine portions depending on the time of the day when you eat a meal. This is important because it determines how your metabolic system functions. Generally, it is best to have a filling and healthy breakfast, followed by a big lunch, keeping dinner as light as possible. Skipping breakfast is a big mistake because not only does it increase your tendency to indulge in a heavier meal later, it also leads to problems of acidity, flatulence and indigestion.

Include Spices in Your Cooking

Spicy food works to an advantage in two ways – the pepper component of spicy food tends to increase your metabolic rate, contributing to weight loss; besides, when food is spicy, you tend to eat it more slowly and as a result, your brain has greater time to figure out that your hunger has been satiated. Therefore, you are less likely to overeat and the calories automatically get cut down from your diet.

Drink a Lot of Water

Drinking water during the course of a meal can make you feel full, and as a result, you may find it easier to eat lesser food; however, this can pose problems with your digestion. A better alternative is to drink a glass of water before every meal – this ensures you do not begin the meal feeling famished and as a result, your meal portions stay smaller. Wherever possible during the day, reach for a glass of water rather than a sweetened juice, cola or any other beverage that’s rich in sugar and artificial ingredients. Consuming water throughout the day ensures your body stays sufficiently hydrated and this helps you prolong the duration for which you can perform intense exercise without feeling fatigue.

By practicing these healthy food habits, you will learn through trial and error about what works best for you. As the dietitians at weight loss clinic Vancouver stress, every individual has different metabolism patterns and therefore, it is important to come up with a customized diet plan the yields you the desired results.

Get good advice about Weight Loss Clinic Vancouver and more tips about your overall health. Take the next step in your health initiative with Dr.Lederman and live a healthier and beautiful life.

CookingSchools.com Reveals 3 Tips for Cooking Healthy Cuisine

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

CookingSchools.com, an online directory of culinary schools, offers three tips on how to improve healthy cooking skills.

According to a February 6th article posted on Frugal Family Favorites titled “5 Quick Cooking Tips for Healthy Meals,” eating high quality, low calorie meals is important to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes it may be hard for people to cook healthy meals, especially if they are inexperienced.

Andrew Girard, a representative for CookingSchools.com, offers advice to beginner cooks and people who want to eat healthier. “Even the most inexperienced chef can cook healthy,” he says. “While it may be easier to pop a premade meal into a microwave, it’s typically not that healthy. The best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to cook. Cooking light promotes using simple, fresh ingredients and less fatty or sugary products. By following these three tips, you can ensure that you cook healthy and stay healthy.” While the article provides five ways to improve healthy cooking skills, Girard discusses the three most important tips.

1. Plan meals in advance. “By planning in advance, you can prepare your vegetables and other ingredients all at once,” Girard says. “This saves time and saves you from wasting vegetables and other important ingredients.”

2. Make meals from scratch. “Not only do homemade meals taste better, but they are generally less expensive,” he says. “By making your meal from scratch, you save money at the grocery store while eliminating preservatives and other negative ingredients abundant in pre-packaged foods.”

3. Cook a few meals at a time. “Cooking healthy takes a little more time to prepare,” he says. “If you cook a few meals at once, you can save time later by simply reheating your meals. Foods like soup and salads are easy to heat up or prepare quickly if made in advance.”

For couples or individuals who want to learn more about cooking and the culinary arts, Girard suggests taking a cooking class. “The easiest way to improve your healthy cooking skills is by going to culinary school. CookingSchools.com is the easiest way to find culinary schools that best fit your needs.”

CookingSchools.com is the leading source for information on culinary degrees, culinary schools and cooking programs. Maintained by Monster.com, a popular resource for job seekers and employers, CookingSchools.com helps prospective chefs, teachers, restaurant managers and culinary students find schools, jobs, and programs best suited for their needs. CookingSchools.com is an affiliate of ArtSchools.com, a similar directory featuring the top art schools.