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Equipment Leasing Powerhouse LeaseQ Is Helping Small Businesses Grow and Prosper Through Competitive Leasing Rates in 2014

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 21, 2014

When compared with the costs of buying required commercial equipment outright through cash purchase, the benefits of leasing this same equipment is sure to entice many small business. Small business owners of all sizes are still just beginning to understand that it is not always in their best interest to cash purchase their equipment. And for many of them, they are turning to new technological advances to get the equipment they need at the financing and terms they can best afford.

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One reason why leasing is such a smart option, is that when you decide to buy your equipment, you are severely limiting your ability to adapt to a changing marketplace. Since technological advancements in commercial grade equipment is never ending, it makes sense small business owners to continually have the desire to update their equipment on a regular basis. While cash purchasing makes it difficult – if not financially impossible to turn over commercial grade equipment in your business – leasing will give your business the flexibility to it needs with regard to updating equipment periodically.

The reality is that by leasing equipment, a business can pay for the expense of equipment over a longer period of time than a cash purchase. And because of this, a business will be more financially secure while not depleting emergency cash or cash for ongoing operations. It doesn’t matter what industry or sector of business you are operating in; the benefits and advantages of leasing commercial grade equipment apply – no matter what field of operation your business is in.

From medical equipment to commercial grade restaurant equipment, it has never been easier to acquire a wide range of equipment affordably. This is why the comparison shopping platform at LeaseQ has become so popular since it started operations in late 2012. Getting approved for an equipment lease through LeaseQ.com is an incredibly easy and stress free process, and applicants are pre-approved in as little as two minutes.

When you choose to lease equipment from LeaseQ, it is a virtual certainty that your business is going to save money compared to buying that same equipment outright. One of the reasons this is possible is that The LeaseQ One Touch platform connects business owners with the best equipment financing lenders, plans, and rates in the world. Think of LeaseQ as your one way ticket to the best lease and finance rates in the business.

Leasing and Financing Is More Flexible Now than Ever Before

The free online platform at LeaseQ helps businesses find the best equipment financing lenders, rates and plans by working with the leading financial services companies in the US. Even for new businesses and businesses with challenged credit, LeaseQ is able to find the best financial solution to suit almost any financial situation.

Said Vernon Tirey, Founder and CEO of LeaseQ, “When a business leases through LeaseQ, our platform enables the small business onwer to save thousands of dollars and valuable time by simplifying and oftentimes complex process. The business owner benefits by acquiring the equipment they need with affordable financial terms. And of course the equipment dealer benefits as well – enabling them to sell more equipment. At the same time, the financing lenders get highly qualified lease and loan applications. It’s a true ‘win – win’ for everyone involved.”

This is because LeaseQ’s One Touch Platform runs real time, accurate credit scores with zero impact on the business owner’s credit rating. LeaseQ’s advances in technology affords business owners greater flexibility and control when shopping for the equipment they rely upon every day. Best of all, the LeaseQ One Touch Platform is 100% free of charge.

About LeaseQ

Based in Woburn, MA, LeaseQ is among the leading commercial providers of equipment leasing and financing options in the country. Try their online leasing and financing platform by visiting them online at https://www.LeaseQ.com.


Audiogon.com Relaunches Industry Leading Audio Bluebook for High-End Audio Equipment

Greenville, SC (PRWEB) February 19, 2014

Audiogon.com, The High-End Audio Community, today announced the launch of its all new Audio Bluebook (http://bluebook.audiogon.com), a comprehensive directory of pricing data for high-end audio and related equipment. Audio Bluebook features more than 3,000 brands and 35,000 individual products with nearly 300,000 individual price points.

“Setting the right price when listing an item for sale at Audiogon.com is critical,” said Lindsey Schulz, Chief Operating Officer. “Too high and it won’t sell. Too low and you leave money on the table. Audio Bluebook shows you a recommended Private Party price, Trade-In value and our proprietary Agon Average, all based on the largest repository of historical pricing data for high-end audio equipment available online today.”

In addition to leveraging data gathered from Audiogon.com listings dating back to its inception in 1997, Audio Bluebook imports prices from the more than 500 items listed for sale at Audiogon.com every day.

Access to Audio Bluebook is offered via monthly ($ 19.99) and annual ($ 99.99) subscriptions or via a one time lookup ($ 4.99). Additionally, Audiogon has integrated Audio Bluebook directly into it’s listing process, making it easier than ever to determine the market price for whatever you are selling.

