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How to be Successful in Corporate World?


First, you have to define what success means for you. Then, you need a plan to get you there.

Best practices provide a unique, foolproof method to help you focus on your own personal definition of success and what paths will be the most helpful. This is a motivational program that encourages you to follow through and explore one new path.

Your daily journal is an important part of the countdown. It can take you as little as a few minutes a day, and it will truly help you identify very best path to success as you move forward each day. Simply write a few words or many, as you choose something in each section of “today’s journal”.

Each journal contains:


What mattered to me today?
Coincidences, hunches, and breakthroughs I experienced today.
New ideas I had today.
My thoughts, feelings, reflections on today.


Think about it:


There is no master key
Find your personal path
Start the countdown
The first path
Achieving the American dream


Achieving the American dream:

Recently the survey reported that fewer than one in five Americans say they have achieved the American dream. That less than 20 % of the population. If you are willing to believe in the power of your own mind, anything becomes possible. Your thought become your reality if you are convinced that there are too many obstacles in your path to success, sure enough, there will be too many obstacles and you will create failure. But you believe you can overcome them. You will discover ways to change negatives into positives, & you will achieve success.

Believe and you will achieve:

By keeping your thoughts focused on success, by the visualizing success and believing that you can succeed, your brain will start building new neural connections to help you achieve your goals.

Why you believe you can be successful:


I believe I can be successful because I am willing to serve others to the best of my ability.
I believe I can be successful because I am smart!
I believe I can be successful because I have guts and I am willing to take risks.
I believe I can be successful because in this country every one has the chance to succeed.
I believe I can be successful because I am willing to work hard and stick with it.


Today’s journal:-


What mattered to me today.
My thoughts, feelings, reflections on today.
New ideas I had today.
Coincidences, hunches, break though I experienced today.



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How To Who, Inc.’s Ken Cook and Candis Stevenson Cook have more than 30 years’ experience coaching businesses of all sizes—from Fortune 500 companies to early-stage and start-up businesses—in marketing and sales, leadership development, team-building, client-facing, bridging silos and implementation. Their customized How To WHO workshops are tailored to address individual business’ specific needs and identifies areas where improved relationships will yield better business results and return.

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