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Ideal Food Habits


Food is the basic requirement of the life. It can be considered as the most required thing for the life. Food provides with the essential energy for the functioning of the body and acts as nutrition. There are many possible types of food habitats in the world. Some are of herbivorous type as they eat vegetables and grains and cereals etc and do not eat any form of flesh or non vegetarian items. Some are non vegetarian food eaters as they have the food consumption in the form of flesh of chicken, mutton and fish etc as well. Non vegetarians are habitual for both types of food habits as they eat vegetables, grains and cereals with flesh. With such food habits, people get their regular supply of nutrition and energy. Each food item has its specific amount of which it should be eaten. More of that amount may cause some trouble in digestion. Normally very few people know about the specific amount of the food one should consume. That is the reason why one must follow specific way of eating the food in which the amount and procedure of consumption need to be understood and should make it like a habit.

Normal eating habits

The meal should consist of all possible six tasted elements of the food. It should also contain the food of various types like solid, semisolid and liquid. It should neither be very hot and spicy nor should be very sweet. No single taste should be extra in amount more often. It should never be heated again and again and should be eaten fresh. It is also required to take the meal in the form of supper, lunch and dinner at proper timings. It is recommended that the food should be consumed at every four hours so that adequate amount of strength is received by the body and the stomach should never be empty to be filled with gases.

It should be noted that one should not eat stomach full amount of food. The amount of food should be less than the maximum consumption. Less food consumed helps digestive fire to gain some strength hence the process of digestion is done with good quality hence the amount should always be less than ability of consumption irrespective of the food being heavy or light for digestion. It is considered that food, heavy for digestion should be consumed half the amount of stomach full and food, light for digestion should be consumed with keeping some space in the stomach. The amount which can be easily digested by the body is considered as the adequate amount of food.

Effects of adverse food habits

Food eaten less than the adequate amount do not provide the body with strength, nutrition and energy and it can cause some diseases in the body as well. Food eaten more than the adequate amount makes it difficult for the digestive fire to digest it and can cause some serious disorders related with digestive system of the body.

Undigested food can constrict the digestive system on both the sides and by diminishing digestive fire can cause discomfort. It is also possible to have vomiting and lose motions at a time in such case as well. In this case the food do not get digested, do not move upward like in vomiting and downwards like as a lose motion. This can be with pain in the abdomen. Here one can experience gaseous stomach, giddiness, tremors and stiffness etc as well. It is also possible to have the disorders like fever, lose motions, burning sensation in the body, excessive thirst and unconsciousness. Vomiting, heaviness of the body and watering of mouth can also accompany these symptoms.

Herbal remedy

If all such symptoms are due to excessive eating of food, then the best remedy for such disorder is to fast for some days or have some herbal medicines digestive in nature which can increase the digestive fire and restore the strength of it with helping it in the process of digestion. Herbal medicines such as black pepper, ginger powder, fennel seed, dill seed and bishop’s weed etc can be useful as a digestive.


Even though it is possible to restore the strength of digestive fire and the process of digestion, at the same time disorders caused by the improper way of food habits, one should always try to follow the proper way of food consumption so that the body should get the necessary nutrition, strength and energy for good functioning and better life.

Ideal food habits

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Organic Food Industry Grew 12% in 2013-2014 Reports Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water Host

Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

Sales in the organic food industry in the United States grew 12-percent from 2013 to 2014, according to radio talk show host Sharon Kleyne, setting a record in an industry that has been experiencing rapid growth since 1990. The US economy in the same period grew 2-percent. Kleyne, who hosts the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show, reported this information following a recent on-air interview with Patricia Bragg of Bragg Live Foods, a worldwide manufacturer of organic and natural food products.

Rapid and sustained expansion in the organic food industry, Kleyne believes, reflects a fundamental change in the eating habits of consumers, towards less processed and healthier, more natural foods. Since 1990, the organic food industry has grown from $ 1-billion a year in annual revenue to $ 35-billion in 2013. About half of these sales were through the nation’s 20,000 health and organic food stores. The other half were through supermarkets.

