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Feng Shui Expert Kathryn Weber Offering 3-Day Feng Shui Classical Chinese Certification Training Course for Feng Shui Consultants this November in Las Vegas

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) August 21, 2014

Feng Shui expert, Kathryn Weber and publisher of the Red Lotus Letter feng shui e-zine, will be offering a certification course in traditional Chinese feng shui consultant course this November 12-16, 2014 at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada. The cost for the 3-day intensive is $ 1997 and will provide feng shui certification in classical Chinese feng shui for feng shui consultants. Currently, attendees are coming from Norway, Canada, the UK, US, Hawaii, and Canada. More information can be found online at http://www.beafengshuiconsultant.com.

The Red Lotus Master Consultant Course takes difficult feng shui concepts and simplifies them by offering templates, charts, and handouts that consultants can use to make complicated feng shui easier to practice. This three-day course will emphasize feng shui schools like flying star, 8 Mansions, and compass methods that are practiced throughout Asia.

Participants will learn important principles and guidelines for the changing time-space energies as the year moves from Year of the Horse to Year of the Sheep. Attendees will also be immersed in traditional feng shui practices such as using a luo pan, the feng shui compass most recognized in China and Asia and rarely used in America due to a dearth of trained consultants. All attendees will be exposed and trained in the fundamentals of feng shui as it applies to various types of residences and businesses.

“Today’s homeowners and business owners are looking for authentic traditional Chinese feng shui,” Weber says. “Businesses are looking for the same kind of feng shui that is practiced in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and China, and I offer the kind of training for consultants that will help them compete on that level.” Weber explains that the commercial and residential property markets are all looking for that extra edge to appeal to Asian and Western clients that traditional Chinese feng shui provides.

Learning how to recognize feng shui fallacies and faux pas can also create better environments more suited for Asian clientele. “I’m frequently speaking to businesses and architects who are looking for feng shui consultants who are classically trained and can bridge the gap between East and West, and who take a Chinese approach to feng shui,” says Weber, “and finding those kinds of consultants who also have a luo pan is rare indeed.” Better still, though, consultants trained in this method can command higher fees for this knowledge and skill and are highly marketable.

Aspiring feng shui consultants will want to know

1) How to practice traditional Chinese feng shui more easily

2) How to begin their feng shui consulting practice

3) Easy ways to market themselves and how to charge for their services

To learn more details about these questions and others be sure to sign up for the free 28-page ebook “HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL FENG SHUI CONSULTANT: a Comprehensive Guide to Breaking into the Feng Shui Business.” http://bit.ly/fengshuipro

Kathryn Weber is one of the leading feng shui experts on the Internet. Her Red Lotus Letter feng shui e-zine has over 30,000 subscribers. Her annual feng shui forecasts can be read on Amazon and on her website, redlotusletter.com. She has had three feng shui jewelry collections on Home Shopping Network, publishes a weekly syndicated DIY newspaper column for Tribune Content Agency for the past four years, and has a line of feng shui luo pans manufactured exclusively for her in China. She has been asked to speak and train on authentic feng shui to real estate companies and architecture firms, such as YWS International, an architecture firm specializing in the leisure and gaming industry with offices in Las Vegas, Singapore, Macau, and Beijin. She has been featured in magazines and websites such as Seventeen, Conceive, Natural Health, CBS MoneyWatch, and Entrepreneur.com.


Meet a Borescope Expert at a Trade Show This September

Traverse City, MI (PRWEB) August 15, 2014

Trade show season is coming up and RF System Lab is looking forward to exhibiting at shows and expos all over the USA and Canada. RF System Lab is heavily involved in a variety of industries and tries to exhibit at shows that represent as many of those industries as possible to create connections and stay up to date on all of the industries they serve. The following is a preview of the trade shows, conferences, expos, symposia and annual meetings that RF System Lab will be attending in the month of September.

Turbine Engine Tech Symposium – September 8-11, 2014

The Turbine Engine Tech Symposium (TETS) is a biennial forum where the United States’ turbine engine community gathers to review and discuss the latest turbine engine technology advances. More than three days of technical presentations, supported by relevant hardware displays, will underscore the United States’ commitment to advance the state of the art in gas turbine engine technology.

Edward Thomas will be providing demos of the VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) video borescope to an audience of approximately 1,000 engineers, scientists, managers, and operational personnel from the turbine engine community, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA, DARPA, DOE, FAA, engine and aircraft manufacturers, material and component suppliers and academia. Visit RF System Lab at booth #310.

(Source: TETS Website)

ASNE-FMMS – September 9-10, 2014

The Fleet Maintenance & Modernization Symposium (FMMS) 2014 is specifically designed to provide valuable information and networking opportunities for those who are involved in maintenance, refit, repair, conversion, modernization, service, and support of naval ships and craft. The theme for FMMS 2014 is “Delivering Readiness in Austere Times.”

