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Award-Winning Design Agency Offer Mobile Health Check

(PRWEB UK) 14 February 2014

According to Digital market researcher eMarketer, in 2013 more than 73.4 % of Internet users accessed the Web from a mobile device, and Google’s Ian Carrington told ‘Mobile Marketing Live’ in October 2012 that “More people worldwide own a mobile device than own a toothbrush.”

In the vacuum of mobile compatible websites, a business willing to take steps to make its online presence ‘mobile friendly’ will gain a significant advantage over its competitors, according to Simon Isaac, Strategy Partner at Zero Above, an award winning sustainable design agency which is offering an online mobile health check for businesses.

“Most businesses wouldn’t dream of not having a website. Yet thousands of businesses in the UK aren’t mobile ready, despite the majority of people now accessing the internet via mobile devices.”

“Our mobile health check can help businesses understand how they are being represented to the ever-growing market of online mobile users, and how equipped they currently are to deal with one of the fastest changing areas of the business technology environment.”

Simon goes on to explain, “Not being mobile compatible is a choice. But it is a bad choice. You only have to look at the mountain of statistics out there about the possible impact on businesses failing to make themselves mobile ready.”

Potential impact for non mobile-compatible businesses is drastic, in terms of brand damage as well as missed opportunities for business. According to research into mobile consumer habits by Google “almost three-quarters of respondents said they are more likely to revisit a mobile-friendly site” as opposed to the “79 percent saying they will go back to search and try to find another site to meet their needs.” In terms of potential impact on a company’s brand, “67% of respondents agreed ‘A mobile-friendly site makes me more likely to buy a product or use a service,’” whilst more than half of those surveyed admitted that “A frustrating experience on a website hurts my opinion of the brand overall.”

Simon continues, “We work with businesses who want to perform at their very best, offering forward thinking, results-driven marketing solutions. We have a passion for great design and together with our technical expertise, we deliver successful results.”

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Web Design 11 Tools And Resources To Improve Their Design Skills

Today there are a lot of tools and resources are available on the Internet for web designers. Most of the tools and resources are confusing and difficult to use.

Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop is an image editing program developed and published by Adobe. It is useful for web designers to improve their work efficiency. It has some unique features such as layers with masks, color spaces, ICC profiles, transparency, text, alpha channels and spot colors, clipping paths, and duotone settings. You can also apply the contrast of colors and many formats.

Weaver of Dreams – Dream Weaver is a web development tool and HTML editor originally developed by Macromedia and now owned by Adobe. It is ideal for web designers. It is compatible with various web technologies like PHP, ColdFusion, CSS, Java Script and ASP.NET.

Flash – Flash is very popular method used to add animation and advertising pages or websites. Using Flash animation can also appeal your message to layman. It helps improve the visibility of your web page or website.

Illustrator – Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor. It has been developed and marketed by Adobe. That has certain features that are useful for web designers to configure the text as additional sources of bidirectional text flow, dictionary and hyphenation module and import / export options for me the characters.

XHTML – XHTML statistics Hypertext Markup Language extended.

This is the extended version of HTML and also works with HTML and XML syntax. XHTML also provides expanded support for other languages based on XML.

Firebug – Firebug is a Firefox add-in that integrates with Firefox. With the help of Firebug you can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript live in any web page.

CSS Edit – Edit CSS is a powerful style sheet editor. Has a variety of features such as previewing a bit faster.

Fireworks – Fireworks is a tool for editing vector graphics and bitmap. It has some extended functionality such as hierarchical layers, Smart Guides, image optimization, 9 Slice scaling and the U.S..

YSlow for Firebug – YSlow is integrated with the Firefox web development tool Firebug. We analyzed the current statistics of the website according to what it offers suggestions to improve web page performance and also provides performance analysis.

Vaccines Browser – Browser shot is the open source service line that generates images from your web page or website in different browsers. It is useful to test the ability of any browser.

ColorZilla – Firefox add ColorZila is to aid in color analysis website DOM and creates the palette. It also supports different languages such as Indonesia, Korea and Norway.

We hope this article will help you improve the skills of design and efficiency with this web design tools and resources.

Author is an associate editor for Website Design.Get all possible information about Internet Marketing and Web Development. we also provide Web Design,Internet Marketing, Web Development in India, USA, UK and Australia.

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North American Title Companys Updated Website Offers New Design and Functionality for Its Real Estate Customers

Miami, Fla. (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

North American Title Co. (NAT) has transitioned its Internet presence to a new website to take advantage of technology that has changed over the past several years. The new NAT.com platform offers a streamlined experience for its customer segments that include home buyers and sellers, residential and commercial real estate professionals, builders, lenders and attorneys.

“The decision was made three years ago at the highest levels of the company to transition to the Kentico Content Management System (CMS) platform,” said Otto Suarez, NAT national marketing director. “This flexible platform supports all current and future website requirements, including integration with social media, online marketing, intranet and CRM.

“In addition, Kentico is an off-the-shelf CMS solution with a fully integrated set of marketing tools, including web analytics, campaign management, email marketing, contact management, segmentation and more,” added Suarez. “It truly allows us to build for the future, empowering us as marketers and developers to create a website without limits.”

The new customer-centric website is able to be viewed on mobile devices, its content is easily updated, and it better reflects the company’s brand standards. It includes such items as calculators for Good Faith Estimates and mortgage loans, a comprehensive real estate dictionary, and title insurance information and escrow closing tips.

In addition, each NAT region integrated with the main site has content customized to that specific region, as well as contact information for the local NAT offices.

“The main NAT.com website was live for our appearance as an exhibitor at the Realtors® Conference & Expo in November,” said Suarez. “However, our 12 regions have robust websites in their own rights, and we have just completed their development.

“We thank all our marketing coordinators, managers and legal staff in the field who helped develop, proof and approve copy for the site,” he added. “We also acknowledge the tireless efforts of our corporate marketing staff that developed and built the site.”

About North American Title (NAT)

With well over 1,000 associates and a vast network of branches from coast to coast, North American Title is among the largest real estate settlement service providers in the United States. Consisting of both agent and underwriter operations, NAT has the resources and stability of a New York Stock Exchange company with over $ 10.3 billion in assets (fiscal quarter ending Nov. 30, 2012). North American Title’s agency network operates nationally under the name North American Title Co. (NATC), and is located in 17 of the fastest-growing states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Through our relationship with our expanding affiliate network, NATC provides real estate settlement services in all 50 states. With annual gross revenues in fiscal 2012 of approximately $ 200 million, NAT is among the largest independent title agencies in the United States. NAT is headquartered in Miami, Fla. To learn more, visit http://www.nat.com.