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San Mateo Backflow Prevention Company Announces New Discount On San Mateo Backflow Preventers and Backflow Repair Service Up to 10% Off

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) August 20, 2014

San Mateo backflow prevention service by GoBackFlow.Com will come with backflow prevention discounts this season because GoBackFlow.Com in San Mateo is offering 10% off any San Mateo backflow prevention installation or repair. GoBackFlow.Com understands that the current economic conditions warrant the best savings possible. GoBackFlow.Com is here to help. “We are offering this deal as a way to help people get their backflow prevention systems fixed in San Mateo for the lowest price,” said Geno of GoBackFlow.Com in San Mateo. “We are hoping a lot of people take advantage of this backflow prevention and plumbers service coupon while it lasts.”

Palo Alto backflow prevention and San Mateo plumbers service performed by GoBackFlow.Com is performed by experienced and licensed San Mateo backflow and plumbers service professionals who will perform your backflow system or plumbing repair efficiently for lowest cost while treating your home or business as they would their own.

GoBackFlow.Com has many backflow and plumber service trucks and they perform all repairs at your location. “Our trucks are well stocked with parts and most of the time we can make a repair without having to order parts,” says Geno.

“GoBackFlow.Com has many years of experience handling Burlingame backflow prevention, San Mateo plumbing service, plumber service and trenchless drain replacement, and we always treat our customers right,” said Geno. GoBackFlow.Com has many positive online backflow prevention and trenchless drain replacement reviews from respected consumer review sites such as Google, Yahoo and Yelp. Reaction to the coupon has been very good so far says Geno, “We just announced this backflow prevention coupon but already we have had people say this makes us the best value.”

Redwood City backflow prevention can be complicated and finding the parts can be difficult according to Geno of GoBackFlow.Com, “Many people get frustrated when their backflow prevention system fails. Some people try to repair the system themselves. Some are successful but most are not. We recommend saving your time and letting professional backflow prevention plumbers get the job done right the first time.”

This season is especially busy for GoBackFlow.Com because of increased backflow problems being experienced by residents of San Mateo and surrounding areas. “We get a lot of calls for backflow system service in this season,” says Geno of GoBackFlow.Com. “We recommend the best service or repair we can for the situation. Most of the time a backflow preventer can be repaired but sometimes the unit must be replaced. The San Mateo backflow prevention coupons we are offering can really save people money.”

To learn more about GoBackFlow.Com or the South San Francisco backflow prevention coupons they are offering please call (650) 376-6980.


(650) 376-6980

Serving The Peninsula


Payscape Advisors Announces Exclusive Merchant Processing Partnership with AppointmentPlus

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

Leading payment solutions provider, Payscape Advisors, announced today that it is the exclusive payments partner for AppointmentPlus, a worldwide leader in online and mobile scheduling solutions.

Businesses using the AppointmentPlus platform are now able to accept payments in advance for scheduled services, allowing AppointmentPlus clients to manage payment, sales, and appointment data online and at the point-of-sale through one platform.

“Through this partnership, we are able to provide thousands of appointment-based companies with the opportunity to run their business and manage cash flow within one interface,” said Adam Bloomston, Co-Founder and Co-President of Payscape Advisors. “We are excited to extend our suite of payment services to AppointmentPlus clients looking to save time, get paid quicker, and improve customer satisfaction.”

The AppointmentPlus payment processing function, powered by Payscape Advisors, will be managed internally and offer a seamless experience for existing and future AppointmentPlus customers.

“Clients have been requesting the ability to manage payments within the platform so finding the best way to incorporate this functionality was a priority for us,” said Bob La Loggia, CEO of AppointmentPlus. “We selected Payscape due to its exceptional reputation in the industry and the ability to work within our existing system.”

“Payscape is rapidly growing, and AppointmentPlus is the perfect partner to help in expanding our brand and suite of services to new verticals and customers,” states Bloomston.

Payment processing is now available to all Appointment-Plus customers.

About Payscape Advisors

Payscape Advisors provides small to mid-size business owners with financial technologies that allow them to accept payments, streamline their business, and increase cash flow. Our dedication to payment technology and industry innovation is consistent; our mission is clear: to make it simple for business owners to collect money. Whether you accept credit cards at your retail storefront, process payments on your mobile phone, promote gift cards, operate an online shopping cart, or electronically invoice clients, Payscape offers financial products and services guaranteed to satisfy your cash flow needs. For more information, visit http://www.payscape.com.