Joel Riling, RF System Lab’s VP of Government Programs, will be at FMMS to present the VJ-ADV at booth #F08. Cmdr. Riling is looking forward to showing the naval maintenance industry how the 4-way articulating VJ-ADV can assist them with their internal inspections.

(Source: ASNE)

US/Canada Border Conference – September 16-17, 2014

US/Canada Border Conference is the only major Conference fully addressing the “Beyond the Border” Declaration between the US and Canada aimed at improving economic competitiveness while advancing border security between the two countries. This conference gives attendees and exhibitors a chance to connect and network with the people responsible for implementing the Beyond the Border Action Plan, and tap into billions of dollars being invested by the US and Canadian governments for equipment, products and services over the next decade.

RF System Lab is proud to be a sponsor for this conference and will have Joel Riling on site to provide information about the VJ-ADV and how the groundbreaking video borescope can assist in border security efforts. Make sure to stop by RF System Lab’s table top display to learn more and say hello to Joel.

(source: Beyond Border)

Canadian Rail Summit – September 21-23, 2014

This year’s RSI/CMA Canadian Rail Summit 2014 is taking place in Montreal, Quebec. With Canadian National being headquartered in Montréal and their President and CEO, Claude Mongeau, as the keynote speaker, this will be the ideal location for rail suppliers to promote products to Canadian railroads.

The exhibit hall at RSI/CMA 2014 will feature over 120 exhibitors at the Palais des congrés. Expect to see the latest technology in the rail supply industry as new technologies are displayed and opportunities to make new connections are all around. Edward Thomas will be among those exhibitors, onsite to introduce the VJ-ADV to the railway maintenance industry. Visit booth #324 to see how the VJ-ADV makes tank car maintenance stress-free.

(Source:Railway Supply Institute)

A4A NDT Forum – September 22-25, 2014

The A4A Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Forum enables NDT professionals and industry leaders to meet each year and discuss current trends, issues and successes in NDT methodologies. The Forum draws participants from various disciplines, including equipment designers, technicians, vendors, regulatory authorities, OEMs, MROs and airline personnel.

The Forum exhibit hall features displays, including the latest NDT and related equipment, processes and services. Borescope expert Jess Kuznicki is representing RF System Lab at this conference and will be hosting a hospitality suite in addition to exhibiting at booth #14. Jess is looking forward to meeting A4A NDT attendees and exhibitors and invites them to connect at his hospitality suite to learn more about the VJ-ADV after Monday’s and Tuesday’s scheduled programs wrap-up.

(Source: Airlines for America)

Pump and Turbo Symposia – September 23-25, 2014

Built on a history of success, the Pump and Turbo Symposia is an event you can’t afford to miss. This annual event features a world-class technical program combined with an international exhibition complete with full-size equipment and hundreds of leading companies. The Turbomachinery Laboratory sponsors two annual symposia (Turbo and Pump), held in the fall of each year, to promote professional development, technology transfer, peer networking, and information exchange among industry professionals.

Both symposia feature lectures, tutorials, case studies, discussion groups, and short courses, as well as exhibits of the latest services and full-sized equipment. These international meetings emphasize the technology and troubleshooting that users need in today’s challenging workplace. RF System Lab’s Casey O’Tool will be among those putting emphasis on important technology by providing demos of the VJ-ADV at the symposia exhibit hall. Test out the trigger-controlled image capture and four-way articulation for yourself when you stop by booth #1335.

(Source: Turbomachinery/ Pump Symposia)

If you are unable to make it to any of these shows, RF System Lab hopes to see you at one of the other trade shows they are attending. Check out a full list of where you can test out the VJ-ADV on the RF System Lab website. If you would simply like to speak to a borescope experts about demoing the VJ-ADV for free at your own facility, sign-up for RF System Lab’s no cost, no obligation demo program or call 888-747-6526 for more information.

More How To Be Successful Press Releases

Noted Retirement Expert Robert P. Burns Publishes “The Perfect-Retirement Formula”

Center Valley, PA (PRWEB) May 05, 2014

Robert P. Burns, CEO of one of the retirement sector’s fastest-growing financial firms, Senior Safety Net of Center Valley, PA, spends his days (and many nights) helping anxious retirees recover from the past decade’s two market meltdowns. Now, in his new book, The Perfect-Retirement Formula, Mr. Burns for the first time shares his expertise with a broader audience of Americans who seek straight talk about their financial futures—and who expect both safety and real growth.

“Of course you want your income to last a lifetime,” says Mr. Burns, noting that the crash of 2008 alone drained an estimated $ 3.4 trillion out U.S. retirement accounts. “Risking the loss of principal is simply not an option for retirees. But equally important, you want your money to be able to support the kind of retirement you always dreamed of. That requires more than what you can get from CDs or T-bills. It’s what I like to call a lifestyle income. And it’s what my new book, The Perfect-Retirement Formula, is devoted to.”