“Audiogon’s Audio Bluebook has taken a huge leap forward recently in its functionality and ease of use,” commented Andres Sauceda, General Manager of Hanson Audio Video (http://www.hansonav.com). “I use it on a daily basis, not only to know what the market value is for an item, but to have the inside information I need to decide if I should make an offer or hold out. As a dealer, Audio Bluebook is a critical, must-have tool and it will remain part of my recipe for success.”

For more information about Audio Bluebook, please contact Lindsey Schulz via email at media(at)audiogon(dot)com.

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Equipment Leasing Marketplace LeaseQ Responds to the Effects of The Affordable Care Act on Medical Equipment Leasing and Financing

Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 has already driven extensive changes within the health care field, and these effects have had widespread impact within the medical equipment leasing industry. The greatest single factor affecting the industry continues to be the 2.3 percent excise tax levied on certain medical devices at the start of 2013. This section of the law met with criticism throughout the medical equipment industry when it was first introduced and forced medical equipment manufacturers to scramble to effectively integrate it into their pricing. Its impact continues to have wide-reaching impact the industry in 2014.

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The law known as Obamacare was enacted in 2010 with the dual goals of improving the affordability and quality of health insurance coverage across the United States, while simultaneously reducing costs for both individuals and the government. To achieve these goals, the law was written to including mandates, subsidies, and insurance exchanges in an effort to achieve its objectives. If the law works as it’s intended, the Congressional Budget Office predicts that the Affordable Care Act will lower future government deficits and Medicare spending – although this outcome is far from certain.

How Will the Affordable Care Act Affect Medical Equipment Financing?

As the law continues to roll out over the next several years, there are a number of ways in which it will affect the medical equipment leasing industry. Due to the relative uncertainty around future medical reimbursement rates, some medical providers and medical centers have placed some or in many cases, all new equipment acquisitions on hold until they have a better sense of how the changes will affect their bottom lines. Regardless of whether the provider leases or purchases that equipment, this uncertainty could have a detrimental impact on the medical equipment industry as a whole.

Vernon Tirey, Chairman and CEO of medical equipment and financing marketplace LeaseQ was quoted as saying; “the legislation’s cost-cutting focus may force medical organizations and hospitals to outright cancel new equipment purchases for fear that the cost of acquisition may further drive up cost of care. Additionally, these same organizations are fearful that recent cuts in reimbursement rates will reduce their credit strength, leaving them susceptible to less than ideal financing terms. Although we at LeaseQ have not seen this credit issue firsthand with our lessees or lessors yet, this fear continues to persist. This alone has the potential to slow the overall demand for medical equipment.”

Another factor to consider is that the federal government has given medical practices until the end of 2015 to have electronic management of records up to date before the penalty of losing a percentage of Medicare and Medicaid payments. Because of this, leasing becomes the ultimate option for practices to be able to afford the upgrade and not get penalized. LeaseQ is currently working with two companies that will be at the forefront of this implementation in the years to come.

The Opportunities for Equipment Financing

Despite the challenges the new law faces in the medical equipment sector, Tirey believes that medical equipment leasing will continue as the de facto means of acquiring medical equipment. Said Tirey, “when hospitals, health systems, and other health care organizations truly take the time to understand the impact of Obamacare on the industry, they’ll quickly realize that medical equipment leasing is the smartest and most cost-effective means in which to acquire medical equipment, regardless of the negative stigma that surrounds the Affordable Care Act.”

Continued Tirey, “We actually believe that some outcomes of the Affordable Care Act will have a net positive impact on medical organizations and hospitals financial positions, making them more favorable to lessors. Affordable insurance has the potential to reduce the focus and spending on collections from self-pay patients which could save providers time as well as money. This improved financial position of medical organizations and providers would be a positive for the industry. This is good news for the hospitals, for the patients, and for the health care equipment leasing industry as a whole.”

Regardless of Obamacare, the benefits of medical equipment leasing remains. As the pace of technology advances quickens within the medical equipment industry, the demand for better, faster and newer equipment continues to transform patient care by enabling quicker and more accurate diagnoses and treatment for patents. And the easiest and most affordable way in which to acquire that equipment is through leasing and financing.

About LeaseQ

LeaseQ is an online comparison shopping platform composed of businesses, equipment dealers, and leasing/financing companies, designed to provide rapid and efficient approval of the equipment leasing and financing process. Seamlessly integrated into its platform, finance companies share with LeaseQ detailed underwriting criteria which allows business owners to compares rates all in under two minutes.

Since its launch in late 2012, LeaseQ has quickly become the largest online network of equipment dealers and equipment finance companies – assisting businesses of all types to quickly acquire the equipment they need at the rates and terms best suited for their needs. Based in Woburn MA, LeaseQ is one of the leading providers of equipment leasing and financing options in the country. Visit them online at https://www.leaseq.com .

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