About AppointmentPlus

Founded in 2001, AppointmentPlus is the world’s premier online scheduler helping businesses and organizations streamline online appointment scheduling. Since 2001 customers have booked over 150 million appointments, averaging four million appointments booked monthly. Trusted by more than 7,000 organizations in 20 countries, the AppointmentPlus software suite allows users to completely automate the scheduling process. Features include customer self-scheduling, automated appointment reminders, online payment options, email marketing solutions and syncing capabilities with popular software applications. For more information, please visit http://www.AppointmentPlus.com.

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Living Fresh Collection, a Direct Selling Company Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL Announces a Better Way to Sleep

(PRWEB) April 26, 2014

Living Fresh Collection, a direct selling company based in Fort Lauderdale, FL whose mission is to create a cleaner, healthier, more luxurious sleep experience, announces the launch of LFC Sleepwear. The introductory collection of Sleepwear includes a Ladies Pajama Sets and Men’s Boxers both available in cloud white and rich ivory and for purchase on May 1, 2014.

“After a successful launch of our bedding products, it was a natural choice to evolve our products into luxurious sleepwear,” says Randi Farina, National Sales Director of Living Fresh Collection. “Customers who were enjoying the benefits of sleeping cooler and more comfortable in our linens, wanted to have our lavish fabric next to their skin.”

Chelsea Rousso, the Creative Brand Manager for LFC, believes “The relaxed styling of LFC’s Sleepwear is perfect for sleeping and lounging. The ladies classic pajama top has an embroidered logo pocket, natural shell buttons and the pajama pant has a drawstring elastic waistband for comfort.” Given that men love our linens as well, Chelsea adds “We created the men’s boxers from the same silky, smooth fabric and include our motto, LIVE THE DREAM.”

Living Fresh Collection products are made from the luxurious Tencel+Plus™ (fiber derived from Eucalyptus). Living Fresh Collection considers environmental sustainability and recognizes that nothing is more important than a great night’s sleep. Living Fresh Collection offers a fabulous opportunity to join a company whose goal is to offer healthier sleep while educating individuals and protecting our planet. For more information on Living Fresh Collection and how you can “Join Our Team and Live the Dream”, visit our website http://www.livingfreshcollection.com. Contact: Randi Farina @ randi(at)livingfreshcollection(dot)com or at Living Fresh Collection, LLC (954)-984-1570.


FDAnews Announces Sample Size Considerations for Verification and Validation: Tools to Safely Speed Your Device to Market Webinar, April 29, 2014

Falls Church, VA (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Sample Size Considerations for Verification and Validation:

Tools to Safely Speed Your Device to Market

**FDAnews Webinar**

April 29, 2014 — 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. EDT


Today’s FDA inspectors focus like lasers on testing methods … how they are justified statistically and the results.

They want to make sure manufacturers are applying the right statistical tools and methods, and that they are using them correctly, in a proper way.

Device manufacturers understand that they must answer the two key design verification and validation questions: did they make the product right and did they make the right product?

And manufacturers know that testing is the only way to effectively answer them.

Finally, the test samples must demonstrate that the results can be reasonably applied to larger production runs and maintain safety.

But how many units should be tested? And when manufacturers decide, can they statistically justify that decision?

These questions have baffled devicemakers for years. The answers are … well, it depends.

And that’s why, on April 29, design control statistical expert Steve Walfish will lead an FDAnews webinar to help devicemakers understand exactly what it does depend on. During his presentation, attendees will learn:

    The requirements for statistical techniques and how they impact design controls processes (21 CFR 820.30(f)(g))

    What types of requirements lend themselves to statistics in verification and validation (hypothesis testing, confidence interval, design of experiments)

    How variance in the population can impact the sample size necessary to establish objective evidence

    The relationship between risk and sample size (i.e., risk to patient — critical major, minor)

Attendees will also gain the fundamental knowledge needed to determine sample size in statistical testing. (For example, a sample size of 3 is not sufficient without justification.)

In addition, Mr. Walfish will cover the following:

    Why it is critical to understand the different compliance requirements for design verification and design validation — and how to understand those differences

    Leveraging statistical methods that work best to satisfy the FDA’s requirements for defensible methods

    How to use proven methodologies to avoid too small — or too large — sample sizes.
(Too small and it might not be accurately determining risk; too large and devicemakers could be unnecessarily wasting time and money.)