Mr. Burns is both a growing regional presence and a trusted voice in a field increasingly crowded with thinly credentialed advisers looking for their slice of the Baby Boomer pie. Long before his new book, Mr. Burns was writing on key retirement-related matters for a variety of publications. In his most recent editorial for the historic Morning Call newspaper, he cautioned readers about the ongoing dangers of the stock market. http://tinyurl.com/Morning-Call-op-ed

He also conducts local seminars on retirement planning and has had a popular radio show on the Lehigh Valley’s top-rated talk station, WAEB.

The Perfect-Retirement Formula introduces a revolutionary investing platform that provides total principal protection—for life—as well as the tools for generating income to meet each retiree’s individualized goals. Hence, the book’s subtitle: “Build a Lifestyle Income You Can’t Outlive.” Mr. Burns sees his firm’s unparalleled success as a direct result of the growing traction of his message: that there are achievable options for retirees that can provide this “lifestyle income.”

Chapter by chapter, The Perfect-Retirement Formula explains the forces that conspire to rob aging investors of safety, predictability and meaningful growth. “Retirement investing is a subject about which far too little is known,” says its author. “And far too much of what people think they know is dead wrong.” With its real-world examples, its compelling logic, its analysis of historical trend-lines—and just the right touch of humor—the book reveals in everyday terms:

Why Wall St has never performed as advertised…and is rigged against the small investor anyway.
The disastrous myth of mutual-fund “diversification”
The cold hard truth about precious metals
How buy and hold, for retires, too often becomes “buy and fold”
The hidden fees that can eat away the bulk of investor profits.
The importance of working with an adviser who’s in sync with the retiree mindset.

But Mr. Burns is quick to remind, “What a dreary book this would be if all I did was hammer home what retirees are up against. The key is to show people the way out, the way to fulfilling the dreams most workers have of what their retired years will look like.” So if this is a book of bruising realities, it is also a beacon hope.

After all, Mr. Burns asks, “Why just ‘manage’ risk when you can eliminate it, while still using your money to provide the income you need?”

The author himself was a part of what he calls “the dark side, the traditional financial industry,” until he had an epiphany one night while meeting with a client who’d suffered a troubling loss in 2008. “It didn’t seem fair to me. This man who’d placed his faith in me was down–and I knew I couldn’t protect him going forward, either. And I was still earning fees the whole time. Why should I be earning a good living while he’s taking a beating?”

Mr. Burns resolved then and there that he would never again work with investment products where he had to apologize to clients for jeopardizing their nest eggs.

Readers will finish The Perfect-Retirement Formula understanding that they can indeed have it all: Whether retirement means sailboats or safaris—or sheltering your funds for the next generation—The Perfect-Retirement Formula can help make that vision a reality.


Online Marketing Expert, Susan Lassiter-Lyons Reveals Her $43,587 in 7 Days: The Automated Funnel Formula

Eugene, Oregon (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for ways to bring buyers into their sales funnels. Most systems are so complicated they are virtually impossible to understand, let alone implement.

Enter the Automated Funnel Formula created by online marketing expert, Susan Lassister Lyons. Lassiter-Lyon’s system is one that has generated millions of dollars for Susan and her clients.

This is a no-hype webinar where participants will learn the real deal of effective sales funnels.

In this one-hour complimentary webinar participants will learn:

    The “old funnel” vs the “new funnel” and how much money you’re leaving on the table
    The super simple, 5 step process to easily create your online sales funnel fast
    How to create your irresistible offer fast (and the top 10 most profitable)
    A detailed walk through of one of Susan’s real, live automated online funnels
    One secret thing Susan did (that most people think is annoying) that made her an extra $ 11,600 in 7 days from the same website visitors!

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better that the information others charge you thousands for… even though they are free.

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot here: https://lassitermktg.leadpages.net/kathleen-funnel-webinar-march2014/

Susan Lassiter-Lyons, owner of TheProfitInsights.com, is a former Fortune 100 national sales trainer turned entrepreneur. She is an expert in online marketing automation and business growth strategies who has grown three businesses to multiple 6 and 7-figures since 2000. Susan’s favorite quote is from Amelia Earhart, “The best way to do it is to actually do it.” In the Automated Online Money Making Funnel System you are going to learn exactly how to do what needs to be done to make lots of money while doing what you love.

Kathleen Gage is the “no-nonsense, common sense” online marketing strategist, speaker, author, product creation specialist, and owner of “Power Up for Profits.” Kathleen helps entrepreneurs make money online. Her clients are driven by making a difference through their own unique voice.