“Organic foods,” as described by Kleyne and Bragg, are free from pesticides, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers and genetic modification. Organic foods must meet specified industry standards. A “health food store” is a store featuring organic and natural foods and food products, whole foods, foods high in nutritional content and dietary supplements.

One of the largest manufacturers of organic and natural food products, Hain Celestial, has increased in the last five years from a $ 19 per share stock value on the NASDAQ, to $ 86 per share.

Patricia Bragg pointed out that every successful organic food store, health food store, whole food store and supermarket health food and organic food section in the world, traces their origin to the century old legacy of her father, Paul Bragg, acknowledged as the “Father of the Health Food Movement in America.”

In 1912, Bragg began marketing his own line of all-natural health foods, starting with herbal teas, sea kelp, vinegar and honey. Bragg’s original health food store in Los Angeles, arguably the nation’s first, opened in 1926.

Sharon Kleyne interviewed Patricia Bragg on her Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show of July 21, 2012 http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2207/the-sharon-kleyne-hour    

The globally syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® radio show, with host Sharon Kleyne, is heard on VoiceAmerica and Apple iTunes. Kleyne is also Founder of Bio Logic Aqua Research, a research, technology and product development center and the only company in the world specializing in fresh water, atmosphere and health. Natures Tears® EyeMist®, a 100% pure water mist, is the Research Center’s global signature product for dry eyes.


Bragg Live Foods, http://www.bragg.com/

“Hain Celestial Group,” Market Watch, July 30, 2014, http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/HAIN

“Record Growth of Organic Food Consumption in US and India,” Infinite Unknown, July 27, 2014,


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5 Healthy Food Habits for Weight Loss

For those seeking to lose weight, keeping their caloric intake in control is an important aspect. According to weight loss clinic Vancouver health experts, making small changes in food habits can have a major effect on how successfully you achieve your goal of losing weight. Here are a few tips they recommend to help you keep those additional calories at bay.

Restrict Eating Outside Food

Food that is served in restaurants and fast food units is more likely to be cooked using ingredients and processes that speed up the cooking process and enhance the taste. However, in many cases, this does not necessarily translate into healthy, low-calorie food. Besides, when you have to stick to a standard meal size, you are more likely to end up consuming larger portions. No wonder then that dietitians believe that rising obesity levels are related to the proportion of people eating out rather than at home. When you cook at home, it is easier to use healthy ingredients and methods that keep the calories under control and more importantly, you can choose the amount you consume.

Get Your Meal Size Right

Determine portions depending on the time of the day when you eat a meal. This is important because it determines how your metabolic system functions. Generally, it is best to have a filling and healthy breakfast, followed by a big lunch, keeping dinner as light as possible. Skipping breakfast is a big mistake because not only does it increase your tendency to indulge in a heavier meal later, it also leads to problems of acidity, flatulence and indigestion.

Include Spices in Your Cooking

Spicy food works to an advantage in two ways – the pepper component of spicy food tends to increase your metabolic rate, contributing to weight loss; besides, when food is spicy, you tend to eat it more slowly and as a result, your brain has greater time to figure out that your hunger has been satiated. Therefore, you are less likely to overeat and the calories automatically get cut down from your diet.

Drink a Lot of Water

Drinking water during the course of a meal can make you feel full, and as a result, you may find it easier to eat lesser food; however, this can pose problems with your digestion. A better alternative is to drink a glass of water before every meal – this ensures you do not begin the meal feeling famished and as a result, your meal portions stay smaller. Wherever possible during the day, reach for a glass of water rather than a sweetened juice, cola or any other beverage that’s rich in sugar and artificial ingredients. Consuming water throughout the day ensures your body stays sufficiently hydrated and this helps you prolong the duration for which you can perform intense exercise without feeling fatigue.

By practicing these healthy food habits, you will learn through trial and error about what works best for you. As the dietitians at weight loss clinic Vancouver stress, every individual has different metabolism patterns and therefore, it is important to come up with a customized diet plan the yields you the desired results.

Get good advice about Weight Loss Clinic Vancouver and more tips about your overall health. Take the next step in your health initiative with Dr.Lederman and live a healthier and beautiful life.