    How sample size should optimally be proportional to risk (business and patient)

    Why it’s pointless to try and predict the personal focus of different auditors — and why the real foundation for a successful audit is being able to produce a defensible program based on visible standards

So, clear the calendar for April 29, 2014. Attendees will learn proven tactics and tools to develop a strong statistical methods program — and a thorough understanding of what FDA auditors look for when they come for an inspection.

Meet the Presenter:

Steven Walfish is the president of Statistical Outsourcing Services, a consulting company that provides statistical analysis and training to a variety of industries. Prior to starting Statistical Outsourcing Services, he was the Senior Manager Biostatistics, Non-clinical, at Human Genome Sciences in Rockville, MD. Prior to joining HGS, he was a senior associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers specializing in the pharmaceutical industry.

Who Will Benefit:

    Validation and verification professionals
    Quality engineering
    Regulatory Affairs
    Software development, programming, documentation, testing

Conference Details:

Sample Size Considerations for Verification and Validation:

Tools to Safely Speed Your Device to Market

**FDAnews Webinar**

April 29, 2014 — 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. EDT



$ 547 per site — includes webinar registration and audio cds and transcripts

Easy Ways to Register:

Online:     http://www.fdanews.com/SampleSizeConsiderations

By phone: 888-838-5578 or 703-538-7600

About FDAnews:

FDAnews is the premier provider of domestic and international regulatory, legislative, and business news and information for executives in industries regulated by the US FDA and the European Medicines Agency. Pharmaceutical and medical device professionals rely on FDAnews’ print and electronic newsletters, books and conferences to stay in compliance with international standards and the FDA’s complex and ever-changing regulations.


Salt Lake City AC Repair Company Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air Announces Summer Discounts on Salt Lake City Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement Up To $99 Off

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) March 28, 2014

Salt Lake City AC repair and air conditioning replacement by Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air will come with AC repair discounts this upcoming spring and summer because Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air in Salt Lake City is offering $ 99 dollars off any Salt Lake City AC repair or Salt Lake City air conditioning replacement and $ 99 off of any air conditioning installation. Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air understands that the current economic conditions warrant the best savings possible. Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air is here to help. “We are offering this deal as a way to help people get their air conditioning fixed for the lowest price,” said Timothy of Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air. “We are hoping a lot of people take advantage of this Salt Lake City plumbing and air conditioning replacement coupon while it lasts.”

Salt Lake City AC repair and air conditioning replacement performed by Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air is performed by experienced and licensed A/C and air conditioning repair professionals who will perform your A/C or air conditioning repair efficiently for lowest cost while treating your home or business as they would their own. Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air has many A/C and air conditioning repair trucks and they perform all repairs at your location. “Our trucks are well stocked with parts and most of the time we can make a repair without having to order parts, even when it comes to Salt Lake City water heater repair,” says Timothy.

“Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air has many years of experience handling Salt Lake City AC repair, air conditioning replacement and other HVAC related services as well as furnace replacement and we always treat our customers’ right,” said Timothy. Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air has many positive online Salt Lake City AC repair reviews from respected consumer review sites such as Google, Yahoo and Yelp. Reaction to the coupon has been very good so far says Timothy, “We just announced this Salt Lake City AC repair coupon but already we have had people say this makes us the lowest price in the area.”

Salt Lake City A/C repair can be complicated and finding the parts can be difficult according to Timothy of Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air, “Many people get frustrated when their A/C breaks. Some people try to repair the A/C themselves. Some are successful but most are not. We recommend saving your time and letting professional A/C repairmen get the job done right the first time.” They can also help consumers save money by helping them upgrade to a Salt Lake City tankless water heater installation.

Spring and Summer time is especially busy for Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air because of rising temperatures and increased air conditioning use by residents of Salt Lake City. “We get a lot of calls for air conditioning repair in the spring, especially in the beginning because the air conditioning hasn’t been run for a while and sometimes parts wear out,” says Timothy of Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air. “We recommend the best Salt Lake City A/C or air conditioning repair we can for the situation. Most of the time an air conditioning system can be repaired but sometimes the air conditioning must be replaced. The $ 99 off air conditioning installation coupon can really save people money.”

To learn more about Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air of Salt Lake City please visit their websites, see their online A/C repair videos or read their press releases. In addition to HVAC services they are also Salt Lake City trenchless sewer replacement experts.

Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air

Murray UT

(801) 783-2738


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Secureinvestment.com Announces New Partnership Affiliate Program

Hong Kong, Hong Kong (PRWEB) February 18, 2014

Secure Investment is proud to announce its new partnership affiliate program for people who want to earn extra money, or for those who are not yet ready to invest. The Forex affiliate program is a way to start investing or earning and participants don’t need to have a positive account balance to make the program profitable. All that is required is an account with SecureInvestment.com where users can get their own partnership link. Together with their Partnership ID, they are then encouraged to refer other possible clients and investors.

