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Creating Habits

I have recently set out on a mission to start waking up at or before 8am and decided to write an article on habits, now everybody has habits, whether you notice them or not, what you do as soon as you get up is just one of your habits, we probably don’t notice them because we do them on a subconscious level, because after you continually do something one way, you, sort of forget the other ways.

Many people who want to change a habit or start a new one, think that just because they do it right for a week, they have got it under wraps, the thing is, continual action usually takes 21 days or more to become a habit. We need to convince our brain that it is normal for us to be doing something this way, one of the reasons it takes so long to form a new habit is because we need to stop doing the old one while we learn the new one. Procrastination is one of the worst attributes to have, it can stop you from doing so many things, block so many opportunities, and deny many dreams, just because you “didn’t feel like” getting up early, making sure you worked out each day, or because you didn’t want to leave your comfort zone to follow your dream.

The main point you need to know in creating a habit is your goal, what you want to have at the end of it, for me, I want to wake up earlier, 8am to be exact, knowing what you want is half the battle, the other half is doing it, you need to take consistent, focused action and not procrastinate. If you want to make this even easier you should have a plan, for example, if you wanted to work out, you would need to set aside time, because well you can be in two places at once, and for my goal of creating a habit of waking up earlier, I should plan to go to be earlier, instead of at 3am in the morning. Not only will you be more productive, it will help you be less procrastinating, because you have already set aside the time for the activity.

Let’s not lie, if you were trying to get into the habit of going for a walk each day or to start working out each day, we all know it is easier for you to just go to the TV and pick up the remote. Most people would argue with themselves about it won’t hurt if you watch TV just once and not do your workout that day, and eventually try to convince themselves that they made the right choice, that they deserve to procrastinate because they had already been walking all week.

Many people would rather choose to give up on their goal, you do not want to be doing that, you deserve the outcome you are trying to achieve whether that is more productivity by waking earlier or walking to keep in shape. Too many people forget their why, and are disappointed by their lack of results early in the process, so it is good to remember that life is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Creating Wealth Online With the Right Mindset

We are all capable of achieving more, Mathematicians and Statisticians have even put a number to it ie: 3%. That is 3% of people fulfill their potential. Is that all! But don’t not forget 3% of the world’s population correlates to 198 million people. Now that’s quite a lot of successful people.

Do YOU want to be one of these 198 million?

Do YOU think it’s time you succeeded?

Or do YOU want to stay with the other 97%?

Ok we have established that you are going to succeed. There is one thing I want you to think about and take on board. The way we look at our life is essentially a measure of our expectations. Because of what we have been taught we are worthy of having, and capable of achieving. We have been taught mainly by the influences of family, our upbringing, our local community, but nowadays we are more and more influenced by TV and the World Wide Web.

Far too many people put restrictions on their thought processes due to the accumulation of all these negative influences. For example what do you really think about “Making Money Online”? Do you think it will be difficult, but possible, or are you thinking it won’t work for me? I would hesitate to say, most people would be thinking it won’t work for them, again because of our expectations due those outside influences.

“The best thing ever accomplished is yet to be accomplished”

It is necessary to look at the business of making money online, in the same way as you would making money traditionally ie: butcher, carpenter, or builder etc. It’s a skill that can be learned just like any other skill. I know what you are thinking, it must be difficult with it involving computers, and the internet. Well that’s Absolutely NOT the case.

Once you put aside all those negative thoughts, the if’s and but’s and perhaps and such, and think positively you CAN be successful at making money online! You must start your online journey with a positive mindset, and maintain that throughout that journey, even though just like anything else worth achieving there will hurdles, fences, and roadblocks to negotiate all along the way.

Do not concentrate on how difficult it will be to reach your goal, but at least believe it is possible.

If you cannot at least believe that it is possible to achieve your goal then it will be doomed to failure before it’s begun. Believe me I know of many, many now successful online business owners, who struggled for a long time, because of negative thoughts. A large percentage of them did not have the right mindset at the outset, they thought “I’ll try making money online, but it may not be for me”. Failure was the only outcome until they adopted the right mindset, and that was the main reason they then went on to success.

Envision your goals with a positive mind, and choose to control your thoughts and not let them control you.

Some useful websites about positive thinking that will help are: mindtools.com, selfgrowth.com, and positivethinking-online.com.

But it’s NOT the doubts and problems themselves you should be concerned about – it’s how you REACT and RESPOND to these doubts and problems – that will determine if you succeed or fail. You need to maintain your positive mindset, and react in the right way to these doubts and problems treating them as a minor obstacle that everybody has to overcome, and not feel that you are the only one in this position.

“YOU already Have Everything you Need to Succeed Online…Inside of You…All that is Missing is a Nudge in the Right Direction”

Your focus must remain on EXACTLY what you want to achieve, and it will help this focus if you write it down. And let me tell you – seeing what you want written down – is very empowering! Try it! It suddenly makes everything ‘real’!

Always remember the principles of an internet based business are the same as any other business. You will need to establish and nurture a client base – that will buy from you and support you over time. The web is not some magic wand that you can wave to make cash. It is however a powerful tool that if used correctly can greatly speed up the process to generate a handsome income.

I will always maintain the importance of the correct mindset, as I personally, not long ago, was a fully paid up member of the 97% club with doubts, and negative thoughts just like yourself.

So, take a leaf out my book, tell yourself you CAN do it, Envision your goals, and stop procrastinating, and achieve everything you want and more.

Finally, a great help to me was found in forums, where similar minded people aired their views, and seeked help with their online business problems. It certainly helped to know that there were many more people experiencing problems, and this made mine seem much less significant. There are many forum’s for newcomers on the net and can be found easily with a Google search.

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you”.– Mary Kay Ash

To Your Success

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