Secure Investment’s program allows each of its clients to participate in its 2-tier partnership program, based on a Cost Per Acquisition basis. A one-time fee of $ 200 is paid to any client who can refer anyone who subsequently acquires an investment of at least $ 500. This allows the company to share its success with Forex trading to its clients and other possible investors, as well.

The two-tier Forex partnership program of the company lets clients to widen their lifetime commissions based on their referrals. Secure Investment gives 2% of 1st tier clients that you refer. When they get to refer others, participants obtain 3% made by other clients that were referred by their 1st tier referred clients. The partnership commission earned can be withdrawn or invested at any time.

Although there are a number of Forex trading companies and investment institutions that also offer partnership programs, not all offer reliable partnership terms. What sets apart Secure Investment, says the website, is that it offers lifetime partnership commissions for every deposit made by a referred investor.

Forex affiliate programs are great ways to earn passive income, without the need for a lot of up front effort. Partnership links can be sent to others to refer family and friends via blogs, emails and through social networks. With the company’s easy system of signing up for an investment account, it’s now easier to build a network and start earning money by helping others see where to successfully invest their hard-earned money.

To learn more, please visit: http://secureinvestment.com/partnership.

About Secure Investment:

Secure Investment has been in the automated Forex trading industry since 2008, and offers great investment management solutions for those who want their money to earn. The online investment company also offers great passive income through its partnership program, which allows clients to refer other possible investors in exchange for commissions. Secure Investment has a number of professionals in investment and Forex trading for the peace of mind of its clients and investors worldwide.


Freemie Announces New Product Line Aimed At Unmet Global Need

Silicon Valley, CA (PRWEB) February 14, 2014

In October, 2013, weeks before a planned announcement, word leaked out on Facebook that a new product called the “Freemie” would soon be available that would effectively allow a woman to pump breast milk without taking her shirt off. The website wasn’t even finished before thousands of inquiries a day began pouring in from potential customers and resellers around the world.

Moms working hard to provide breast milk for their babies knew that two of the biggest impediments to pumping – finding the time and an acceptable place – might be removed any day. Everyone at Dao Health, the California company that developed the Freemie system, worked overtime to get the company’s website, Freemie.com completed ahead of schedule, while some women begged, pleaded, and a few even demanded to be allowed to pre-order their Freemie cups before the website could take orders. In the US, where the company first began taking orders online, women stayed up late one night in November to be among the first to pre-order.

Sales have been growing ever since. During this winter of record low temperatures, sales have been noticeably higher, relative to population, in the states most affected by snow and ice. Dan Garbez, co-founder of the company, points out the obvious, “We do have the only viable breast pump system that does not require a woman to take her clothes off to use it. And it has been cold…” Garbez says some of these customers have even referred to themselves as “parka pumpers.”

At the heart of the Freemie pumping system are cup-shaped devices with specially integrated breast funnels. The old horns and milk bottles are no more. The Freemie cups fit inside a woman’s regular bra, connect to her breast pump for suction, and collect her milk in the cups – right there inside her bra, underneath her clothes. It is the breast pump rethought for modern life.

The Freemie system is the brainchild of Garbez’s wife, Stella Dao, an emergency physician who delivered the couple’s twins prematurely. Dr. Dao was dependent on a pump for several months to help her make the milk her 3 pound preemies so desperately needed. “I could not use the equipment that was available at that time and go back to work in an emergency room. Having to undress and find a private room in such a chaotic place, and be unavailable to nurses and patients was – to put it kindly – completely impractical,” said Dr. Dao. After developing the concept, the couple then recruited a world class team of medical device and startup professionals to perfect the idea and bring it to the world.

The cups have to be big enough to hold the milk, and to accommodate a breast funnel in order to be effective at extracting milk. But for the user, the Freemie cups and her milk are secure in her bra, and she can keep her shirt on. With the right attire, many women are able to pump in public environments, and nobody’s the wiser. Since the concept is so new to a mass audience, the company believes it is important to help potential customers visualize this new style of pumping. They have developed a visually instructive website with videos and graphics, and are working on videos with fashion industry pros to help women identify what they call “Freemie Friendly Fashions.”

In truth, the company’s concept had already been around for a few years before the October hysteria, but it was not widely known. The first generation of the Freemie system was introduced in 2009. The original product had only one breast funnel size and cups that held only four ounces of milk each. It got good reviews. It was a great start. But after that initial market launch, principals at the company heard some feedback, and decided they could do better. So rather than focus on marketing the first generation design, they focused on some basic functional and design improvements. The results: The cups are a little smaller, even while capacity doubled to 8 ounces per cup, assembly is simpler with less parts, and two more funnel sizes were added to the original size.

The Freemie cups are available with a quiet electric pump (Freemie Freedom) and the world’s only concealable, one-handed, double manual pump (Freemie Equality). But the biggest surprise – in a market where almost every company’s pump and milk collection systems are proprietary, and not interchangeable – is that these revolutionary collection cups are compatible with the most popular pumps on the market. Garbez said, “A lot of companies make a pretty decent vacuum pump that will extract breast milk. It’s pretty basic technology, and has been in use for more than a century. It doesn’t need to get too complicated. What was missing was a modern user interface. Not anymore.”

Garbez continued, “We’re happy to work with these companies, so that moms can make the most of the money they have already invested in those pumps. We are giving moms the ability to actually pump as much as they had hoped, so that they can achieve their feeding goals for their babies. What we’ve done is like adding an app-based touch screen to a computer that was running on DOS. It’s easy to set up and use, and more versatile and practical in most situations.”

The company’s confidence in their second generation design has been reinforced by user reviews on social media sites. Women have been openly professing their love for their Freemie cups. Moms exhausted from the sleepless days and nights of caring for a newborn have been recounting with glee the routine tasks they can now easily handle that were difficult or impossible to manage before. Some pump and nurse their babies at the same time, or help older children with homework while pumping. Moms can comfortably hold and soothe their babies while pumping. Women are pumping around their male bosses. One grateful mom simply summed it up this way: “The best invention since chocolate.”

Many women also seem surprised that they found the Freemie cups more comfortable than their old pump equipment. But the Freemie Team isn’t surprised that this observation occurs over and over. Ben Sutton, one of the co-founders, who now oversees product development and engineering, points out some factors that might not be so obvious. ”Our patented system enjoys a unique advantage that no other product can match. It’s simple physics. Our cups are very lightweight, yet still connect to the most powerful pumps. They collect and hold the milk right around the breast, secure in a woman’s bra, just as her breast is supported by that bra. The center of gravity that her bra is supporting barely moves as the milk collects, so the shifting weight of her milk is insignificant. The cups don’t contain any heavy motors or batteries that add weight and downward pressure on the breast, like some tried and failed concepts. And we are not hanging a bottle that is filling with milk several inches away from and below a woman’s nipple, hinged on the thin edge of a funnel that is pulled into the underside of her breast.” All the other hands free pumping systems on the market do just that. There are rubber bands, straps, combinations of hooks, clips and straps, and crazy looking tube tops, bras and corsets with holes cut out over the nipple areas. Garbez added, “Each of these ‘hands free’ contraptions simply jury rigs the traditional horns and bottles, which were designed to be held by hand. And then many women still end up having to support the milk bottles with one hand or an arm, or rest them on a table when the milk starts collecting. We’ve heard from countless women that these contraptions are uncomfortable.”

Dr. Dao is quick to point out that pumping is a very personal endeavor, and the company is only providing one set of tools among dozens in the market for customers to choose from. “Mom still has to do all the work. And some women have routines or habits or other needs that may require a different set of tools than the hands free tools we’re focused on. But for the vast majority of women around the world and across cultures, where electrical power may or may not be available, or where cultural norms require modesty, pumping can be a whole lot easier. We are helping thousands of moms meet their breastfeeding goals who couldn’t continue lactation without us. Soon, we will be helping millions. It’s humbling. But it’s also exciting!”

Whether a woman uses the Freemie cups exclusively or occasionally, Dave Paul, another co-founder, estimates the company’s new product line already has a solution that could help between 60 and 75 percent of all new mothers worldwide. For the Freemie Team to realize that potential, these Silicon Valley startup veterans know a lot of work lies ahead. But the prospects are bright, as inquiries continue to pour in from around the world. Paul said, “We welcome inquiries and are exploring opportunities globally with companies big and small, to make the Freemie system available everywhere. With the help of new partners in new lands who share our passion, we will make pumping easier, help advance breastfeeding rates and make an important contribution to global health. Women from the Mekong, to Manhattan, Milan and Mumbai all want their babies to be well nourished. We are going to help them.”